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Travel outside Canada

Travel outside Canada

Posted by jennywynn on Oct 2, 2017 1:57 pm

I would like to go on a cruise with my family at Christmas (my prognosis is 6 -8 month - although I feel fine - denial?).
I am asking about Alta Health Care, Blue Cross for Seniors, and cancellation insurance.  Also what type of medical care is available on cruise ships?

I know I have lots of research to do, but was hoping someone else has gone before who could enlighten me.

Re: Travel outside Canada

Posted by Minus2 on Oct 3, 2017 6:40 am

Hi jennywynn‍ , 
I am sorry about your prognosis.  A trip sounds wonderful.  We travelled this summer in Europe and we had travel insurance through our TD Travel Visa card.  We used it to pay for the trip so extended health coverage was included.  My cancer has not metastasized, so that may have kept the insurance coverage viable. Not sure what would have been in place if my stage was higher.  One thing for sure, wherever you find coverage, you want to be very honest and forthcoming with the insurance company; they are in the business of making a profit and will look for ways to deny claims where possible.  Non-disclosure is a frequent reason for denial.
We also had travel insurance through our employer, so your employee benefits may be a place to start.

Good luck with your search for coverage and enjoy that trip!

Re: Travel outside Canada

Posted by jennywynn on Oct 3, 2017 12:10 pm

Thank you for your response Minus2:
For those who would like to know:
I checked out the Royal Bank insurance because a friend of mine, who travels quite a bit, recommended them. We'll see how that goes. 
I would pick all the insurance bells-and-wistles anyway, even thiught it costs twice as much, because if I were to need anything, I would not want to be a burden on my family.  Just get me the heck out of there.
Alberta Health care will cover only what they cover in Canada at Canadian rates, which will be much lower than those in other countries.  And you have to have the money to pay the expenses right out of your pocket, in a foreign country, and then claim through AHC when you return.
Blue Cross for Seniors does not cover outside Canada expensess.
I also checked the cruise line to see if there would be a doctor on board for the entire trip.
Hope this is helpful to somebody.

Re: Travel outside Canada

Posted by jorola on Oct 3, 2017 2:51 pm

jennywynn‍ seems like you are in Alberta - have you checked AMA?
Live, Laugh, Love

Re: Travel outside Canada

Posted by Coll on Oct 4, 2017 12:16 pm

Hi Jennywynn,
​I am sorry about your prognosis. What a wonderful way to spend Christmas, with your family on a cruise ship!  I am from Alberta and used Travel Guardian Insurance Ltd. although pre cancer diagnosis but found them very reasonable even with pre exisiting conditions. Their office is in Calgary and possibly worth checking into. I hope this helps. Good luck and enjoy your travels.


Re: Travel outside Canada

Posted by hkjudy on Oct 4, 2017 12:39 pm

Hi jennywynn !  Good for you for seizing the day and planning such a special holiday with your family! 

I'm currently on holiday in Europe - a celebration of a sort just a few months after treatment finished.  We went on a short cruise down the Adriatic Sea and now we're on our way to explore Italy (my dream vacation).  

For me the biggest issue re. Travel insurance was the fact that I had pneumonia during treatment - the insurance companies didn't seem to care about breast cancer.  I checked out 5 companies and only one would insure me.  That was our BCAA - which I assume has the same plans as AMA.  

Every cruise ship has a doctor on it (even the small one we were just on) and the care is excellent.  I actually was on a ship a few years ago and became very ill.  I needed an IV twice and the cost (at US rates) was covered by my travel health insurance.

One of the great things about travelling is the anticipation. Once you've got the insurance sorted - fun researching your destinations!

Judy (Nanoose Bay, BC)

Re: Travel outside Canada

Posted by MargretLouise on Oct 13, 2017 3:30 pm

Hi jennywynn‍ 
I have been  researching travel insurance as well.  I think my concern is that if something did come up , that they would try to make it connected with the breast cancer and not pay it.  The oncologist told me that the most common thing that people with cancer have happen is a blood clot - and that he has seen some real struggles for coverage when folks are out of country. He suggested I travel within canada to avoid problems. Even so, our provincial healthcare only reimburses the other province the amount they would pay  here in bc.  So what sometimes happens is that a drug needed, isn't available or covered in another province. Who knew?
I have had two firms recommended and the last conversation was " is your condition terminal or incurable.  We can find insurance for incurable but not for terminal cancer.  
If anyone else is interested, I will post what I find out for the two firms I am checking with  - one is in Ontario, away care, and the other is in bc, Johnson and Johnson Medoc which does plans for retired groups such as teachers, government workers etc.
Just a note for you as well, I have talked to a couple of cancer survivors who have lasted a long time after the prognosis of one year etc. One was a breast cancer survivor ( 20 years survivor now, and cancer back 3 times - she says stay positive, focus on life and living fully,and pray. The other is a strong buddhist and she has ovarian cancer, stage 4, and is still here 10 years later, despite the prognosis. So, stay positive and strong, only the good lord knows when we are done here on earth. Every day is a new day. Have the best time ever with your family! 


Re: Travel outside Canada

Posted by ooogra on Dec 18, 2018 5:26 am

Actually this year we have already planned a vacation in Eastern Europe (will be going in January). We are visiting Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania. The plan is to spend three to four nights in each country (but we are visiting only capitals), already booked rooms (if any one has been staying in these hotels, let me know your feedback Danubius Hotels  Hotel Royal Prague  Premier Hotels and Resorts  and Ecotel ). Anyways, what I am worried about whether this long trip wouldn't put a strain on my body and just in case I might need any health care help, will I be able to get it in this countries? and will my health insurance compensate spendings