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Hello. I am new here. I am 54 years old and was diagnosed with Stage 3 ovarian cancer in June 2021 after unfortunately having been misdiagnosed with acid reflux which in my gut I knew was not the problem. Finally doing a chest x-ray which ...
Dreamgirl Category Ovarian 4d
Back home from hospital. They were not able to do the debulking surgery or the hysterectomy once they opened me up. There were too many lesions over the abdominal cavity organs and tissues to remove it all safely. So they did a biopsy and ...
DonnaL1959 Category Ovarian Apr '22
For those who have been following my story and anyone new- just sharing that my debulking surgery is tomorrow with a total hysterectomy. They hope to get all visible cancer out from the peritoneum and omentum. They still don't know the ...
DonnaL1959 Category Ovarian Mar '22
I had my MRI - cancerous lesions all over the peritoneum and omentum - likely spread from ovarian cancer - so likely stage 4. It is almost always fatal. I am still waiting for the biopsy and to see an oncologist who might actually be able to ...
DonnaL1959 Category Ovarian Mar '22
Has anyone been treated at the Jurvinski Cancer Cr in Hamilton? I want preferable a female gyno/surgion/oncologist - but bedside manner and belief in the patient's will to live and overall skills/knowledge is more important. I want ...
DonnaL1959 Category Ovarian Feb '22
Recently my CA has gone quite high from 20s to 99. This happened after my surgery. My dr will retest the CA but normally my CA is a good indicator. I am just curious to know if surgery can cause number to rise?
Antonella Category Ovarian Dec '21
Hi, I have been getting ascites drained a few times now on recurrance. Just started Doxirubicin today. I'm looking for positive results with this drug drying up the ascites and working well killing the cancer. I'm very nervous and ...
KeeponKeepingon Category Ovarian Nov '21
Hello! I am writing for any perspective on what my mom is currently going through. In mid-August I took her to ER with a distended belly, after a CT, was told she had metatstatic cancer but as they were not sure of the primary source, ...
GG31 Category Ovarian Oct '21
Hi everyone, This time next week I will be making a 5 hour trip (by car) to have my hysterectomy. I am not sure what kind surgery and what all they are removing, have been lead to believe they are taking everything out including a mass that is ...
La123 Category Ovarian Sep '21
Now that I am halfway through my chemo treatments and my CA-125 is steadily dropping (now down to 20!), I am curious to hear what happens as far as long term monitoring. My oncologist did mention that she will put me on some medicine that I ...
Glory22 Category Ovarian Aug '21
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