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I am doing pretty good :) I definitely hit a wall yesterday but I will try to prioritize what I really need and want to do today. I have noticed subtle differences: such as wobbliness, slight nausea, today not wanting food as much but its ...
CandiceRG Category Lymphoma - Hodgkin May '22
I have seen my pet results via an app that is available to Albertans and I am a bit worried that I might be stage 2 unfavorable. It states that there is "Intensely hypermetabolic lymphadenopathy involves the left lower neck, both ...
CandiceRG Category Lymphoma - Hodgkin May '22
I am wondering what people did regarding social interactions while on ABVD chemo? I just got my 4th covid vaccine and even though having Hodgkin's puts me in the immunocompromised group, so far I have not been sick with anything in ...
CandiceRG Category Lymphoma - Hodgkin Apr '22
I have just been diagnosed with Nodular Sclerosis Hodgkin's, likely stage 2a but having a PET to confirm on thursday. This is a blindside, I am struggling with the prospect of ruining my health with chemo (starting May 9th) because ...
CandiceRG Category Lymphoma - Hodgkin Apr '22
Hi there i am new to the community and was wondering if anyone out there has relapsed or refractory Hodgkins? What treatments did you do, did stem cell transplant work etc? I was diagnosed this past April and did 12 rounds of chemo, I was ...
LymphomaGal Category Lymphoma - Hodgkin Dec '21
I have large b cell lymphoma. I completed a course of 6 R-chop doses 2 months ago. I am now feeling tired,achy and dizzy. Should i contact my oncologist to see if cancer is active again?
Kevin37 Category Lymphoma - Hodgkin Jul '21
Hi everyone I've been having alot of knee pain the last 2 days..had my 1st chemo may 7 ... wondering if this is a related issue or maybe just a sore knee??
Hi everyone, I am 26 years old guy , I noticed lump on right side of my neck on 3rd April and my family doctor told me to go to emergency as it looks quite large. I had several blood work done and all came to be normal. HRCT showed no issues other ...
Kenn Category Lymphoma - Hodgkin Apr '21
what's next in journey to beat stage 2a nodular sclerosing Hodgkins? Had gone into remission then relapsed 14 months after ABVD,GDP,ASCT(autologus), brentiximap x 3 doses then reaction, pembrolivximab Nov 2019- June 2020 stopped ...
Just wondering if anyone has gone through their first 4 treatments of chemo and had a PET done for Hodgkin’s lymphoma? I was looking to speak with anyone about how that went for them and where they’re at now. thank you to these groups for ...
MayQ Category Lymphoma - Hodgkin Feb '21
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