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I got diagnosed with prostate cancer a few weeks ago and i am looking at my options. Does anyone know some one who had a Hifu treatment done?
Roy L.
Good Saturday morning all, Had my second round of chemo on Thursday and today all my joints feel like they are on fire. My knees especially are miserable. Anybody else have this issue and did you find anything help with the pain? We are ...
Hi. Has anyone used Olanzapine (which is an anti psychotic) for nausea? How effective was it? Not sure want to take a pill mainly used for schizophrenia.
I received the Y90 treatment on Dec.16th and just to let everyone know, it is now covered by OHIP…since early 2021 I believe. No news yet for me as apparently it takes 3-4 months to see if it has been successful. Hope this will be of help to ...
I had a lumpectomy 10 days ago. The radiology report says that the marker isn’t present in the specimens the surgeon removed. Does anyone know what I can expect to have happen next? The surgeon is calling me on Monday but I’d really like ...
Another report from CBC related to what patients aren't told about the number and potential for breast implant complications. ...
Hello @RareC I am going to post your question here so that all our members can see it and those who have experienced this can chime in. RareC's question is: Has anyone had radiation therapy on their face? Lianne
Hi everyone, I have mTNBC and am on my 5th line of treatment. This time it's capecitabine. It looks to me as those I'm getting the common side effect called the hand/foot syndrome. BC Cancer just advises udder cream. Has anyone tried ...
Hi, could the ladies that have ER+, PR+, HER2+ IDC, Stage 1 please respond to this post as I really would like to learn from your experience. If you are ok with it, please share 1) what treatment you have been on, side effects, if you were ...
Roy L.
Happy after Christmas everyone, Its been 4 days since my first Chemo on the 23rd, I have to say overall things are “ok”. More fatigue, no appetite (but I am eating junk), just the general feeling of blaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. EXCEPT I was ...
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