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I'm awaiting a hysterectomy for stage 1 endometrial cancer. I'm scared and angry (because my doctor ignored my symptoms for 7 months) and I'm worried that it's going to spread before they remove it. My consult appointment is September ...
seddah Category Uterine Aug '21
Looking for support... I am 45 with grade 1 Uterine cancer and will be having a total hysterectomy very soon. It will be laparoscopic so the surgery should be ok and hopefully i will not need further treatment What is not talked about is ...
YEG-Heather Category Uterine Jun '21
Greeting All, My hysterectomy was last week and was not near as bad as I feared. I feel so much better already. And today I got the call that pathology showed that the cancer had penetrated more than half way thru the uterine muscle, so I ...
Raintwist Category Uterine Apr '21
Vaginal Brachytherapy done Hi Everyone, Just ticked off another box and completed my third and final (I hope) radiation treatment. The brachytherapy was painless but I found the whole thing difficult and emotionally traumatic. I ...
onestar Category Uterine Mar '21
Hi, I ‘m sure we all never imagined that we would ever be writing on this forum but I’m sure glad it exists. I’m 45 yrs. old and have been recently diagnosed with uterine cancer. My doctor is confident that it was detected early enough so I ...
Zatvan Category Uterine Mar '21
I have quite a story to tell. I was diagnosed with stage 4b uterine cancer in December 2017. I had a full hysterectomy followed up with chemo and radiation treatments in 2018. I was told that I had 2 to 5 years to live. Since that time I have ...
Tilly59 Category Uterine Feb '21
Was recently diagnosed with high grade uterine cancer....had a total abdominal hysterectomy on Dec 3....found out yesterday I need five weeks of daily radiation....hoping to hear from others with same or similar diagnosis for ...
Suzane Category Uterine Feb '21
I had low stage melanoma removed in 2018, low stage Kidney TCC removed in 2019 and now I am facing atypical hyperplasia that could become cancer. I've had genetic testing and nothing abnormal came back. My surgeon says it will have to be ...
farfromreality Category Uterine Jan '21
I just had a complete hysterectomy Jan 8th. My surgeon called to tell me that my cancer was confined to my uterus and is stage 1B. He's referring me to the oncologists for radiation therapy which I suppose is the protocol for this grade (1) ...
onestar Category Uterine Jan '21
Hi, I am new to this forum. I was diagnosed with uterine serous carcinoma in March 2020. Stage 1-A. I chose observation vs chemo and radiation. Is there anyone who is just being followed rather than receiving adjuvant treatment? 
Jan5 Category Uterine Dec '20
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