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Hello, I’m hoping to find someone who has some experience with the drug abemaciclib - used to treat advanced breast cancer. I’ve been on palbociclib but was taken off because it raised my liver enzymes. If you’ve used this drug or have ...
Fatigue Looking for some info, information as to dealing with fatigue, interfering with life, daily activities, sleeping long hours. I am on palliative chemo, so no ending for me until it stops working. Any info appreciated. Dianne ...
Nana of 10
Want to know if anyone has taken this chemo drug, I started it today and am suppose to be on it for 6 months and was wondering if anyone has been on it and how they made out.
Hi all, I am going to get surgery at Prince Margarate hospital Toronto. I got an update from my Dr. The PET scan suggested no concerning lymphadenopathy. The noted inguinal lymph nodes appeared to be more reactive in nature. The ...
I had my first round of Doxetaxel a few days ago and have started my Filgastrim injections. I’ve been suffering with major body aches, fatigue and loss of taste buds. Has anyone else felt his way? How long until it starts to subside?
I had a CT update recently and having troubles grasping the findings. My initial sinus tumor required chemo and 33 radiation doses to my head Nov/Dec 2020. They think the mass is in a necrosis state but still there. This year they found ...
Hi all! I had breast conserving surgery on Sep 7. Everything went well and I have felt well ever since. My drain incisions have hurt off and on, but other than that no pain. (I still have the drains) Early this morning (9 days post op) I woke ...
My husband is undergoing 12 rounds of FOLFIRI protocol chemo (Irinotican, Leucovorin, and 5FU infused over 46 hours), for his esophageal cancer. The chemo is working, but the side effects are getting brutal. In particular, the ...
My first chemo treatment did not go as well as I hoped. I was told by several people at the hospital prior to treatment that I would be able to use Cold Caps throughout my treatment, however when I got to the hospital today, the nurses in the ...
Hello lovely people, I am wondering if anyone has insight on impact of oophorectomy procedure vs hormone shots for long period of time. I am a 45 year old woman with triple positive breast cancer. I got diagnosed last November, had ...
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