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Free from Ontario Health: Online - Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Pain Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Pain is a free online six week workshop series that helps people with chronic pain to better cope with pain symptoms and ...
hi there I have started telling my 8 yr old that mommy is on strong medicine and we have to watch out hor germs so washing hands regularly at school and at home and after outside and we are still wearing masks when we go out and in school. She ...
Value Frameworks Study Please find attached the desire of the Cuthbert group to find some cancer patients to participate in a 90 minute focus group to share cancer patients thoughts and experiences regarding how oncology treatment ...
The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) wants to learn more about the type of information people with cancer and their caregivers are looking for. If you are living with cancer or caring for someone with cancer, we would greatly appreciate ...
Hi everyone! Still waiting for dad's biopsy results next week and I wanted to kindly ask to please pray for him and send us your good thoughts ❤️ He means the world to me, thank you so much! Be well, Gabby
Ga.rv Category Cancer and the family Mar '22
For more information please contact: Joy.Chiekwe@dal.ca
Families come in all shapes and sizes. Who makes up your family?
Cancer and its treatments can damage the organs or glands in your body's sexual reproductive system. This damage sometimes affects your fertility, which is your ability to get or stay pregnant or to get someone pregnant and have a ...
Hi everyone, Was interested in trying to see if others may have had experiences like mine. My mother was diagnosed with cancer when I was in my early teens. It was something that came as a shock to everyone and impacted our family in ...
R12 Category Cancer and the family Feb '22
Today on World Cancer Day, we come together to raise awareness, honour and remember those affected by cancer and take action to change the future of cancer forever. When we unite as a community, we can make a meaningful difference – for ...
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