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My husband is 3 weeks tomorrow post radiation treatment and he is feeling better. But has a question about the thick secretions. He would like to know when it starts to ease up. He knows everyone's recovery is different but if there is a ...
LLO Category Head and Neck 19d
Hi all! My husband was treated for HPV positive cancer in 2019. Recently, a few spots showed up on his lungs, and the doctors think it may have spread there, and we are going to progress with treatment. Has anyone else experienced this? ...
klamb Category Head and Neck 24d
Can anyone give me some insight into how long the recovery takes from a marginal mandibulectomy, what it involves, when I can feel “normal” again? Any information would help. Thanks.
SuzyQ Category Head and Neck Mar '21
Hi. I am having a marginal mandibulectomy in a couple of weeks which involves removal of four teeth and a neck dissection. Has anyone in the group dealt with this and can tell me what to expect? My doctor tells me he can cure this - can I ...
SuzyQ Category Head and Neck Mar '21
My father finished radiation in December 2020 and has continued to smoke and drink has suddenly developed a new lump suddenly. It’s located pretty well over the Adam’s apple. This was accompanied by sudden feet swelling which has gone ...
Pleuvoir Category Head and Neck Feb '21
Hello there, I'm new here and I'm am currently helping my husband who has p16+ throat cancer and undiagnosed lung mets. He too has a 7 week treatment progam and we have 6 radiation treatments left. He was to have 7 chemo treatments but has ...
LLO Category Head and Neck Feb '21
Hi I was wondering if anyone lost their voice from radiation. I have vocal chord cancer and worried my voice may not return.
Tessie Category Head and Neck Feb '21
Hey all, what an amazing forum. We have some catching up to do re our story and want to help with our experiences..  In short my partner diagnosed in November with HPV+ SCC tumour the size of over 5 cm at the base of his tounge that has spread ...
MargWilde Category Head and Neck Feb '21
I am about 11 weeks since I finished my 30 sessions of radiation.  Cancer was in tonsil area.   I was supposed to have check up with oncologist next week but found out this will be delayed for 2 months due to Covid outbreak in the hospital.  I ...
Pat100 Category Head and Neck Jan '21
The Canadian Cancer Trials Group is also looking for a patient representative for their Head & Neck Site Committee. More information is available here: ...
Lacey_Moderator Category Head and Neck Dec '20
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