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Understanding hormone therapy-different types, how it's given and possible side effects
When the DR let me know, I have prostate cancer, he said I was too fat to get surgery instead I must take pills and an injection can someone help me. Just to let you know I had cancer two years ago, throat cancer I am fed up.
I had my 1st taxol treatment on Friday prior to that I had 4 treatments of AC with no side effects to complain of .. the taxol side effect of pain in my legs was terrible over night .. I didn’t expect that much discomfort.. I took Tylenol and ...
I felt great during my first cycle of Ribociclib or Kisqali. on last day which was 21st pill I had appointment with oncologist, was feeling great and sat for Zometa infusion which is supposed to help strengthen my bones . within 24 hours I ...
Reading a few posts about some experiencing high pulse rates after/during treatments. I will share my experience. Midway through chemo/rad, my pulse’s new normal was between 120 - 138. My oncologists had lots of theories but no ...
They have posted the 4 year follow up of the MonarchE study on using Abema for BC patients that are at a high risk of recurrence. Even though the patients stopped the drug at 2 years, it kept decreasing their chance of recurrence at higher ...
My next chemo infusion is the last of the six taxol carboplatin cycles. My GYN/ONC is adding avastin for the final infusion, then I will continue on that drug for 22 cycles every 3 weeks. My question is, is there a protocol for steroids and ...
Hi ladies, I was trying to research on what should be avoided for ER/PR+ cancer survivors and getting mixed results. Can you please share your knowledge, how is your diet look like, what you avoid, and what you use as a substitute. Soy and ...
Hi ladies, I'm 45, breast cancer 2nd stage, 2 nodes, ER/PR+ HER- surgery last year, mastectomy. Went through chemo and radiation, finished on Monday! Next big step is ovarian suppression and AI exemestane. I've started vitamin D and ...
Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any side effects from Letrozole that they had to switch to another hormone pill. I had started Letrozole Aug/15/22 and in November I started a rash on my torso. My oncologist stopped the Letrozole this ...
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