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I have finished 7 months of chemo 3 mths ago my feet have the worst side effects. They have blistered, pealed, blood, painful, red etc.. and now have neuropathy, red and purple and painful. are there others with the same? Any suggestions ...
Susan66 Category Colorectal 19h
@Pepper22 Hello ……Kindly…..if you have any experiences to share, with Colorectal cancer, stage 3…..been given CAPOX……please reach out to @Pepper22 ( she gave me the green light….to post this on her behalf)….. @TravelBugMick ...
Whitelilies Category Colorectal 3d
Hi all, Had my Oxaliplatin IV infusion this afternoon. Went well. Noticed a bruise coming in part way through … because of the location, not at the IV site, they think something happened with my blood draw yesterday. It's on the right ...
Steph79 Category Colorectal 5d
Hi Everyone - I just realized all the emails that let me know I was getting messages and responses were going into my Junk folder (Gah - technology) Now that I'm caught up with my last question - I FINALLY (ok, really it was only 3 weeks after ...
Alisia Category Colorectal 5d
Hi group, Just had my blood work done and all is looking good so I will start Cycle 2 tomorrow as scheduled! So that's good news. I asked the Oncologist if they tested the CEA levels, as I was wondering if it went down after surgery … they said ...
Steph79 Category Colorectal 6d
I had my first consultation with my medical oncologist today (Sarnia has a specialist GI Oncologist in the cancer clinic, and a specialist colorectal surgeon, so I have a team of two cancer doctors). And she is a lovely person and ...
muumi Category Colorectal 8d
Hello, JUST found this group. Glad I did wish I had found sooner. Had a lower anterior resection Feb 23. Hard 5 days in hospital left with ileostomy. As this was unexpected I had alot of trauma. I have an amazing partner who changes the bag ...
Keirandyl Category Colorectal 15d
@Ell Hello Ell…….yesterday was your husbands' L.A.R. Surgery…….how did it go? How is he feeling? The road to recovery…..starts now……(How are you doing?) Share, as you are comfortable. Warmly, Whitelilies #L.A.R. Surgery
Whitelilies Category Colorectal 21d
Hi all, First IV infusion is done! Today was finally Day 1 of my CAPOX treatment. 4 cycles of 21 days. IV infusion of the Oxaliplatin took about 2 hrs. Had some lovely steroids by IV first, and an anti-nausea pill. Had some coldness and pain ...
Steph79 Category Colorectal 26d
At the beginning of this month, so 4 weeks ago, I had a left colectomy to remove a tumour at the upper end of my sigmoid colon. I was in the hospital for five days. They were wonderful. Something that surprised me: picking up a prescription ...
muumi Category Colorectal 28d
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