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Hardly ever a post on this subject!
Hello. My treatment break have been extended another three months. When I asked my oncologist if I need a maintenance, he said he will put me in Letrozole. I got diagnosed with FIGO grade 1 on December 2020, had THBSO surgery on February ...
My sister has been getting treatment for colon cancer since a June 2021 diagnosis. So as a family we're still learning, but not exactly new to this. After being on CancerConnect for a while and tuned in to all the cancer stories in the ...
Hello all, I am returning back to the site after a few months. I completed 5 rounds of chemo for my IDC-ER/PR + and HER2 -. Currently in the last week of radiation. I am going to continue with Tamoxifen and Zoladex after radiation. The ...
Normally tonight would be a sad and anxious time with chemo looming tomorrow, but not this time, such a relief !!!! I am wondering how I know if I am pushing myself too hard vs pushing myself to the point of strengthening? What are warning ...
Do you have a Bucket List? Sometimes I have found the discussion to be anxiety-provoking…feeling pressure that I needed to do some BIG things NOW that I was given a second chance. Really, I found more comfort in having a F***-it ...
ant tips on energy recovery and loss of taste recovery after neck and throat radiation
I am doing my last chemo on October 24 and it was my understanding that I would have one more in person appointment with my hematologist after my CT in November. Now I was informed that I would get a 5 minute phone call. I have been jotting ...
Hi there. Posting here for a family member. They've recently undergone Rituximab treatments with the last one being this past August. My brothers wedding is coming up in a month and my family member is terrified of being in a room with ...
I met with my oncologist today and mentioned that the incision under my arm is still tender and my breast is still red and heavy. She said I have a bit of lymphedema and should consider wearing a different kind of bra like a sports bra. Does ...
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