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Last Monday evening I had a Ct scan on my brain and they found something “ suspicious ”. I'll be going for an MRI soon as I'm sure they want to see if the cancer has spread to my brain. Fingers crossed !
Hi . My mom has been living with stage 4 colon cancer for just under 7 years now. She has undergone 3 surgeries, 2 round of radiation and 2 rounds of chemo ... currently on her third. The pain is debilitating and angonizing 90% of the time. I ...
Hi everyone, I just have three cycle of chemo in three months due to my poor immunization system. This Wednesday I will go to have my blue work to see if they can continue. I need all of your good vibes and wishes and prayers,thank you
Hi everyone. I'm not sure where I was going to reach out, so I just wanted to maybe get some insight and understanding on cancer. I was with my ex for about a year and a half (known each other for about 2 years). He lives in Texas we couldn't see ...
Diagnosed about 3 weeks ago. I have no support people here in Timmons. I would like to chat with someone please. My surgery for breast removal is next Monday sept 13.
I rarely come onto this forum unless I need support/advice. Thank you to all the peeps on here who truly carve out time to hold space for me and really understand what it’s like to deal with these complex cancer issues. I went in for my ...
When you are diagnosed with cancer, the focus is often on the physical side of your illness- on symptoms, treatment choices, side effects and what the test results show. But your emotional health- your feelings and how you cope with ...
I've heard cancer loves sugar and booze. I went on a kick for a few days, ingesting neither; sugars were from fruit, basically. This morning was another story, coffee and Bailey's (half a pot) and a Mr. Big chocolate bar. Breakfast of ...
I was diagnosed week before last. I have a good prognosis, but … emotionally, I'm not okay. I've been spiraling. I haven't been eating. Barely sleeping. Drinking too much. I'm not usually a drinker. I just feel so alone and I don't know ...
I'm in the early stage of the cancer process – just diagnosed. Waiting to find out if it has spread, more surgery planned etc etc. My cancer is rare and aggressive and from what I've learned, if it has spread, treatment will enhance the ...
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