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I'm hoping to hear from others who have had radiation treatments for ovarian cancer. Was diagnosed fall of 2019, had 3 chemo treatments, debulking surgery and 3 more chemo treatments. Started lynparza in May 2020. Recent CT scan shows ...
BookLover Category Ovarian 16d
Hi I'm Sarah - I guess I have ovarian cancer - was in a daze when the oncologist called me this morning. About 3 weeks ago I went to the hospital with back and belly pain. Was scheduled for a hysterectomy and cystectomy from my ovary 1 week ...
Salare Category Ovarian Jan '21
Good morning! I'm 42 years old, living in Calgary,  AB. In September I was experiencing severe constipation and some other problems,  that I just attributed to a weight loss injection I had been taking since January of 2020. I decided ...
JRH78 Category Ovarian Jan '21
Hello Sadie12 ‍ .  We are in the ovarian cancer discussion, welcome.  Glad you have met Kims1961 ‍ and cancertakesflight ‍ .  I had my hysterectomy late in 2016.  I had chemo and radiation.  Now my blood tests show No Evidence of ...
Elsie13 Category Ovarian Dec '20
I live in Northern Ontario, am a library worker and fibre artist.  I am 'Mama' to 2 little boys.  I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer Sept 28/20 at the age of 56 years...and have since had a full hysterectomy along with removal of the lymph ...
Sadie12 Category Ovarian Dec '20
Tizzie 2020
Hi…am trying to find out how common it is for fibroids to develop into ovarian cancer and associated prevention measures. I was diagnosed with Clear Cell OC in January.  Now recovering from surgery and 6 rounds of chemo.  In my case, I ...
Tizzie 2020 Category Ovarian Nov '20
Has anyone on here had recurrent ovarian cancer used letrozole without having surgery? If so what was your results?
laj Category Ovarian Nov '20
In October of 2018 I was having issues with pain and after a CT scan my family doctor advised there was what looked like a cyst on my ovary and there were some other areas that were concerning. She sent me to my gynecologist and he took a month ...
laj Category Ovarian Nov '20
Hi guys, September my C125 came back as being elevated. They had found a 2 cm cyst on my left ovary back in January 2020, I was supposed to have a repeat ultrasound to check to see if the cyst is growing back in April, but Covid happened. I had ...
Roxanne Category Ovarian Nov '20
HI,  My white cell count and neutrophil count has not reached the bottom of the chart yet.  Just to clarify as you all know there is a range for both of these blood cell counts and I have not yet reached the bottom of the range.  This effects ...
123Th Category Ovarian Nov '20
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