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Hello, I am new here and not yet ready for much of my Mom yet, but I am reaching out for any advice regarding the loss of a parent to cancer. I am 26, she was 56 at her passing, and unfortunately, her journey with cancer in the hospital was quick ...
Hello I am new here….my brother has had throat cancer 6 years ago….this spring he started having a sore throat which radiated to his ear….he has gone to his GP doctor, his ENT and they can't seem to figure out why he has a constant sore ...
Hello, I'm new here. We're in the Ottawa area. My daughter is 13 yrs old and has been diagnosed with a form of PTLD stage 3. Post transplant Lymphoma Disease. She just completed her scheduled 6 mths of chemo. What now? I am told that getting ...
Good morning everyone, The other day somebody mentioned having this card to attend Emergency. Does anybody have any info on this. Called teleheath and they didn’t know anything about it. Also, does anybody have any experience going ...
Liz2000 Category Cancer and the family Aug '22
Hello everyone! I'm new to this group and looking for some advice. My husband is 59 and was diagnosed with bladder cancer two days ago. He is a heavy smoker and not even this has been enough to make him quit. I'm not sure what to do. I know if ...
specialk Category Cancer and the family Jul '22
Tomorrow is Canada Day! Anyone have any rituals or plans for tomorrow? I hope everyone has a restful weekend! Lacey
If you are interested in learning about the cancer research projects that are taking place in Canada or want to know more about becoming involved, the Canadian Cancer Society has just recently launched a new section for this on their ...
Trillium Category Cancer and the family Jun '22
Free from Ontario Health: Online - Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Pain Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Pain is a free online six week workshop series that helps people with chronic pain to better cope with pain symptoms and ...
Trillium Category Cancer and the family May '22
hi there I have started telling my 8 yr old that mommy is on strong medicine and we have to watch out hor germs so washing hands regularly at school and at home and after outside and we are still wearing masks when we go out and in school. She ...
sun46 Category Cancer and the family May '22
Value Frameworks Study Please find attached the desire of the Cuthbert group to find some cancer patients to participate in a 90 minute focus group to share cancer patients thoughts and experiences regarding how oncology treatment ...
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