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Dear all, I'm writing because my family is feeling the punch after my dad got a multiple myeloma and amyloidosis prognosis earlier this year. He's completed his third round of chemo, and the doc thinks he will start stem cell therapy ...
Ornila Category Multiple Myeloma Mar '21
Dear Friends,  My mother, 66, recently diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, and should start use Bortezomib(Velcade) next week.  Wondering which food she should avoid and what is the best diets for Multiple Myeloma? I search the ...
SinaK Category Multiple Myeloma Nov '20
is safe to take collagen and revlimid  thanks abc
Abc Category Multiple Myeloma Feb '20
My husband was diagnosed 2 weeks ago and has received 2 treatments so far.  The daily steroid was decreased to weekly last Tuesday and he's been stiff and achy ever since.  He is also having trouble sleeping, sometimes barely sleeping ...
JLAL Category Multiple Myeloma Dec '19
Hi everyone, My Dad was diagnosed with myeloma in October. Some abnormality had come up in bloodwork at his heart doctor's office, prompting a bone marrow biopsy. Following that came achy bones, inability to sleep and general ...
CoastalGuarder Category Multiple Myeloma Dec '19
Hi all, Thought I would post this positive news story - an Australian actor successfully treated after years of standard treatment for Multiple Myeloma, with CAr T-Cell Therapy in the US. ...
Aries Category Multiple Myeloma Jul '19
Hello, I was just diagnosed with myeloma/amyloid this past Wednesday. It is overwhelming. I am still working through my feelings and trying to remain as calm as possible. My treatments begin on Wed, May 29th. If anyone has advice for ...
JOHANNAH Category Multiple Myeloma May '19
My fiance was diagnosed in Feb 2018.  It has been quite a journey.  I'm feeling so overwhelmed, snappy, tearful and exhausted.  I've been working except for taking 2 weeks off and used my holidays when he first was diagnosed.  I have had ...
Petesmate Category Multiple Myeloma Jul '18
Lacey_adminCCS ‍ Hi Lacey it’s been awhile. I just wanted to know what is this type of cancer?  Is it bone or a blood type cancer?  My cousin apparently has it. I just found out about it recently she’s had it for 3 yrs now. She’s on chemo meds ...
Cinderella59 Category Multiple Myeloma Jul '18
hello I found out my younger brother has been diagnosed with this cancer. So I would like to find out how I can help him? First I would love to make his life easier and more comfortable should his cancer get active.
fishhut Category Multiple Myeloma Feb '15
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