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I have large b cell lymphoma. I completed a course of 6 R-chop doses 2 months ago. I am now feeling tired,achy and dizzy. Should i contact my oncologist to see if cancer is active again?
Kevin37 Category Lymphoma - Hodgkin Jul '21
Hi everyone I've been having alot of knee pain the last 2 days..had my 1st chemo may 7 ... wondering if this is a related issue or maybe just a sore knee??
Hi everyone, I am 26 years old guy , I noticed lump on right side of my neck on 3rd April and my family doctor told me to go to emergency as it looks quite large. I had several blood work done and all came to be normal. HRCT showed no issues other ...
Kenn Category Lymphoma - Hodgkin Apr '21
what's next in journey to beat stage 2a nodular sclerosing Hodgkins? Had gone into remission then relapsed 14 months after ABVD,GDP,ASCT(autologus), brentiximap x 3 doses then reaction, pembrolivximab Nov 2019- June 2020 stopped ...
Just wondering if anyone has gone through their first 4 treatments of chemo and had a PET done for Hodgkin’s lymphoma? I was looking to speak with anyone about how that went for them and where they’re at now. thank you to these groups for ...
MayQ Category Lymphoma - Hodgkin Feb '21
tryiñg to deal wìth this cancer I am dealing wìth chf. Diabetes and waiting on a biopsy in my chest to determiñe the next phase of this illness 
Mouser Category Lymphoma - Hodgkin Jan '21
Hi, I have recently been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma stage 2A and I start Treatment in January - I’m 40 yrs and being treated in Toronto. I am looking to possibly speak with someone who has gone through treatment in Toronto with the ...
MayQ Category Lymphoma - Hodgkin Dec '20
My nails changed the colour after the 5th cycle of chemo, mostly toes on my feet but hand nails got affected as well. The nurse told me that a good nail will push through once the chemo is done. Any particular advise on how to stimulate the ...
ABA Category Lymphoma - Hodgkin Oct '20
Hi there, any advise on how to stimulate hair growth after finishing chemo? I have heard Castro oil helps just by applying it on the sculp. Any other tips?
ABA Category Lymphoma - Hodgkin Oct '20
Hello - just a note as I've never been part of an on-line group before...I would love to talk to other daughters or sons who are navigating the health care system with a senior parent diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma during COVID-19 - ...
NorthLA Category Lymphoma - Hodgkin Oct '20
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