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Roy L.
Hello fellow warriors and loved ones of warriors. I am a bit slow in posting this my brain is going going in more directions than it can handle right now. If you have read my past few posts you know I was in hospital, 43 days to exact. Got ...
Roy L. Category Prostate 1d
I am a male, born in 1967 and currently live in Ontario. Born in England. Both my father and his brother died of prostate cancer. Around when I turned 50, I'm 54 now, I started getting PSA tests. From late 2020 to early 2021, the PSA was ...
SonnyBoy Category Prostate 10d
Roy L.
After 36 days in 2 hospitals, 23 days after major radiation to spine, pelvis and hip, after untold amounts of pain meds, there is a verdict on what's next...12 more weeks of winter!! Oh wait that's not it. Actually there will be no more ...
Roy L. Category Prostate 13d
Roy L.
Good day everyone, I apologize for being away, today marks 3 weeks in Hospital for extreme pain in hip and spine and unable to walk. With some pretty heavy radiation a week ago it has improved but still can not put weight on left leg and pain ...
Roy L. Category Prostate 29d
The exact people who are affected by Stage 4 prostrate cancer will be understood by me in a short time. So please bear with me as this message is open to all. I will say a few things that I have learnt. The two Covid shots I had may have ...
Mintus Category Prostate Nov '21
Is there anywhere that lists typical “milestones” in the days and weeks following prostate removal in terms of incontinence (and down the road a bit, erectile function?) Alternatively/in addition, I would be happy to hear other ...
JGF Category Prostate Oct '21
Caring for someone with stage 4 Prostate and Bone cancer
DK1 Category Prostate Oct '21
Hi folks: I am wondering for those for you with advanced PCa and are still working, when did you either retire or stop working because of your illness. I’m currently on ADT and get tired most days because of the past year on ADT. My doctor ...
Bluenoser13 Category Prostate Oct '21
PCSToronto ZOOM Peer Support Group meeting on Tuesday 5th October at 7PM Toronto/Eastern time. If you would like to join us, please register at the following link:
kcbpcst Category Prostate Oct '21
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