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Laryngectomy Surgery & Beyond My Journey Pre & Post Let me introduce myself , My name is Curtis ( #Larys ) and I am a resident of British Columbia, unknown to me my Laryngectomee Journey started way back in 2006. Today I am a full-fledged ...
Lary's Category Head and Neck 12d
Hi all, We are in the early days of a mouth cancer diagnosis for my dad. Currently, we are in the process of getting scans and consultations done in Toronto. Unfortunately, my dad has a pretty bad infection in the side of his mouth. Because ...
LZ91 Category Head and Neck 16d
Hello, In March 2022 I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma. The tumour was on the bottom of the tip of my tongue. I had to be persistent and do a lot of work on my own to make sure I got a biopsy done, CAT scan and meeting with a surgeon ...
gof21 Category Head and Neck 20d
I’m a third of the way through radiation treatment to my head and neck, 11 down, 19 to go! I’m experiencing dry mouth and a gross taste in my mouth. Due to the taste in my mouth everything tastes gross and sometimes it’s even hard to swallow ...
Brybry Category Head and Neck May '22
I have quite a deflating issue as my expectations for my recovery one year after my surgery were much higher. I had a full glossectomy April 2021. Around October 2021 my flap would start to swell after eating, talking or doing any type of ...
r042wal Category Head and Neck Apr '22
Hi all, I was recently diagnosed with stage 3 oral cancer in September, I’m 25 years old, healthy, no history of smoking, drinking or HPV. I had a hemiglossectomy, free arm flap, skin graph and neck dissection on October 28th, started ...
TKL4 Category Head and Neck Mar '22
Kimo Carew
I just received the PT/CT BONE SKULL BASE TO MID THIGH scan results and unfortunately I have FDG avidity within the right tonsillar fossa and right base of tongue/vallecula region. Minimal residual activity is present. I searched the ...
Kimo Carew Category Head and Neck Mar '22
Waiting for surgery....nov 2 all tests and prepped done and tumor deemed urgent with high probability of malignacy. Can’t reach the oncologist - likely due to overworked medical system d/t covid. Not sure what to do next——just ...
Ldb Category Head and Neck Jan '22
My husband had an operation on 6th January for oral cancer and we were told the surgery was successful. He has been in the hospital since then and has had breathing difficulties and problems swallowing etc. He has been told that they ...
Kcp1007 Category Head and Neck Jan '22
It's been quite a while since I have posted any updates on my husbands treatment. He finished 8 chemo treatments and 35 radiation treatments a week ago. It was a tough go for him and he was not able to finish the last 3 chemo's due to low blood ...
Ilse58 Category Head and Neck Dec '21
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