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Hi everyone Thought I would share this Duravalumab News https://www.curetoday.com/.../imfinzi-may-contribute-to... Dianne
dreamweaver Category Lung 3d
June 2020 I had surgery to remove the lung cancer stage 2 and the doctor said it was curative. December 2020 I was diagnosed with brain mets hence stage 4 lung cancer. I had radiation and that has cleared that. My oncologist recommended ...
Susan57* Category Lung 6d
Hi everyone, I haven't posted for a while have 3b Lung cancer. Completed my chemo/radiation a month ago and I'm just starting to feel better. 10 doses of Etoposide, days 1 and 5 included Carboplatin and 30 days of radiation. My side ...
dreamweaver Category Lung 14d
Hello i have recently been diagnosed with NETS in my lungs. I have two nodules ...one 11mm in lower left lung and one 5 mm. I have been told it is a rare form of cancer and highly treatable. If anyone else has experienced this diagnosis I ...
Meela Category Lung 22d
My new oncologist is going to start me on pembrolizumab (Keytruda) to deal with my Stage 4 lung cancer. (I previously had radiation with no side effects whatsoever.) I was given extensive information on the Keytruda side effects and ...
Bear1 Category Lung 26d
Good Morning, I have been diagnosed with stage 3b NSC adeno carcinoma, 10cm tumour in right lower lung. This came to light while my dr was investigating the onset of poly arthritis with a chest X-ray on Mar 9th. Ebus, CT scan, PET scan and ...
Oriole Category Lung May '21
I've just gotten the results of my recent PET Scan, and the news is not good ... in fact, it's pretty bad. My former Stage 1 lung cancer has now spread into many other parts of my body ... e.g., bones, liver, sternum, back. I am now diagnosed ...
Bear1 Category Lung May '21
#LungCancer WestCoastSailor ‍ so sorry to hear about you having a hernia but happy it will be taken care of, I know how painful they can be. My follow up lung scan was supposed to be in March but I was told it had to be pushed back to April, ...
Nicky01 Category Lung Apr '21
Hi, it's Connie (Bear 1) I haven't posted for a while. Radiation successfully eliminated a tumour in the middle lobe of my right lung. (I was feeling very happy.) However, my three-month, follow-up, cat scan (done on April 1) shows two ...
Bear1 Category Lung Apr '21
One month after 30 rounds radiation therapy. I got radiation pneumonia and was sent to the emergency department twice. Now I am using steroids and antibiotics, but I still feel tired, and there will be a lot of clean phlegm and mucus when ...
Mercy Category Lung Apr '21
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