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This may be interesting to someone who has never done mindfulness meditation but would like to try. It would also be of interest to those who like mindful meditation.This is a wonderful opportunity! UMass Medical School Center for ...
What is your experience with cancer and work? What tips would you tell others?
Are there banners or images that we can use on our facebook pages etc., to support the CCS?
Hi there I’m a 42 year old mom who has been recently diagnosed with anal/rectal cancer. I have 2 young boys the youngest being 6 and the older one being 11 has anyone ever had to break the news to their young children and if so would anyone ...
Hello, I am writing here because I need to vent. I feel so overwhelmed and unsupported, guilty and confused. My partner has been battling lymphoma for 3 years. He has been off work for 2 years, but recently returned to work a few weeks ago. ...
Maze Category Cancer and the family Mar '21
I haven’t posted in several weeks because I’ve been reeling from the recent turn of events. I was diagnosed with colon cancer in mid July, had a right hemicolectomy in Aug to remove a foot of my colon and 14 lymph nodes. I bounced back, no ...
Gymrat Category Cancer and the family Mar '21
Anyone have experience with incredible anger in dying? My mum is palliative. We were told 3-6months last October. Luckily Mum is still with us. She works full time at home from her computer but is now bedridden (new in the last week; ...
Hello Everyone, "Facts bring us to knowledge, but stories lead to wisdom.” The Canadian Cancer Society and Wellspring Calgary are excited to present the 2021 online Digital Storytelling Film Festival. Over the past 5 years, cancer ...
My mother was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer. She has hidden the lump in her breast from all of us for many years and also did nothing about it. So many years that it has opened up. She is 85. She is still very physically able ...
Maris Category Cancer and the family Feb '21
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