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Hello: I am new here so I may be posting in the wrong place. If I am, I apologise. I was curious if anyone has or had eye cancer. I have a choroidal malignant melanoma in my right eye. Considered as large. Through another unrelated issue 3 ...
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Looking to connect with someone who has been diagnosed with thymoma to discuss treatment options etc.
Hi everyone, I hope you are doing ok! I'm wondering if anyone here has ever read/been told how long it takes for distal bile duct cancer to form and develop in the body? Essentially: how long can a person live with distal bile duct cancer ...
Ga.rv Category Rare or Other Cancers Jan '23
Hello everyone, just an update on my situation for those out there who have MDS. I have MDS-EB1 high risk and I'm about to start cycle #9 of chemo using Vidaza. My blood work has essentially been the same for 8 months with most items below ...
nadonou1 Category Rare or Other Cancers Jan '23
Hi, I had surgery in Dec to remove an encapsulated Papillary carcinoma. This is very rare. The surgeon didn’t take a wide enough margin and now I need to go back for surgery again and also for the sentinel node biopsy. The pathology report ...
Mybody Category Rare or Other Cancers Dec '22
Hello everyone I’m known as Gam I’m 66 and was diagnosed with stage 4 bile duct cancer 7 months ago. I’ve gone through 6 months of chemo and recently started immunotherapy. Bile duct cancer is very rare, the first oncologist told me there ...
Gam Category Rare or Other Cancers Nov '22
hi all, just trying to see other peoples experiences with pecoma. I haven’t found anything positive really, and I’m extremely scared because I just had a baby and I can’t even enjoy him because I’ve been stressing about if it’s spread or ...
kbabsx Category Rare or Other Cancers Oct '22
Hello all, Just been diagnosed with MAA pT4a N1b Grade 2 moderately differentiated. Anyone know of appendix ca specialist in BC?
@LavenderLamb I will copy and paste your post here in the Rare Cancer Forum - that way more folks will see it! ps-you are doing great figuring this site out…..thank you for your post. I hope you are approved for your PetScan and can move ...
supersu Category Rare or Other Cancers Jul '22
Looking to connect with others that have MDS. My husband was recently diagnosed and he may have a BMT. we are from the okanagan so will be in need of lodging and other recommendations
dena Category Rare or Other Cancers Mar '22
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