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Rosie V
Hi Friends, I had a lung resection in September 2020 (lower left lobe). On my first follow up scan they noted a nodule along the suture line that was suspicious for recurrence. My surgeon wasn't sure that it was recurrence, he actually ...
Rosie V Category Lung 5d
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Hello All- new to this and diagnosed with early lung cancer. VATS surgery December 9th. Not sure what to expect….thoughts?
Proptart Category Lung 8d
Hi everyone, Dad has been experiencing neuropathic pain in his arms since he has been receiving chemo, he just finished the first cycle... The oncologist said that its part of the chemo side effects. Is there anything that helped ...
Hi Folks. Well one year ago I was diagnosed with having lung cancer, adenocarcinoma stage 3b in my left lung. I also had an acute pulmonary embolism in my right lung the Dr. said, but after getting my CT results it showed I had 2 acute ...
dreamweaver Category Lung 12d
Article summarising New treatments in advanced non-small cell lung cancer for the coming year! Sotorasib for KRAS G12C mutation, Capmatinib and Tepotinib for MET exon 14 skipping, Amivantamab and mobocertinib for EGFR [exon 20 ...
rMcc Category Lung 13d
I have written about fatigue in the past during my four year journey as a lung cancer survivor. And about iron deficiency which showed up along the way. I never was one to ‘take things easy’ and so fought fatigue to the depletion of my iron ...
Sipsi Category Lung 18d
Hi Gang I wanted to share with all of you a journey my friend has taken. Last Sept she was diagnosed with left breast cancer, she had chemo and radiation and then had surgery earlier this year. A few weeks after her surgery her incision site ...
dreamweaver Category Lung 23d
Hi Gang; Spoke to the medical oncologist yesterday and he said the opacities have shrunk some. I have small scarring in the right middle lobe which was not there before, he said scans are not his specialty but it is probably from the ...
dreamweaver Category Lung 23d
Did I just type that? Is it almost 2022 already? Yes and yes. I was trying to wait for the first snowfall before I posted this topic. But they were painting snowflakes on the window of the grocery store when I went in this week and that is ...
WestCoastSailor Category Lung 24d
Has anyone experienced this?
Laia Category Lung 29d
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