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One month after 30 rounds radiation therapy. I got radiation pneumonia and was sent to the emergency department twice. Now I am using steroids and antibiotics, but I still feel tired, and there will be a lot of clean phlegm and mucus when ...
Mercy Category Lung 3d
Is there anyway to retrieve a post I started that was autosaved? This is twice now I have lost my post while writing Dianne
dreamweaver Category Lung 4d
Hi Everyone Thank you everyone for sharing your stories I have surgery scheduled in May to remove my right upper lobe.. Feeling pretty overwhelmed with the prospect of recovery from the surgery and being off work. Can anyone comment of ...
KMS Category Lung 8d
I've been receiving treatments for a little over a year and am fortunate that the CT Scans show the Pembro is controlling or shrinking various cancer spots. My question is how long can I expect to continue receivnig treatments. Is there ...
Jackson Category Lung 11d
Our winter check in is getting long in the tooth. And spring is here. We have a ton of new folks and some of you old timers haven't posted for a while. So how's it going. And while we are at it let's play the Korean Twitter game. To the right in ...
WestCoastSailor Category Lung 12d
Folks, Once in a while patients have a chance to have an impact. Lung Cancer Canada is a recognized patient advocate for pCODR. This is the agency that makes recommendations to the provincial governments as to whether a treatment ...
WestCoastSailor Category Lung 22d
Hello, I have stage 4 lung cancer, is currently taking mobocertinib for 6 months now. My cancer is still spreading, I now have it in the bones and brain. Is there anybody out there on the same medication as me?
Ongl Category Lung 22d
I first heard about The White Ribbon Project about three months ago. Slowly the grassroots movement has spread across the USA and Canada. Caption I have three more ribbons as does Alan for use in the Lower Mainland of BC. If you want one ...
WestCoastSailor Category Lung 24d
Hello Everyone, "Facts bring us to knowledge, but stories lead to wisdom.” The Canadian Cancer Society and Wellspring Calgary are excited to present the 2021 online Digital Storytelling Film Festival. Over the past 5 years, cancer ...
Lacey_Moderator Category Lung 30d
Hi Group, thought I would post how my first day of chemo/radiation went. It was a long day but everything went well. After both treatments they asked me to go back upstairs to the chemo floor to get a pic line put in. After 4 attempts by 2 ...
dreamweaver Category Lung 30d
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