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After waiting which has felt like an eternity I finally have a diagnosis I have been diagnosed with stage 2/3 rectal cancer, the plan is 5 1/2 weeks of chemo radiation then we wait a month and re scan if cancer isn’t gone then surgery will be ...
Mamabear41 Category Colorectal 8d
So got second biopsy results a half hour ago and the new biopsy showed exactly what the first biopsy showed, high grade anal squamous cells and adenocarcinoma they say it’s very rare to have anal adenocarcinoma so they are truly ...
Mamabear41 Category Colorectal 21d
Hi I have finished pelvic radiation and continue to have bowel challenges. Sorry if this is too much information.... It's not so much diarrhea but I have gas that comes with a discharge of mucous. It gives me a sense of urgency mostly ...
IamJay Category Colorectal 26d
7 66
Hello Everyone, I am brand new here. I was just diagnosed Stage 3 back in February after the surgery and I am 11 days into the chemo regimen. I am surprised to read so many stories of dealing with this illness for years and not just a couple of ...
REMMY1970 Category Colorectal Mar '21
So the Tumor board had their meeting in regarding my diagnosis and it turns out the biopsy they got the first time plus the scans they did (ct scan mri and pet scan ) didn’t give them the answers they are looking for which apparently very ...
Mamabear41 Category Colorectal Mar '21
Hello. I've just joined, and looking forward to getting to know some folks who are going thru similar situations. My mum was diagnosed with colon cancer in Dec 2018. Surgery in Feb 2019 successfully removed the tumour and 7 inches of her ...
CS201 Category Colorectal Mar '21
Hello all March is colorectal awareness month. I thought I would mix it up a bit this month and get to know a whole bunch of members at one time as well as share some links. We have a publication called Colorectal Cancer - Understanding your ...
Lianne_Moderator Category Colorectal Mar '21
My treatment plan that had been agreed on between my oncologist and surgeon at Princess Margaret was to be Folfox, after my first treatment in December I experienced severe chest pains which my oncologist said was because of the pump I ...
daisy1092 Category Colorectal Mar '21
Sharing an update from my scans on Monday... chest X-ray and MRI. Both scans came back clear! DX stage 4 with a single liver met in October 2019 at 42 y/o. Partial colectomy (sigmoid removed - 20cm), liver met treated with CAPOX - 4 rounds ...
Pinto Category Colorectal Mar '21
Just thought I'd let some of you know (since I had a few inquiries) that I had my colonoscopy today (and an upper GI endoscopy) and 2 polyps were found just past my sigmoid resection. My previous colonoscopy which found cancer was ...
jRiffRaff Category Colorectal Mar '21
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