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Hi everyone. Update on my husbands post treatment test after prostate cancer. Doctor called today and no detectable trace of it left. YEA! now if we can get over all the side effects from the hormone therapy
Hi everyone. My mom was diagnosed a couple of months ago with stage 4 breast cancer that had spread to the lungs and the brain. She was treated with surgery and radiation and now she has regular checks to see if there are any new growths. I ...
Trillium Category Cancer and the family Jan '23
I have high grade stage 1a carsinosarcoma endometrial cancer. Radical hysterectomy Sept 14 2022 , no spread , all contained in the lining. As a result, Gyno Onc said no need for further treatment. This is an aggressive rare cancer. The ...
Sassy53 Category Cancer and the family Dec '22
Hello. We just received word that Dad has Cancer. Up til now he has still been actively farming with mom. Both of us kids have moved off the farm for a life with families in the city. It looks like they will need to sell the farm soon, which I ...
Jk82 Category Cancer and the family Dec '22
Hello, I am new here and not yet ready for much of my Mom yet, but I am reaching out for any advice regarding the loss of a parent to cancer. I am 26, she was 56 at her passing, and unfortunately, her journey with cancer in the hospital was quick ...
Myrobin Category Cancer and the family Sep '22
Hello I am new here….my brother has had throat cancer 6 years ago….this spring he started having a sore throat which radiated to his ear….he has gone to his GP doctor, his ENT and they can't seem to figure out why he has a constant sore ...
Jazzy1! Category Cancer and the family Sep '22
Hello, I'm new here. We're in the Ottawa area. My daughter is 13 yrs old and has been diagnosed with a form of PTLD stage 3. Post transplant Lymphoma Disease. She just completed her scheduled 6 mths of chemo. What now? I am told that getting ...
Ataloss Category Cancer and the family Sep '22
Good morning everyone, The other day somebody mentioned having this card to attend Emergency. Does anybody have any info on this. Called teleheath and they didn’t know anything about it. Also, does anybody have any experience going ...
Liz2000 Category Cancer and the family Aug '22
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