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My 60 y/o father in law was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in December 2020. Since then he has tried several different types of treatment such as immunotherapy, targeted radiation and oral chemo. My husband doesn’t talk to his parents ...
Jessiesgrl Category Skin 23h
Hi Everyone, My son suffers from stage 4 melanoma which has metastasized in his lungs. He works all day every day outdoors. He needs clothing that will cover him from head to toe. We would like to buy good quality clothing and would really ...
WendyE Category Skin 19d
I still have side effects from the radiation to my eye. Oddly enough the worst reaction I had during my radiation was in my mouth mucositis loss of taste, trouble eating and swallowing etc. normal I think. Some days I find my taste varies ...
shadowkins Category Skin Apr '22
Hi, First post here…. I was first diagnosed in 2015 when I was 24. I had one mole removed that was Stage 1A Melanoma. I didn’t ever think it would happen again but a month ago I had 2 more removed and they were both also Stage 1A. I was told it’s ...
DMacK Category Skin Apr '22
I was diagnosed with an invasive malignant melanoma stage pT2b (1.8mm) in January 2022. I recently had surgery for a wide local excision and a sentinel node biopsy. Fortunately, the results came back negative for residual melanoma ...
SML Category Skin Mar '22
This site was super helpful to me when I had breast cancer 2 years ago so now I come back to it for a question as a caregiver. My mother has a very large (2in diameter at least) non-melanoma (I think it is a basal cell carcinoma) on her head. It ...
mc2 Category Skin Mar '22
Got the results of my 2nd scan ( merkel cell carcinoma of the eyelid ) and all is still stable…I am so relieved. The next scan is in July so I have 3 to 3.5 months of no worrying, I usually start tormenting myself a few weeks before the scan. ...
shadowkins Category Skin Mar '22
Why do the oncologists test for creatine levels before a CT scan?
shadowkins Category Skin Feb '22
Hello all, I've been in constant battle decided what is best for me here. Ive been given the options of keytruda for a year or taf/mel. Keytruda seems to have less side effects but longer term issues unreversavle and taf/mek have lots of ...
Terri1982 Category Skin Feb '22
I was diagnosed with merkel cell carcinoma of the right eyelid (upper lid ) on May 10, 2021. Had surgery to remove the mass and reconstruct my eyelid…then proceeded with 5 weeks of daily radiation. Found it very rough indeed, I reacted in ...
shadowkins Category Skin Feb '22
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