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So I finished my first chemo treatment last week and was happy that I was feeling good. Had minimal side effects. Today went for my routine lab work and found out that my white blood cell count and neutrafil are dangerously low. They sent ...
I have a question in regards to chemotherapy and energy levels. I started my first cycle of capox on July 15 th and I’m struggling just to make it out of bed most days how are some cancer patients able to do chemotherapy and still go to work. ...
The development of the HPV and Hepatitis C vaccines are tremendous accomplishments that have saved countless lives. With all the talk of vaccinations recently, we decided to sit down with the Canadian Cancer Society’s (CCS) Vice ...
Hi everyone, I am really overwhelmed. My neutrophil dropped to 1 and they stopped chemo for more resting . Any suggestions diet or anything things to raise it up😔😔😔
Does anyone know if herceptin slows down the process of hair growing back ? I’m finished taxol as of 4 weeks ago but will be on tratuzamab and pertuzamab for next 9 months after double mastectomy . 4 weeks and no sign of hairs coming in ...
Hi there, so I’m on cycle One of 5 cycles of capox. I started last Thursday and anytime I eat now an hour later I’m in a lot of pain; doesn’t matter what I eat, it’s so bad at times that I now only eat when I have to take my medication other than ...
Well was very concerned about picc insertion and was painless so worried about nothing. Vvery much appreciated comments I received. Had first chemo last Wednesday with lots of fatigue and two small sets of diarrhea. No other bowel ...
Hi everyone, Questions about surveillance for mets. First, my story is kind of unique in that I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer with one small liver met but said met has never shown on scans. It was discovered by my general surgeon ...
I went for outpatient chemo a few weeks ago and had a severe reaction to Taxol which landed me in the Emergency Department. So, after stabilizing and having a good labs I had my *real* first chemo treatment last week and am now 5 days out. I ...
My oncologist is giving me the choice between taxol every two weeks for 8 weks and a half dose every week for 12 weeks Does anyone have any advice on this? I’ m wondering if every week is too much and if I would need the extra week to recover?
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