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A little bit of a backstory... I started dating someone and three months later he got his diagnosis. Stage 3 melanoma and he went through two surgeries and Nivolumab as his treatment every 4 weeks. Our communication slowly broke down ...
So, I posted on my social media page (FaceBook) a message because it was National Cancer Survivorship Day the other day; see attached photo of my post. I received a not so kind response from someone who I thought was my friend saying “you ...
EdGB ‍ Charlie1 ‍ Jeff75 ‍ I'm checking in to see how the three of you are doing after your recent losses. Please reach out to us if you need anything. We are still here for you.
Check out Well on the Web here: Programs | Well on the Web (wellspring.ca)
Since the start of the pandemic have you experienced having a telephone or virtual medical appointment? Some people have shared that they have found these appointments more convenient others have shared these appointments can be ...
Hi all, I have really been having a difficult time accessing help for my mental health. I’ve reached out to my doctor, psychiatrist, social worker at the cancer center (who said she can’t help me because she’s my husbands social ...
I know I have it easier than others and don't get me wrong I'm great full for that, but loosing independence is hard. Physically and mentally. Needing equipment to move around and help with daily activities, or going up and down without ...
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So here's what's going on with me. I am currently I guess you could say a cancer patient in remission. Reason I'm not sure how to word it is because the type of cancer I.have and was told is a treated cancer and my outlook is definitely ...
6 months post HDR Brachytherapy / external beam radiation and training hard for a 1000 km ride across Nova Scotia. Pre-Procedure PSA was 5.8. 3 months post-procedure PSA was 3.65. Now it’s up to 7.13. WTF!? Not a happy bear right now.
Good morning All, I am in a dilemma and I would love to get your feedback on possible options. I was diagnosed in February (3 months ago) with Stage 4 carcinoma of a unknown primary (CUP). Yes it has been a rollercoaster ride. There are 5 ...
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