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Leaving employment due to cancer
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Hi everyone,

The cancer Dr Said that I have a very aggressive cancer and said that  It was time for me to forget about working or words to that effect.  My family Dr took me off work indefinitely and that treatment was likely palliative and for quality of life.

I have applied for short term disability through my group insurance. They have not made a decision yet, they say they have everything they need. anyone have any thoughts on what i should expect from this process? These things never work out effortlessly in my opinion. I also applied for Canada Disability, not sure if i should but did anyway to get ahead of it.  Thanks  In advance for any kind responses.
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Hi D.C

Some of us face resorting to disability insurance when dealing with a cancer diagnosis, prognosis and multiple treatments both today and down the road. So, its good that you are getting ahead of it as you said.

Every company has different levels of disability insurance and coverage. In my case, I exhausted my sick leave (this was considered the equivalent of Short Term Disability in my situation) and transitioned onto LTD, eventually ending in my retirement. If you have a Human Resources Department, I'd get in touch with them to get some written information about the process, who to contact, how long your benefits are paid, and what if any transition you will have down the road - and when. If the insurer is a third party, I'd get in touch with them and ask the same questions once they get back to you on your application.

You mention applying for Canadian Disability. Not sure what you are referring to, so see below:

I'm giving you links to two types of Federal Government disability insurance benefits you may qualify for. As with your short term disability, your doctor(s) have portions they need to complete for you in the forms

Disability Tax Credit Certificate and the Step-by-step instructions for filling out Form T2201is the first one

Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefit - Eligibility and Application for CPP Disability Benefits . is the second set. Not sure about how these fit in with short term disability, but with me, the insurer advised me to apply for the CPP Disability Benefits. I did so, was approved, and that amount was deducted from the insurer benefits paid to me for Long Term Disability  (LTD).

These forms and applications are for the most part filled out by your doctor(s) and are submitted for assessment and action. If you need assistance there are 800 numbers mentioned in the links, and I'd also suggest the assistance of the social workers in the hospital you are being treated at. They are for the most part used to assisting with these issues.

Hope this helps to get you all the benefits you are entitled to.

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@D.C. have you thought about maybe getting a second opinion?  My fiance  had the same cancer as you.   He went through  the whole 5 week radiation  .. chemo and brutal surgery  but a miracle  happened and even  though he was at stage 4 the thoracic  surgeon was able to get all the cancer out including  the infected  lymph  nodes and he was cancer 
​​​​ free.   He might have made a full recovery if it weren't for other factors  involved .   (Not cancer related)  for some reason  i could not tag your user name.    
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@d.c how far has the cancer spread? Do you know the details  yet?   
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Brighty‍ Good questions and points, but perhaps in a different thread.

D.C , another link I'd like to share with you Medical Expenses 2019 You can claim eligible medical expenses related to your medical treatment if you qualify in the different parameters. Meals, parking, transportation, mileage, accommodations and many more go toward reducing your taxable income for the taxation year.

Again, hope this helps with the employment related issues.

Hello D.C 
I am sorry to hear about the diagnosis you have been given.
As ACH2015‍ says, it is wise to try to sort these things out sooner than later..
I want to direct you to a site called Cancer and work  . Under the Survivor tab you will see an option for Finances and Disability that may be helpful

There is another link on Canadian Virtual Hospice site on Financial considerations. It can be found here .
I am hoping you can get these things sorted so you can concentrate on the quality of life part of your post

Take care
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ACH2015‍  I  probably  should have put in another  thread  but it seems like everything is happening  so fast for @d.c without perhaps  knowing all the details yet of his cancer. .... then jumping straight to leaving his job.... .
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To my understaing as long as you are getting treatment your are still eglible for LTD. Im currently on STD 26 weeks 80% taxable gross income after that ill be in LTD and the plan that i chose Will 50% of taxable gross. While doing my taxes i asked the accountant if i can apply for governement help To compensate the 50%. He told be To be éligible you have To have 0 income(im in quebec province)Even if you ll be in palliative treatment with a doctor note your are still eglible for LTD.
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STD and LTD benefits depend on the type of policy your company provides and if you are salary or management. Generally, STD covers 80-100% of the taxable gross for a defined period of time and the benefits are taxable. LTD is usually 50-60% of the taxable gross, usually limited to two years. The benefits are tax free so that compensates for the reduction of income. After two years the insurance company will make a determination if you're able to work at any job.even if it means doing something while lying on a stretcher.

It should be defined in the  pamphlet you were given when you signed up for the plan of HR can provide additional info. Good luck.
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