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Insurance requesting for medical report with ICD
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I have a foreign insurance outside of Canada that requires a medical report showing my diagnosis and ICD code (International Classification of Diseases).

It seems that they want a single sheet that has all information.. like date and type of diagnosis, hospital and doctor info.

Does anyone have experience requesting this kind of document from the hospital? The health records team at my hospital responded back saying they have never had anyone request documents with an ICD code before.
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Hi LVL999‍,

I do not have experience with this for insurance purposes, but I did want to post the following suggestion:

When requesting documentation from Medicall Records departments and physicians, I have received different responses. Often, they redirect back and forth between each other. Ask the oncologist if he/she can provide this letter for you. If not, ask who you can escalate this to because you have already spoken with someone in Medical Records. After repeated attempts to get a document from Medical Records and a physician who kept sending me back and forth to the other, that one question prompted an apology and the document was uploaded to the patient portal that afternoon.

The ICD (International Statistical Classification Of Diseases & Related Health Problems) has a Canadian version, ICD-10-CA, and a CCI (Canadian Classification Of Health Interventions). The employee in Medical Records may be familiar with different wording for this information.

Good luck with all this. It’s frustrating to have to deal with finances, billing, and insurance companies in the midst of a health crisis. I hope you have the letter soon.
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