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This go has been better, looks like my choices do have an impact on how I feel at this point at least. I've respected my body when it says stop, sit, eat something, drink something. My scalp started hurting with the hair loss yesterday so ...
Good morning! I received my treatment schedule and see that I have brachytherapy for stage 3 cervical cancer scheduled for mid-June. Looking for feedback here or via direct message. This has been a worry of mine from day one, but I have ...
I am three months past my last round of chemo (paclitaxel/carboplatin). My hemoglobin actually stayed low normal during the first two rounds, but after the last round I was completely wiped out for a least 4 weeks. They didn't do ...
any tips or tricks?
Good afternoon, If any of you have experienced premature menopause from cancer treatment could you please share your experience with me. I am curious how quickly this occurs and when your symptoms became noticeable. How did you deal ...
Here is another article that should provide hope to cancer survivors and warriors. We really are on the cusp to finding a cure for cancer it seems. FYI
Is 0.6 neutrophils concerning? Got the blood work results from today but didn't hear from a Dr. So I am assuming it's okay but thought I'd check here. Also have low leukocytes.
Sissiline 1
Hello. Has anyone foregone chemo for triple negative breast cancer. And just got radiation only.
Good Morning! I had my Radiation Simulation yesterday and start both chemo and radiation on the 6th. I am Stage 3A NSCLC. The plan is for 30 Radiation and 6 Chemo right now, followed by a Lobectomy, more chemo, and then a year of ...
Hello is someone in this group is taking letrozole and ribociclib to treat metastic breast cancer that can tell me your experience please.
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