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Girl In Toronto
Hi everyone! I was recently diagnosed with stage 1 endometrial cancer in late November and since then I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed. Ive been thrown so much information and everything seems to be going in full speed. I’m 39 with no ...
Girl In Toronto Category Uterine 2d
Hi everyone, yesterday I was diagnosed with FIGO grade 1 endometrial adenocarcenoma after a D&C procedure and I'm still in the “freaked out” stage. My doctor is gathering information as to when to send me over for surgery. Just ...
NaomiO Category Uterine 7d
Hello everyone! I was diagnosed the advanced uterine cancer last September, spreading to lung, bone. It was a big shock for me and my family as everyone thought me healthy and energetic. I am 47 years old with two kids. Now I have done 6 ...
Ling02 Category Uterine 9d
Hi everyone, It’s kind of crazy to me that I am posting on this forum, as my interactions with CCS have largely been through work and not on a personal level. My mother is in her early 60s, presented with postmenopausal spotting. A pelvic ...
Nidbid Category Uterine Dec '22
I’ve had surgery and chemo and suffer extreme fatigue and neuropathy. Everyday tasks are an effort. My next treatment is 25 sessions of external radiation. I’ve read about the side effects and am wondering if anyone having had pelvic ...
Lennette Category Uterine Dec '22
Hello, my name is Mattie, I was recently diagnosed with endometrial adenocarcinoma stage 1, I don’t know what to think, I’m only 24 years old, I haven’t told my family yet, we just lost my father from cancer not to long ago, I’m having a ...
Mattielab Category Uterine Nov '22
I had a check-up today after a radical hysterectomy in August for high grade serous uterine cancer. It was stage 1a and per new guidelines I only needed brachytherapy afterwards. I mentioned to the doctor some lower abdominal/upper ...
ssalmon Category Uterine Nov '22
Hello, 18 months ago I had Grade 1A carcinosarcoma endometrial cancer. Had a radical hysterectomy with no further treatment needed. I was treated through the gynecologist's office in consultation with an oncology team, not through ...
Sheepy Category Uterine Nov '22
Hi I am wondering if anyone worked while they were receiving chemotherapy, the hospital I attend there are several cancer volunteers whom expressed that they did so. is this the norm? I do understand that chemo affects everyone ...
Runfree12 Category Uterine Oct '22
Hi Ladies I am am almost at the 6 week mark in my recovery and feeling like I have regressed this last week, i am having some cramping and some shooting pains the last few days in vagina area and stronger smelling urine Stomach feels a bit ...
Sassy53 Category Uterine Oct '22
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