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I might be the last one to figure this out but I recently started using a stoma collar with convex flange and this really works for me. My stoma seems a bit short and it kind of goes in and out a little, so I was only getting 1-3 days out of an ...
Carlos Category Colorectal 12d
@Mamabear41 Hello…..gentle check in…..how are you feeling? how are things moving along/at home? Sending you virtual hugs, Whitelilies
Whitelilies Category Colorectal 28d
Already had chemo for cancer of thymus. Just learned that polyp in my colon has cancer. Going for another colonoscopy on Tuesday then see the surgeon any updates will be appreciated on polyp and cancer
Hopepray Category Colorectal 29d
Hello All, my husband had a hemicolectomy on Sept 27,2021. The cancerous tumour was removed and cancer was found in one lymph node. We are awaiting an appt with the oncologist and are expecting having to go on chemo therapy. It's been ...
puncie Category Colorectal Nov '21
@Trish514 @Saharabee @Boby1511 Hello….I hope you are all doing well…….If you could kindly share your experiences here, (both physical and emotional), of getting an Ostomy….to support our new member @SunInLeo ……this is ...
Whitelilies Category Colorectal Nov '21
My surgery is tomorrow. I've tried my best but I've only gotten 75% of the prep in me. It's causing me to burp a lot but not a lot of bowel movement. Will the surgery be cancelled? I'm still getting very small bits of poop coming out of me, very ...
WestCoastNorthShore Category Colorectal Oct '21
@Mamabear41 @A1045 @Narges @SunInLeo @Angie007 @CancerChick83 @MariaH @PCF @RobynM @Pinto @Saharabee @Trish514 Greetings to Everyone! This is a friendly Check-In…….How are you doing? Any updates you are comfortable sharing? ...
Whitelilies Category Colorectal Oct '21
As I learn the new language of the medical world while reading through various reports shared on MyChart, I've come to appreciate the significance of being ‘unremarkable’. …“spleen, pancreas, kidneys are unremarkable”…."small ...
RBION Category Colorectal Sep '21
Hi everyone sorry it has been so long since I ve updated you all, so here’s the latest, I’m no longer doing radiation, chemo has been working so well plus it’s a super long drive back and forth everyday and staying in a hotel is not an option ...
Mamabear41 Category Colorectal Sep '21
Good evening all, just wanted to provide quick update - hopefully it can serve to encourage other in similar circumstances Quick catch up, diagnosed dec 2019 at the age of 40 - stage IV liver & lung mets - left sided colon tumor 6 months of ...
Wadsdan Category Colorectal Sep '21
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