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Hi Folks, I am 5 years removed from having a cancerous tumor and my kidney removed. I underwent immunotherapy for a year and everything has been sailing along. I had a CT scan before Christmas (annual) and they found a small 1 cm spot on one ...
KImbopete Category Kidney Jan '23
Biewer Lover
Good morning. Well I am once again a little puzzled and worried. My journey began with going to a urologist for repeated bladder infections. They found nothing on my bladder with a cystoscopy, mri nor ultrasound. I had a radical ...
Biewer Lover Category Kidney Nov '22
Biewer Lover
Good morning. I had a radical nephrectomy August 29, 2022. My tumor was 7cm and was almost a stage 4. Two weeks after surgery, my sister who came to my house to help out a bit brought us Covid. (I still have the cough November 8). I still seem ...
Biewer Lover Category Kidney Nov '22
Biewer Lover
Hi everyone. I finally got all my pathology results and it turns out I had renal cell carcinoma clear cell. I had my kidney and the mass removed. I will be followed up every 6 months and was told the most probable recurrence is normally in ...
Biewer Lover Category Kidney Sep '22
My husband had a tumour and kidney removed over two years ago and had a series of clear CT scans and blood work. His recent scan showed one enlarged lymph node by lungs so it was biopsied. Results show clear cell renal carcinoma cells which ...
westcoast10 Category Kidney Jul '22
Hi I'm new here, and going to the ablation next week, I have a 2cm kidney cancer RCC on very deep inisde on left kidney, so Dr said it will challenge even open, but still want to keep the kidney as the cancer only 2cm. So they will using ...
Akwong Category Kidney Mar '22
Hi, My name is Nelly, I'm 49. I'm from Quebec,Canada . I was diagnosed in March 2021 with kidney cancer on my right side. I had my partial kidney removed September 14, 2021. Now I have to go for the follow-ups and i'm tired, really tired as I ...
Nel72 Category Kidney Jan '22
Hello I have found myself here, because my husband went for an ultrasound last week and there was an " ill defined heterogenous mass " found on his left lower kidney pole. I have no idea what any of this means. They are requesting a CT scan to ...
Mish1985 Category Kidney Nov '21
I have a small tumor in my kidney (diagnosed last month) and after doing a MRI last week (Tuesday the 2nd November), I got the news today that I need to undergo cystoscopy procedure next Tuesday. How common is that for patients with kidney ...
john_lopi Category Kidney Nov '21
I have had my surgery canceled twice because of Covid. Finding it very emotionally draining.
Abertafarmer Category Kidney Sep '21
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