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Hello, I've been given a lot of conflicting information on which vaccine I should be getting for my 2nd dose. I do not yet know if I will need chemo or radiation but will be having surgery. Since there is still so much that is unknown about ...
So today the oncologist told me that chemo, radiation and brachy therapy are my only treatment options for my cervical cancer When I asked questions his answers were very vague so I am turning to you guys hoping that anyone who has had or ...
Has anyone experienced nerve damage and found a way to reverse it or repair the damage? I had a sinus tumor that was pushing on the nerves and my eye causing the right side of my face to become numb including the right side of my tongue. I have ...
Tiffany G
I am being cared for by the Breast Health Clinic and they set me up with a surgeon for surgery in two weeks. Do most people just go with the general surgeon that they are assigned to or do others get a second opinion?
Hello lovely people, I received my 2 doses of radiation this week, and was surprised to find out they x-ray each time I go to get the treatment. I have a good friend who went through radiation treatment some years ago and she said they made a ...
There is a new cancer care centre opening in AB in 2023. This looks like a fantastic event to find out a little bit about it, and hear about cancer research. See you there! #cancerresearch #cancercare #cancertreatment Idea Exchange ...
Will be starting Letrozole and in in a few weeks Zometa. What effects have you experienced? What effects concerned you?
Hello, I have started chemotherapy (carboplatin) and immunotherapy (keytruda) 3 months ago now. I was wondering about side effects of the immunotherapy. I tend to blame the chemo but I am not sure. I suffer from rash and itchiness, ...
Hi everyone, I had Taxol chemo yesterday and it was a huge mistake. I spent the evening and all night in the bathroom vomiting and diarrhea. I'm starving but can't keep anything down. I feel unbelievably depressed. I'm really starting ...
My mom has Breast cancer and began Phase 2 treatments, 1/2 chemo, 1/2 hormone for 12 weeks. Her appetite was great in Phase 1 while taking A/C but now it has changed and she has to force herself to eat. She lost 4.5 lbs in two weeks. Thank ...
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