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Good morning group! I introduced myself a while back in the thread below in the Intro forum. Just a quick summary, part of tongue removed, flap made from my forearm, chemo and radiation, and lymph nodes removed. My operation was April ...
r042wal Category Head and Neck 21h
Hello, This is my first post. My dad has just been diagnosed with tongue cancer and I'm feeling completely useless and scared. It's all happening so fast. He had what we thought was an abscess in his jaw since late May. Multiple courses of ...
Embur Category Head and Neck Aug '21
Jane A
My husband had surgery and radiation 3 years ago. Now he has a reoccurrence and is looking at a laryngectomy. It will change his life drastically. Where can he get phone support from someone who has had this procedure? Is there a support ...
Jane A Category Head and Neck Jul '21
Good morning everyone. I am so grateful to find this group and my heart goes out to everyone on here! I am here because my 69 year old father learned he has throat (epiglottis) and now lung cancer, and will be starting his 6 weeks radiation ...
Bell1! Category Head and Neck Jul '21
Hello All. My name is Greg and I am new to this group but not new to the site. I was diagnosed with colon cancer back in 2019 and have gone through treatment and surgery. So why am I here? I found out yesterday that I have a new cancer which is ...
Haemish Category Head and Neck Jul '21
Hello. Its been a while since I have posted regarding my husbands oral cancer. He ended up in Emergency on June 22 just 2 days before his first meeting with the Chemo Oncologist. I was very concerned about his lack of actually getting ...
Ilse58 Category Head and Neck Jul '21
Hi all, just wanted to update you on whats going on with my husbands treatment. We finally have a medical oncologist that is seeing him on June 24th. Went to the mailbox and there was a letter regarding his appointment and blood work. ...
Ilse58 Category Head and Neck Jun '21
Hello, My mom has been diagnosed with stage 2 oral cancer of the tongue. The oncologist is suggesting a tongue re-shaping/folding surgery for reconstruction, which will shorten its length (and hence, I'm guessing, has a major impact ...
sonoftcmom Category Head and Neck May '21
Hello, 3 months ago, I started chemo (carboplatin) and immunotherapy. A week after the first treatment, I had trouble swallowing. I thought it was just the sores but now, It is only on the left side and my ear starts to hurt sometimes. ...
Julie44 Category Head and Neck May '21
Hi everyone - I woke up three days ago to see a spike of skin pointing out of my right tonsil. It's hard to the touch and I have got a persistent sore throat since it arrives. I'm terrified that it's HPV and I don't know how to get a physical ...
Brent514 Category Head and Neck May '21
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