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I've been trying to find information online, but no luck, so thought I would try here. I had a unilateral mastectomy in April 2021. Immediately had a very large hematoma form on the site - so large it looked like I still had a breast. It was ...
It's been a long time since I've posted here. Firstly, I wanted to say God Bless to the Cancer Connection website and all the people who moderate. To all who have been touched by cancer I wish you a Merry Christmas. We pray for healing and ...
I had a pelvic/Abdominal ultrasound today and my Dr. phoned to tell me there's a cyst behind pelvic area and I will need an MRI asap. Considering I'm almost at the end of my Breast Cancer journey, it's a little concerning.
Hi all, Just had my first 6 mos check up after having finished treatment for early stage breast cancer (HR/ER+ and HER2-) with no lymph node involvement. I had surgery January 2021 and radiation ended in June. I’ve been on Tamoxifen ...
For more information or to register contact: Melissa Moynihan Research Assistant for the Personas of Older Adults with Cancer Study moyniha3@student.ubc.ca
I have recently completed chemotherapy for NH Lymphoma and am now on Rituximab maintenance for two years. My partner and I are Canadian ex-pats living in the UK, and seriously considering moving to Nova Scotia. Neither of us has ever ...
Today, Monday November 15th is my last day of treatment! I am so emotional but also so relieved the day has finally come. My treatment time is later this morning and I never thought I’d say, I’m ready to go to my treatment today (I always ...
I've been doing a bit of reading and haven't found much information about it. I was diagnosed with triple positive breast cancer in March 2021. I'm one treatment away from finishing chemo and will be starting radiation mid-December. I ...
I had a double mastectomy in July and have chosen to 'go flat'. (Being able to go braless is the true silver lining of this journey!) I'm finding that some of my previous favourite clothes just don't look right. Is there any place to get ...
Not sure if this has been discussed before but I was treated for an estrogen positive breast cancer and am getting mixed messages about soy and phytoestrogens. The surgeon told me flat out “no soy at all” and the dietician at the cancer ...
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