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Lymphoma Canadas National Patient conference on Lymphoma & CLL will be held virtually on an all new and easy-to-use platform and includes presentations by expert faculty and specialists across Canada. Lymphoma Canada's 5th Annual ...
Lymphoma Canada will be hosting a webinar on “Importance of Understanding your Lymphoma Subtype” on Tue, Jul 27, 2021 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT Registration (gotowebinar.com)
ges54 Category Lymphoma - Non Hodgkin Jul '21
In this time of Covid do we opt for maintenance with rituximab post chemo? The complicating effect is a suppressed immune system. My oncologist was neutral and so the decision was all mine. It was difficult but in the end I decided to ...
Indigo10 Category Lymphoma - Non Hodgkin Jul '21
Hi, my mother recently was diagnosed with low grade follicular lymphoma. Because of covid no one can go in with her so it’s tricky to get all the information. My big question is that is grade the same as stage. Can you have low grade cancer ...
Spring18 Category Lymphoma - Non Hodgkin Jun '21
My last chemo ( Bendamustine and rituximab) was a few months ago and I have recently been getting mouth ulcers. I know this can be an effect but wondering if there is something preventative I can do ,or is there something I can use to ...
Indigo10 Category Lymphoma - Non Hodgkin May '21
I have both DLBCL and Fl, It is in my belly and rectum. I had 8 hour Chemo 2 days ago and had my kidneys intravenously flushed yesterday and will again on Monday. Anyone with similar diagnosis ? This all so new to me. I am 75 years. old.
DMPR Category Lymphoma - Non Hodgkin May '21
My spouse (age 74) was diagnosed with large B cell lymphoma in 2019. He underwent 6 months of R-CHOP treatment but experienced a recurrence within 3 months. He then had 2 treatments of a combination of Bendamustine and Rituximab drugs ...
GJ253 Category Lymphoma - Non Hodgkin May '21
10 80
I'm not sure what to do at this website, a nurse recommended it. It looks like the last post was 18 days ago. I'll just put something here in an attempt to connect with others who have lymphoma.
DanC Category Lymphoma - Non Hodgkin May '21
I have stage 4 non Hodgkin’s lymphoma ( splenic marginal zone). My last chemo was 3 months ago and I , as expected , have lingering effects which I can manage but only recently I noticed an odd symptom that may or may not be a cancer/chemo ...
Indigo10 Category Lymphoma - Non Hodgkin Apr '21
The Southwest Ontario chapter of Lymphoma Canada is holding a virtual meeting on Wednesday May 5th. To register go to Registration (gotowebinar.com) . The topic is "Patient and Caregiver Lymphoma Experiences - Results of the 2020 ...
ges54 Category Lymphoma - Non Hodgkin Apr '21
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