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Travel/Accommodation (etc) expenses
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I had a double mastectomy July 2021, and expect to hear this week if I need to go to the Kelowna Cancer Centre for Radiation (and??). We live in Cranbrook - so that will mean ‘moving’ to Kelowna for the duration of my treatments - Cranbrook to Kelowna is 7-8 hrs drive with no stops. We are retired, and my husband finishes his seasonal job next Monday. We understand we will be able to claim some expenses on Income Tax - but financially it would be even better if we could have financial assistance instead of/in addition to claiming on income tax.

  • Has anyone here had to travel to a cancer centre for several weeks - ?
  • If so what all could you claim on income tax?
  • If you had some kind of supplementary health insurance (ours is ManuLife) could you claim anything?
  • Any hints before we start?

Thanks - Christine

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Hi @cedarhill,

I am sorry you find yourself here, but glad you found this supportive community as you prepare to go to Kelowna for treatments, if needed.

I do not know the answers to many of your question, but I wanted to direct you to the Southern Interior Rotary Lodge which provides subsidized housing for patients during cancer treatments. You will find more information at the following link with a detailed description of the amenities and services at the lodge.

Also, the Canadian Cancer Society’s Information Specialists are helpful and may be able to answer questions.

Wishing you the best possible outcome with your treatments.

@cedarhill Travel expenses (at least 40 km) – the cost of the public transportation expenses (for example, taxis, bus, or train) when a person needs to travel at least 40 kilometres (one way), but less than 80 km, from their home to get medical services.

To claim transportation and travel expenses, all of the following conditions must be met:

  • Substantially equivalent medical services were not available near your home.
  • You took a reasonably direct travelling route.
  • It is reasonable, under the circumstances, for you to have travelled to that place to get those medical services.

If a medical practitioner certifies in writing that you were not able to travel alone to get medical services, you can also claim the transportation and travel expenses of an attendant.

Vehicle expenses

Vehicle expenses include:

  • operating expenses such as fuel, oil, tires, licence fees, insurance, maintenance, and repairs
  • ownership expenses such as depreciation, provincial tax, and finance charges

Keep track of the number of kilometres you drove in that time period, as well as the number of kilometres you drove specifically for the purpose of moving or medical expenses, or for the northern residents deductions. Your claim for vehicle expenses is the percentage of your total vehicle expenses that relate to the kilometres driven for moving or medical expenses, or for northern residents deductions.

British Columbia 52 cents a km

Meals claim in Canadian or US funds a flat rate of $23/meal, to a maximum of $69/day (sales tax included) per person, without receipts.

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@cedarhill My husband had to go to Victoria for radiation, we live in Nanaimo. Keep a log of everything, mileage, hotels etc. We claimed everything on income tax. A couple of years ago I had to fly to Calgary for MOHS surgery. I claimed my airfare, taxis etc. I had to get a very specific letter from the Dr in Calgary as to why I had to go there. Our accountant was terrific, he told me what we had to do. The letter from the Dr was good enough, on letter number 3, it finally had the right info on it. The accountant kept telling me call for another letter and gave us the specifics.

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@cedarhill I am from Ontario so things maybe different here. At our cancer centre they have made arrangements for long distance patients with a hotel near the hospital at a reduced rate, along with a shuttle service to the hospital for treatment. You may want to check with the cancer centre where you will be receiving treatment if this is available.

I wish you well on your treatments.

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@cedarhill I stayed at the Cancer Lodge in Kelowna last summer on treatment days for 6 weeks. They are awesome! It's very close to the cancer clinic … you can walk there. When I was waiting for one radiation treatment I spoke with an accountant and he said you can claim the travel and lodging expenses on your income tax. You may either do a flat rate per km or you may keep track of your expenses and claim that. I chose to claim the flat rate. The lodge was very inexpensive and I claimed the full amount on income tax. It included 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. If you need financial assistance there is a number to contact. I don't have access to it just now as I'm not at home. Perhaps some of the other okanagan people could help with the phone number @Dave58. You should contact your insurance company. We are retired and because of that we didn't have coverage when we checked . I hope this helps. Take good care.🙏

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@MommyT @cedarhill Try these : Patient and Family counselling - 250-712-3963 -And do call them - it's great to talk through some of the stuff you're going through!

Cancer Rotary Lodge - 250-712-2203; 1-888-939-3333 - This is right next door to the cancer clinic within walking distance.

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