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Lacey_Moderator Category Cervical 22d
I just noticed a lump on my left collar bone kind of on the back. It feels like it’s just the bone but the other side feels different. I think I am super anxious about anything abnormal right now since I just had a hysterectomy for cervical ...
Nik82 Category Cervical Nov '22
I am posting this here so that more folks can see it. please respond directly to @Scaredandholdingon ‘I’m going to be heading from the kootneys to Vancouver tomorrow. My surgery is on Wednesday. And hopefully everything goes well. I’m ...
supersu Category Cervical Oct '22
Hi! so it doesn’t help I’m an anglophone in Quebec… but I feel really poorly cared for. I had a hysterectomy for cervical cancer. The most info I have gotten about the stage is that it’s early stage and cureable and that the surgery should ...
Nik82 Category Cervical Oct '22
Completed 7 rounds of carbo/taxol 5-6 months ago but need additional chemo and am beginning Topotecan Monday. Does anyone have experience with it? Also what is the impact on hair loss? Would love more info, it’s hard to find details on ...
Iva Category Cervical Oct '22
So I'm newly diagnosed by my gyn as adenocarcinoma of the cervix ...no idea what stage yet , I've sinve had an MRI , chest xray , tons of blood work (its been 1 week since i was informed ). My question is ..prior to speaking with an oncologist ...
Clover41 Category Cervical Aug '22
hi there, thank you so much for sharing what procedures were done for you after you completed your cervical cancer treatments to monitor and ensure the cancer is gone and doesn't come back? how often are these done?
SarahAvo88 Category Cervical Jun '22
Hi everyone :) I'm new here and I've been reading a lot of your posts. Thank you for sharing your experiences, it's helping me feel not so alone. A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with stage 1 A1 and just yesterday I went to London for my first ...
Sunny4 Category Cervical May '22
Hello, Turned out my 1A1 diagnosis was wrong. LEEP revealed I have stage 1B1 (7mm x 5.4mm) but removed with positive margins. Did a PET scan and MRI to be safe. The PET scan found ONE suspicious lymph node in the pelvis (not is shape, ...
Meli34 Category Cervical May '22
I received a letter from the hospital today with some insurance documentation and it had my diagnosis, something I didn’t want to see. I wanted to remain in my happy place based on a visual by my ob of 2B, even though she warned me it was at ...
GeorginaJennie Category Cervical May '22
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