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Hi all; In June I had surgery to extract a sample for a biopsy from my spinal ependymoma (C6-T4 about 6 cm). Only about 10% was removed. Post-surgery I had little to no use or feeling in my body below the tumour site. I have since undergone 30 ...
LJ21 Category Brain and Spinal Nov '21
Interesting news https://newatlas.com/medical/brain-cancer-vaccine-idh1-glioma-human-trials/
Danae Category Brain and Spinal Mar '21
My mom had breast cancer 12 years ago, and she removed one of her breasts. She has no spots on her other breast. However, cancer has metastasized to her bones, liver, lungs, 1 eye and recently brain in summer 2020. For the past 4.5years, ...
Sarah1675 Category Brain and Spinal Feb '21
need help with the sver changing mood swings and unanswered feeling 
SandiG Category Brain and Spinal Jan '21
How’s every one that coups with brain tumour and did the recovery go well and how long  I was diagnosed with Brain tumour 
Aaron Category Brain and Spinal Jan '21
Hi,  Ive received a diagnosis from my family doctor of MS, however it was done over the phone as he looked at my MRI for the first time. I’m not saying it’s wrong, however having done a little research I’m not sure the symptoms match MS.  The ...
Brit_in_Canada Category Brain and Spinal Sep '20
Hello everyone, is there anyone driving a car that has Glioblastoma?  Doctors revoked my drivers license even though I have never had a seizure or bad headaches. thank you.  
terryg Category Brain and Spinal Jun '20
I Am Shinning Light I was diagnosed with Astrocytoma Brain Cancer in October of 2018 and boy did that change my world but something deep inside told me I had to fight this and could beat this by staying positive and picturing this cancer ...
ShinningLight Category Brain and Spinal May '20
My family got the most horrible news last week my 16 year old nephew suddenly got sick about 3 weeks ago and was diagnosed with brain cancer. They were told it is inoperable and they can't do chemo but will try radiation this week to try and ...
Barbie123 Category Brain and Spinal May '20
Hi, as a result of the current Covid crisis, I feel pretty helpless and hopeless here, but I am wondering if anyone knows a trusted nero-oncologist in Vancouver that knows a lot about lymphoma?... I guess I am drawing straws here but my ...
ScottMacLean Category Brain and Spinal Apr '20
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