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PSA has been below detection since January 2021 and my last ADT injection was January 2022. Last week my doc said that there was a 50% chance that PSA would remain below detection. I'll take those odds! That's the best news I've had in a ...
DHPC75 Category Prostate 15d
Warriors Information Exchange for men with advanced Prostate Cancer Please see below the Zoom link for next Monday’s meeting; forward to anyone who may be interested. Topic: Toronto Warriors Information Exchange Time: Jan 30, 2023 ...
kcbpcst Category Prostate 16d
Hello, i had brachytherapy performed for high risk prostate cancer. Gleason 7, PSA 28. Now i’m undergoing a series of daily radiation treatments for a total of 24. I’m curious to know if that is typical treatment after the initial ...
Dan010 Category Prostate 26d
Hello, I have been diagnosed with localized, intermediate prostate cancer. I'm a candidate for RALP and was also given the radiology option. The urologist indicated the availability of ‘non-standard of care’ options (additional ...
Kekszemu Category Prostate 27d
I had surgery in 2013 with subsequent PSA, radiation in 2020, with a small fluctuating (up/down/up) rise in PSA in July 2022. I now have had one (maybe two) incidents of blood in urine. I say ‘maybe two’ because the first I thought was a ...
HWallace Category Prostate 27d
20 183
I was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. I don't know what most of the details mean aside from my PSA score. It was 34-36 for the tests I had. But all I really know is the specialist told me I had to "spots" of concern on a hip bone and a ...
shanebee Category Prostate 30d
This presentation will cover the processing of prostate needle core biopsies and radical prostatectomy specimens and how pathologists establish a histologic diagnosis of prostate cancer. Once a diagnosis of prostate cancer has ...
kcbpcst Category Prostate Dec '22
Just became aware of a program to help during treatment and recovery for PCa. According to the website “Daily emails and videos over 6 months will focus on various health promoting components to reduce side effects and optimize your ...
DSJ Category Prostate Dec '22
For those of you interested in following current cancer research, check out Medical Xpress. Medical Xpress is a website based on the Isle of Man, a tiny rock sticking out of the Irish Sea. They publish daily articles and digests of new ...
DHPC75 Category Prostate Nov '22
Dr. Olivier Heimrath (Humber River Hospital, Toronto) will talk about the Evolution of Treatment Intensification in Advanced Prostate Cancer. The link to register is below.
kcbpcst Category Prostate Oct '22
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