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My first day of radiation. Love the front of the machine
Dave58 Category Lung 19h
Hi everyone , It has been awhile since I posted . Still read everything. Thought I was in the recovery stages. Found out last Tuesday that isn’t the case. Starting Chemo again . Not in a great state of mind . Trying to get out of it just ...
Katz123 Category Lung 3d
Operation Jagger commences on Sept 14th with an ambush of radiation. After that we switch to the chemo side of the battle. The cancer has spread into my right lung somewhat and also into my bones. It's no real surprise about it going into ...
Dave58 Category Lung 4d
It's been 3 months since I had my VATs surgery, Stage 1, and I am still coughing. Rarely coughed pre-surgery so I'm really making up for lost time here. My hopeful self says maybe it's getting better but only marginally so. I am booked to a ...
Elizabeth60 Category Lung 7d
The third season of the Waiting Room Revolution just dropped. ( https://www.waitingroomrevolution.com/podcast ) and it is as awesome as ever. I ran across this subversive podcast a few months ago and while I have talked about it I ...
WestCoastSailor Category Lung 8d
My mom fell yesterday. She has been excessively weak and exhausted since her radiation treatment (last one was Sept 1). She spends 20+ hours of a day in bed (it isn't a good situation at home with my dad to be honest). She had alot of ...
Gigi75 Category Lung 9d
I went in at the local hospital this morning for blood work and have an appointment to see an oncologist there next Tuesday. They only do chemo treatments there. Then on Thursday of the same week I head to Kewlona to see an oncologist ...
Dave58 Category Lung 12d
@Squirrelbutt @Whitelilies @elle29 @Laia @Ron 27 @Kuching @supersu @Lianne_Moderator WOW ! What great contributions to naming my cancer ! Thanks everyone ! I have chosen co-winners because without the first suggestion the 2nd ...
Dave58 Category Lung 12d
I just got off the phone with the cancer clinic and have a date with the oncologist for radiation Sept 10. I have my cancer number and all the pertinent info needed for the appointment!
Dave58 Category Lung 15d
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While laying about in the hospital I decided I didn't like the name of my cancer, Adeno Carcinoma. It just sounds ugly. So I have this “ entity ” that's inside me and it needs a better name. I'm asking for ya'll to submit suggestions for a ...
Dave58 Category Lung 15d
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