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CDN Traveller
Hi all - follow up note to my previous posts. In August of 2019 I had an Ivor Lewis esophagectomy, preceded by chemo -radiation for adenocarcinoma at the EG junction. Fortunately, the cancer was dx’d early stage. I am very grateful to ...
CDN Traveller Category Digestive Sep '21
Going to have a colon interposition after having esophageal cancer. My esophagus was removed and then my stomach due to poor blood supply!! Has anybody gone through a colon interposition?? Any recommendations? Thanks
Yenchy Category Digestive Jul '21
Arby1 ‍ Flynxdart ‍ Bobert ‍ how are you all doing?have you managed to connect with each other?
Brighty Category Digestive Jul '21
Hello everyone. Found out via an upper endoscopy that I have a tumour (adenocarcinoma) just above the stomach in my esophagus. Have completed chemo, radiation and most surgery prerequisites. Treatment begins next week. I am a fairly ...
Flynxdart Category Digestive Jun '21
Hi, My brother who is 41 has just been diagnosed with advanced gallbladder cancer! He felt a lump under his right ribcage in April and from there he has been doing tests (ultrasound, CT scan, MRI and bloodwork) The doctors at sunnybrook ...
NC77 Category Digestive Jun '21
Hi all, have not been on the site for such a very long time. It is two years since my husband had IL surgery to remove esophagus and perform gastric pull up. There have been good times and there have been bad. Recovery does not get your old ...
CaregiverCAL Category Digestive May '21
Hello all, Wanted to see how everyone is doing? We have a great many members and caregivers dealing with a digestive cancer diagnosis. We would love to hear from you all Let's do a check in When were you or you rloved one diagnosed? Where ...
Lianne_Moderator Category Digestive Apr '21
I had Esophageal cancer. The surgery was done and removed the cancerous tumour. They removed 70 percent of my stomach and attached the esophagus to the remaining stomach. That was in August of 2019. Today I can eat most foods. The ...
FWP Category Digestive Apr '21
I have had my esophagus and stomach removed and I am now on a feeding tube and spit fistula. I’m waiting for the next surgery which will be bringing my small intestine up and reconnecting to allow for eating again!! Has anybody had this ...
Yenchy Category Digestive Apr '21
I underwent surgery for esophageal cancer in which they removed my esophagus. However in connecting my stomach, 6 days later I had to have my stomach removed due to lack of blood supply getting to it! I am on a feeding tube and a spit ...
Yenchy Category Digestive Apr '21
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