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Dear Canadian Lung Cancer Patients, A group of lung cancer patients are conducting this survey with a common interest in research on lung cancer. Anxiety, fear and worry are common concerns among lung cancer patients. While mental ...
WestCoastSailor Category Lung 12d
Hi, Has anyone had experience with getting gamma knife? Thanks
Hi all, I'm scheduled for a video assisted thoracoscopy on my right middle lobe to remove a 38mm X 17 mm “nodule” at the end of next month. A biopsy will be done on the removed growth during surgery. I'm 70 and in generally decent health but ...
Rich Category Lung 15d
Good morning I have been diagnosed with 3B adenocarcinoma I am being scheduled for upper left lobectomy with in the next month already completed chemo/ immunotherapy. This surgery scares me a little as I have not had any surgeries ...
Wella Category Lung 22d
My husband was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer and is on palliative care and gets his lung drained daily(The one that has collapsed). They said he had 2 yrs to live in Sept 2021 and I can see the toll its taking on him now. I have nothing ...
RoseL Category Lung 23d
Dunno why the #LungCancer forum is quiet these days. Maybe we are all out enjoying life. Certainly the weather out here in BC is nothing to complain about. (As long as you are a duck…) My last scan was “unremarkable” despite a round with ...
WestCoastSailor Category Lung 30d
All my scans are clean. I have family close by, feel good and want for nothing. I feel like the only person on this site that wishes my scans were awful and I could just hurry up and die. Sorry for this ungrateful post when many of you are ...
Susan57* Category Lung 30d
Wondering if there are any recommendations to help ease patient's symptoms or help them get comfortable like a humidifier, spit buckets, good pillows, warm blanket (I'm making this list up as I'm writing)?
smilingbeaches Category Lung Jan '23
Hi friends, I hope you're all doing well. My dad has been on chemo for his brain mets. The oncologist is suggesting that dad should stop getting chemo because dad is getting sicker and weaker. He said the chemo doesn't penetrate into the ...
Good Morning wondering if anyone had the above treatment and what the side effects were. I had my first treatment last Friday and I fully expected not to feel great this week but I am really dizzy and have a difficult time focusing on ...
Wella Category Lung Dec '22
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