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Roy L.
Hey everyone, hope this message finds you all safe and spring is springing in your area, sorry @Runner Girl it is coming your way! Yesterday I completed round 8 of chemo and it went off very smoothly. In and out in 2 hours, IV started on 1 ...
Roy L. Category Prostate 6d
On May 6, 2022, Active Surveillance Patients International (ASPI) presented its first Annual Chodak Award to Dr. Laurence Klotz , University of Toronto professor and researcher and Chairman of the World Uro-Oncology Federation. ...
DSJ Category Prostate 11d
You can benefit by participating in this study
kcbpcst Category Prostate 20d
Hello all, Has anyone done this type of therapy ? I see that we are the only G8 Country not offering that option and was wondering if anyone have done this outside Canada ? Does our insurance pay for us if we decide to go that route and who is ...
Nimiq Category Prostate 29d
Well I am scheduled to have my prostate removed on May 19th in British Columbia via open surgery. I have the option of going to Seattle and having it removed robotically on May 10. anyone have experience post surgery care after an out of ...
Randman Category Prostate Apr '22
Recent research in the UK has shown there may be a link between bacteria and prostate cancer opening up possible treatments. See article below for more details.
DSJ Category Prostate Apr '22
Unfortunately new to the group . I have an upcoming surgery for radical prostatectomy. I’m beginning to get nervous about the procedure, recovery and return to work and sports. I work as a bricklayer, so pretty physical and sports of ...
Cedy Category Prostate Apr '22
Hi, I got my PSA after RP On 2022 Mar 29, your results were 0.02 ug/L.The reference range is - 3.50 ug/L. . This is considered undetectable? Thanks
Azr Category Prostate Mar '22
Roy L.
Happy Friday everyone, hope you are all doing well. Quick update, I have completed round 5 of chemo. Each one has become increasingly difficult as far as side effects go, but I continue on. Oncologist wants me to do up to 10, we shall see. I ...
Roy L. Category Prostate Mar '22
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