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Would like to talk with someone experiencing Vulva Cancer.
Ressa70 Category Rare or Other Cancers Sep '21
I have stage 4 neuroendocrine cancer that was diagnosed in November 2019. I have been on capecitabine and temozolomide but for my last four rounds we have discontinued the temozolomide. I don't seem to have any symptoms of NETS and I ...
CMM Category Rare or Other Cancers Aug '21
Zesty Rare Zebra Good morning. I am doing really well. I live in my own space in my eldest child's home. I have a good support group of friends from before the move, only 40 min., who now Zoom weekly but with the nice weather we can meet ...
Sprite Category Rare or Other Cancers May '21
Appendix cancer is very rare but I was diagnosed with low‐grade appendiceal mucinous neoplasms (LAMN) recently after having my appendix removed by a general surgeon and biopsied. I am now looking for an Appendix specialist. Would ...
Meg20 Category Rare or Other Cancers Apr '21
Hello: I had uterine cancer stage 4b about three years ago. At that time when they did the full hysterectomy, the oncologist took out some of the omentum. In the last few weeks, I have been diagnosed with more cancer in the omentum. I'm ...
Tilly59 Category Rare or Other Cancers Apr '21
Write something on petals Eg METS Cancer CURE for spread needed ! Kindness when out courtesy to live longer in Covid distance awareness Wear your pin for mindfulness you have cancer or others you know alive OR fundraiser BIG ideas ...
elle29 Category Rare or Other Cancers Apr '21
Good Evening, I am curious if anyone else has experienced Poorly differentiated Neuroendocrine small cell carcinoma? Last June they found this rare aggressive cancer in my rectum. The Drs were all shocked as it is never found there. ...
ShariM Category Rare or Other Cancers Mar '21
:Hello, I’ve had severe itching for several months after the beginning of a new relationship. I’ve been on all sorts of antibiotics and just recently realized it could be vilvar cancer and so have started talking with and seeing ...
KarenSedd Category Rare or Other Cancers Mar '21
klay ‍ CrystalGodin ‍ AshP ‍ Good morning all, I have reached out to you all for support, sharing and keeping up with each other's situation. There is strength in numbers and we are truly a rare breed here on Cancer Connection. Our Unknown ...
ACH2015 Category Rare or Other Cancers Mar '21
Health Canada is currently engaging with Canadians with rare diseases to provide feedback on a National Strategy for high-cost drugs for Rare Diseases. You’re invited to share ideas and views on what this strategy could look like to ...
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