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Has anyone had recent experience with these targeted therapies for stage 3 melanoma?
Rachel! Category Skin Aug '21
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Hi all, I was diagnosed this week with Melanoma. I'm scared. The small mole they did the biopsy on 4 weeks ago started bleeding last night. It had healed over and seemed to be ok until this week. I'm scheduled to have the rest of it removed ...
RobM Category Skin Aug '21
Asking for a friend. He had a colonoscopy and a polyp was removed. Biopsy of the polyp revealed that he had melanoma. Has anyone faced anything like this? Looking for information. Thank you. M..
TT53 Category Skin May '21
Hi folks, It's been a sudden and crazy ride since being diagnosed with Merkel Cell Carcinoma in early February. Have had surgery to remove the tumour mid March which had grown at an alarming rate and thankfully had not reached the lymph ...
Puffin Category Skin Apr '21
It seems that during covid-19, more hope and new treatment seeing the light for cancer. https://futurism.com/neoscope/harvard-scientists-excited-by-results-on-new-cancer-vaccine
Danae Category Skin Apr '21
Danae Category Skin Mar '21
My husband developed over night a tumor on his neck which lead to a biopsy showing skin cancer with a spread to the lymph nodes. At this point we are not sure how many nodes are affected and are just days away from meeting with the ...
mj2884 Category Skin Jan '21
Looking to connect with another person who has been diagnosed with acral melanoma to share experiences , treatments and follow up 
Teen Category Skin Jan '21
Hi everyone, had my moh's surgery on the end of my nose this past Thurs.  What the dermatologist/surgeon did was take 3 slices off and then he did a skin graft from the side of my nose and stretched the skin over to create a new tip.  He said I ...
pomlady Category Skin Aug '20
i am asking because I have mucosal melanoma in my vulva and vagina and  have been seen by the gynecology team but with previous MM I have also been seen by  cutaneous team. I want them to collaborate and help make a plan for me together. How ...
IamJay Category Skin Jul '20
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