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My debulking surgery was open and close- nothing taken out due to spread and volume of tumors both solid and sand-like. Then 3 rounds of cabo and taxol - no shrinkage - tumors grew. Told months to live, inoperable and incurable. I was put ...
DonnaL1959 Category Ovarian 8d
I was diagnosed mid June 2022 with stage 3 Ovarian Cancer. Treatment followed the surgery and I had the last session at the beginning of Dec. On the 15th of Dec I had a CT scan and it was clear, no evidence of disease. Thank you to all for the ...
MaryEB Category Ovarian Dec '22
A bit of good news for me today - There are three mutations in my ovarian cancer tumors that might be targeted for future treatments. The treatments are not standard of care so to get these drugs, I'd have to ask for compassionate grounds ...
DonnaL1959 Category Ovarian Oct '22
This is a new phamplet brought out by BC Cancer created by survivors, researchers and doctors, which I was priviledged to work on. The references are all BC locations, but hopefully the general informarion is helpful. Pls go to ...
Jlo Category Ovarian Jul '22
Sadly, tumors have grown, high grade serros spread throughout peritoneum. Chemo (Carbo & Plax) will be stopped. They will be looking at non-surgical options to give me more time such as trials, immunotherapy and other combinations ...
DonnaL1959 Category Ovarian Jun '22
Hi good morning everyone, this is my first post here. My screen name is Jessica and I was diagonsed with stage 3b ovrian cancer in February. I did the debulking surgery and I’m doing my 6th chemo june 2. Chemo has been the hardest thing I’ve ...
jess222 Category Ovarian May '22
Hello. I am new here. I am 54 years old and was diagnosed with Stage 3 ovarian cancer in June 2021 after unfortunately having been misdiagnosed with acid reflux which in my gut I knew was not the problem. Finally doing a chest x-ray which ...
Dreamgirl Category Ovarian May '22
Back home from hospital. They were not able to do the debulking surgery or the hysterectomy once they opened me up. There were too many lesions over the abdominal cavity organs and tissues to remove it all safely. So they did a biopsy and ...
DonnaL1959 Category Ovarian Apr '22
For those who have been following my story and anyone new- just sharing that my debulking surgery is tomorrow with a total hysterectomy. They hope to get all visible cancer out from the peritoneum and omentum. They still don't know the ...
DonnaL1959 Category Ovarian Mar '22
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