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Has anyone had one of these done? If so, did it prove to be a useful and accurate diagnostic tool. Thank you!
BigPopi Category Brain and Spinal Jan '23
Has anyone else experienced trouble walking with cancer in sacrum? Every step I take with left foot is so very painful that no drug I've tried can touch it. I struggle to walk and take baby steps or even slide my feet. I'm going to borrow a ...
Scared Category Brain and Spinal Dec '22
Not often good news for brain cancer, but this treatment is extending lives in trials
Essjay Category Brain and Spinal Nov '22
My husband has brain Tumor , surgery done on October 17 …..Pathology reports show high grade astrocytoma with piloid feature that is a one type of brain cancer . He is 33 years old . We lived in Ontario. I m nurse but I never heard about this ...
Phone Category Brain and Spinal Nov '22
I'm not sure this is allowed, sending people to another website for information and support. I wish this was sent to me during my dad's battle with a glioblastoma multiform. For the time of symptom to his demise was too quick for me/us to ...
ali2424 Category Brain and Spinal Jun '22
A colleague’s 8 yr. old daughter was diagnosed with glioma last week. He is devastated. She will be undergoing a biopsy to see if she qualifies for a trial at sick kids. We are trying to be as supportive as we can be, but feel helpless in the ...
Ranch Category Brain and Spinal May '22
In the spring of 2021 I had a metastatic brain tumor removed followed by targeted high dose radiation. MRI late last year had indicated NED. I recently learned the cancer has returned. Whole brain radiation may be a treatment option. I ...
BigPopi Category Brain and Spinal Apr '22
Hi there, My 47-year-old husband was diagnosed with grade 4 glioblastoma in December. I have since left my job to take care of him (and our 4 children). I am looking to connect with anyone who may have been where I am or who can shed any light ...
Fergee Category Brain and Spinal Apr '22
Hi all; In June I had surgery to extract a sample for a biopsy from my spinal ependymoma (C6-T4 about 6 cm). Only about 10% was removed. Post-surgery I had little to no use or feeling in my body below the tumour site. I have since undergone 30 ...
LJ21 Category Brain and Spinal Nov '21
Interesting news https://newatlas.com/medical/brain-cancer-vaccine-idh1-glioma-human-trials/
Danae Category Brain and Spinal Mar '21
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