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Roy L.
Hey all, If you are not aware Friday June 18 is #PlaidforDad day to support men with Prostate Cancer. I know its difficult these days to plan anything at work, but if you could get a group together or do it on you own that would be awesome. Get ...
Roy L. Category Prostate 3d
my handle is iam1.iam interested in discussions on prostate cancer
iam1 Category Prostate 8d
Roy L.
hey all, I am already on Flow Max but my urologist wants me to do a flow test, yep sounds what it is. Anybody else do this test? Roy Peace Love Cure
Roy L. Category Prostate 13d
We are about 3 years after active treatment for stage 4 prostate cancer. Still on zoladex. My husband experienced a fair amount of blood in his urine. The whole episode lasted less then 24 hours. They found no sign of infection. ...
cancerspouse Category Prostate 30d
Hello out there, I’m headed in for a robotic prostatectomy tomorrow, and while I’m not too apprehensive about the surgery, I am more anxious about the post surgery recovery. my understanding is this surgery is less evasive so recovery ...
PJR Category Prostate May '21
Roy L.
Hey all, hope this note finds you all well. Since my "bump" in early April I have had some extreme pain in my ribs and its deja vu all over again. Starting to feel too much like 2018 when I was very sick and in lots of pain. Still manageable, but ...
Roy L. Category Prostate May '21
Roy L.
Hey all, just home from my 3 month oncologist visit and for the first time since starting ADT 2 years ago I have a small bump in PSA. Have been holding steady for the past year at 0.1 and it has moved to 0.2. No biggie, the next one will tell the ...
Roy L. Category Prostate Apr '21
Roy L.
Being on Hormone Therapy #ADT has caused hot flashes every night and sometimes during the day as well. I find mine are at the worst from 8pm to 3am which means I have gone through 2 fans in 2 years and keep a wet facecloth by my bed. Lets hear ...
Roy L. Category Prostate Mar '21
There are a number of short and long term side effects that men can face after #prostatecancer treatment. Please share below your experience and what you did to manage these side effects below: To read more about side effects visit: ...
Lacey_Moderator Category Prostate Mar '21
I was diagnosed with Stage 4 prostate cancer back at the beginning of the pandemic (lucky me). I have secondary bone cancer. At diagnosis I had a PSA of over 700. I was prescribed Apaludamide and Zoladex and my PSA was <.3 for a year. My ...
ScottB Category Prostate Feb '21
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