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@Nannychloe Hello - Kindly…..if folks have any experience with Lung Nodule Removal/Surgery…..please share, here, with @Nannychloe , whose surgery is upcoming…and is seeking support and more…… We are here to support you! ...
Whitelilies Category Lung 3d
How many lung cancer survives are on this site I find this site very helpful
Nannychloe Category Lung 5d
In Jan 22 I had a lumpectomy for breast cancer and it was discovered the Margin had cancel cell. So I was sent for a CT Scan to discovered I also had lung cancer. I have been diagnosed at stage 3A. After meeting oncologists (Lung & Breast), it ...
Hope2022 Category Lung 6d
Ok she’s removing the lung node but did not say what type off cancer it was according to the pet scan it’s stage 1 but waiting on the surgery I got myself convinced it’s spread everywhere ,I don’t know much about it or did the surgeon tell me ...
Nannychloe Category Lung 7d
The life span after this is still short and my doc is slow getting the surgery done she says stage one how quick does it spread
Nannychloe Category Lung 9d
Under the banner of #right2survive three organizations have banded together to advocate for lung cancer issues. They are currently sponsoring a letter writing campaign to help make sure that candidates in Ontario’s election can ...
WestCoastSailor Category Lung 14d
As anyone here had one off the lobes removed from their lungs
Nannychloe Category Lung 17d
Saw my oncologist for the first time on Thursday. They believe according to PETscan that the cancer has spread from Center of chest to my armpit. Will be getting a biopsy in the armpit within a week. If it confirms it has spread which they ...
Kim65 Category Lung 19d
Can you tell me how long from time you meet your oncologist until first chemotherapy appointment? I met my oncologist on April 19 and am still waiting for my first chemotherapy appointment. When I called they said they haven’t got a date ...
Pamela64 Category Lung 20d
I see my oncologist tomorrow and was told the plan is for radiation at this time. I have non small cell carcinoma. Could you please give me some ideas of what to expect, how long are you in the machine ,side effects etc. Thank you. I'm really ...
mlu Category Lung 22d
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