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I met with my oncologist yesterday and I was presented with a choice of chemotherapy. I am having my chemo before surgery as I am HER2 positive. At this point it does not look like any lymph nodes are affected however that is not for sure. I ...
Hi everyone, My husband had O.P. of his rectum cancer, and he was colostomied。 We found out it is Stage 3b, and he needs chemo treatment. The 6 months treatment will be conbination of Oxaliplatin (IV) and Capecitabime (oral medicine) ...
I had a dentist appointment today. 5 Fillings I got in the front teeth. Would have been 6 but I already have a cap on the one front tooth. I had no unresolved issues prior to chemo. I also go to the dentist regularly. Got to be good to the teeth. ...
I have been on Letrozole for almost 1 1/2 years now and have just had my second cholesterol test. This time it was a little higher then the previous time, I am not sure what is a normal cholesterol level for me as I have only had 2 tests. I also ...
I have had severe problems with ongoing pain in my feet since chemo and have tried lyrica and gabetin but they caused too many side effects. My doctor recently said to start using a topical cream with one percent capsaicin content. I ...
how long to recover from radiation pneumonitis? Still recovering from 3 pulmonary blood clots = chest pain and now this horrible coughing and s.o.b. At least radiation did shrink some of the mediastinal lymph nodes. However some new ...
Anyone heard of this here ,Febrile Neutropenia ❓Or had this under cancer treatment ❓
I am wondering if there are some ladies out there who’ve been on tamoxifen for a long time and have gone off it or are soon to go off it? I’ve now been on it for nine years and I am getting very tired of the living with the side effects. Mine are ...
Hi there - Has anyone out there tried Far Infa Red treatments for cancer ? Just wondering ?
Hi my name is Wendy I finished 16 treatments of radiation on 23rd of April for breast cancer and am now finding I have blisters under my breast and under arm also so itchy and red rash is there anything I can take or put on to help tia
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