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Dental coverage
Hi there,

This is my first time in this group so I hope this is right- my dad has oral cancer and cannot afford the dental care needed prior to his radiation. Is there a way his dental work can be covered? Or someone I could talk to? He’s now trying to see if he can get laser surgery in Halifax instead of having his teeth out/getting the radiation. 😩
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Wendy Tea
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Help for dad‍ , each province is different. If cost is an issue the dental schools often offer less expensive dental care but then a student would be doing the dental work under the supervision of a dentist instructor. If the work is delicate, then likely a licensed dentist would be more appropriate. Also remember that even if you pay for the dental work, it is tax deductible as part of the medical expense section under the income tax form. A conversation with a dentist explaining the situation might be an option. Maybe they could offer some relief.
 I wish I had more to offer you. Possibly others can give more suggestions.
Best wishes,
Wendy Tea
Cynthia Mac
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Help for dad‍ , Wendy Tea‍ Has offered some great suggestions. You might also check with the local Social Services program office to see if he qualifies for assistance, and with local service clubs, and even see if you can seek out a smile organization to see if you can find some funding to help your dad.
Hello Help for dad‍ 
I would speak to either his or your dentist. They may be able to offer suggestions, give a discount or offer a payment plan. Social services at the cancer center where he is being treated may also point you in the direction of local resources.
You might also try our Cancer Information Service at 1-888-939-3333 and they can point you in the direction if services exist to assist in this manner.

Wishing you and you father well.
Update us if you are able on what you were able to find

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