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My mom who is 59 was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer October 2019. She fought through many rounds of chemo, a very invasive surgery, a parb inhibitor and more chemo all while battling sever anxiety/depression. It has been a long ...
I was in the hospital yesterday Dec 2/21 for a CT scan and X Rays for the spine. I have tumours both in the liver and spine. While I was there I noticed a scan block for a system called pockethealth.ca. I down loaded it on my phone and proceeded ...
It is my mom's birthday today. She died earlier this year of metastatic carcinoma that started in the lung. We live in different parts of the country and I wish I could have seen her before she died. I hope you're doing well mom, where ever ...
Hi all, Wanted to get some of your thoughts as to how you organize your home life with your caregiver. i.e. meals, cleaning, making sure your caregiver is taking care of themselves, etc… My caregiver is my husband and I want to ensure that ...
JoT Category Cancer and the family Nov '21
Many people share that energy levels decrease significantly while they are going through treatment or while caring for someone with cancer. The way that we nourish our bodies can make all the difference in our energy level. A well ...
brittanyc Category Cancer and the family Nov '21
CCS is currently accepting research applications for Challenge Grants. This research funding opportunity supports research projects with an ultimate goal of solving a problem (i.e. a ‘challenge’) in cancer that will be ...
Want to talk with someone who is going through this with their daughter. I am not coping very well.
DS51 Category Cancer and the family Sep '21
Bonnie 660
I am wondering if there are any services available to help care for pets while going through treatment. I am the mother of 2 six year old great danes Bonnie and Clyde who are providing me with soooo much love as I deal with this. I am recently ...
I am curious what everyone's oncologists are saying in terms of timeframe for receiving a 3rd covid-19 booster shot? The American CDC website (I live in USA) seems to not be too clear as to when exactly immunocompromised cancer ...
Glory22 Category Cancer and the family Sep '21
Hi, I never thought that I would have to write these words but here I am. My spouse was diagnosed with with stage 4 Ovarian Cancer in March 2021. We tried surgery and chemo (FolFox) and it worked for a few months. Suddenly she couldn’t eat ...
LostinNL Category Cancer and the family Sep '21
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