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I have been diagnosed with Grade 3A, Stage 2A follicular B-Cell Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma in the abdominal area (Summer 2022) and am not being treated at this time. I am experiencing pain on both my left and right sides close to center right ...
So here I am in cycle 2 of RCHOP. The good news is that my pleural effusion is gone and I am breathing normally again after the first cycle. I am also taking Lapelga (2nd dose after each chemo treatment) for a white blood cell boost - with very ...
So I was on Bendamustin and Rituximab - and this was a new regiment for me (#2). I did this for one cycle before it was changed to RCHOP (an acronym for all the chemo meds) because my NHL growths was only responding to the treatment in a small ...
Hi There, Today we received the confirmation that 2 years post Allo transplant for follicular lymphoma that my husband’s cancer has transformed to Widespread DLBC - has anyone else on this site have that experience? My husband is ...
Renewed Category Lymphoma - Non Hodgkin Nov '22
Hi, I'm currently in cycle 2 of my treatment for Follicular NHL, waiting to go to cycle 3 but it has been delayed because of some side effects that resulted in some health issues. The side effect - not even sure if that is the right word for it ...
Did anyone hear a diagnosis of “Dermatopathic Lymphadenopathy” before they received an official CTCL/MF/SS diagnosis?
kmt666 Category Lymphoma - Non Hodgkin Sep '22
Hello, will be starting 15 radiation treatments very soon in about a week or so. Any information about what to expect and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou
Maryj4 Category Lymphoma - Non Hodgkin Jun '22
elle29 Category Lymphoma - Non Hodgkin May '22
Of possible interest The Immune Response and Risks in Lymphoma and CLL - Lymphoma Canada
ges54 Category Lymphoma - Non Hodgkin May '22
If you have been diagnosed with lymphoma or chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), your immune system may not work as well as it should because your lymphocytes (type of white blood cell) are not working properly. Patients can therefore ...
ges54 Category Lymphoma - Non Hodgkin Apr '22
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