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I am 66 years and have been on a roller coaster ride of abnormal Pap smears for 30 years. Each time I got a Pap smear it came up abnormal and I had to get a second one done a few weeks later which turned out fine. Fast forward to October 2020 and my ...
Rollercoaster Category Cervical Nov '21
Caroline R
I have a total hysterectomy scheduled for next week and I am having deep misgivings. I was struggling with panic attacks before my cancer diagnosis and I feel that my cognitive function was so impaired that I have been sleep walking into ...
Caroline R Category Cervical Jul '21
Hi there I am 46 years old and was diagnosed with cervical cancer a few days ago. Right now, I am waiting to hear from Princess Margret about next steps. If any of you have had a similar diagnosis, I would appreciate any information on your ...
Newtocancer Category Cervical Jun '21
I am 53 years old newly diagnosed with Cervical Cancer, haven't been given what stage, I have a PET Scan and MRI June 2nd its terrifying. I was hoping to reach out to someone that has been through this, they are booking me for a radical ...
Baucoin Category Cervical May '21
Hi there. I've just been diagnosed with cervical cancer and have been told I have to radical hysterectomy.My appointment at the cancer centre at Sunnybrook is in two weeks, and I really would love to talk to some women who had had this ...
Peta Category Cervical Feb '21
Hi I'm new to this group going for my Leep procedure next week and I am terrified my biopsy was a frightful event that lasted over an hour looking for insight and support
Peachs45 Category Cervical Sep '20
My mom (aged 41) just got diagnosed with cervical cancer today. Stage 2 with HPV (never had it before now). I'm staying strong and calm for her so I'm just looking for a place to vent and cry a little in privacy lol I'm 22, and have 2 little ...
JazThomson Category Cervical Aug '20
Hi. The doctor prescribed me to start treatment with Cervugid Ovules in 2 courses (each course of 3 boxes). My question is ... is there still CERVUGID on the market ??? All messages will be appreciated
bert_flo Category Cervical Jul '20
Just wondering what other cancer survivors are being told about coming in for follow-up appointments. I’m a year out but have had my follow-up rescheduled a couple of times. How is everyone coping with the anxiety of waiting or the ...
1b2 Category Cervical Apr '20
Hello, I'm new and thought I'd reach out here first in hopes of connecting with other women who are struggling with cervical cancer diagnoses + fertility issues. After a routine PAP, colposcopy, biopsy and LEEP I was officially ...
morningglory88 Category Cervical Apr '20
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