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My husband has been diagnosed with non curative stg 4 prostate cancer. I have two children, 3 and 9 yrs. I am looking for supportive information, especially for my children. I would like to know what to tell my children about my husband's ...
Posted on behalf of Health eMatters: 'This fall 2021, Health eMatters is here to support your online advocacy with our first-ever Health eMatters Conference! This event is being designed specifically to help online advocates hone ...
Hi All. Hoping to get some thoughts on this. My mom passed away in April. My father (almost 80) has been doing a bit better the last few weeks compared to the first two months or so. This coming Sunday would have been their anniversary. ...
Newtocancer ‍ had the following on her profile wall and Rnsa ‍ was interested, too, so I am posting it here in the Cancer & The Family Forum where people may be more likely to see it. (Welcome to both of you!) “Hi There..I have a question ...
S2020 Category Cancer and the family Jun '21
My husband has been battling colon cancer for 5 years. He is now at the end. He has been given 10 months at best. We have remained hopeful throughout this journey but this news has hit me like a rock. I am usually strong but I find I cannot ...
Jan1116 Category Cancer and the family Jun '21
I have stage 4 breast cancer. HER 2 positive. The target drugs they used for the HER2 caused heart damage and they are unable to treat at this point. They are hoping the damage to the heart will reverse itself so they can treat again. Has ...
CMD123 Category Cancer and the family May '21
Hi, I am new to this site. My name is Sheila. I am looking to find resources for my brother to assist him as the only caregiver to our mom who has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer. He is having to assist and look after her, while working ...
Jessica C
Hi everyone! Happy Mother’s Day! My name is Jess and I’ve been organizing a Breast Cancer Initiative at my school in honor of my mother who passed away 5 years ago to breast cancer. Part of our initiative is sending out meaningful cards to ...
Jessica C Category Cancer and the family May '21
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