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Hi I’m Jennifer, Since March 2020 both of my parents have been diagnosed and on the same day my mom received her final chemo my husband have been diagnosed with cancer as well. Dad has prostrate cancer and the treatment has left him with ...
Hi, My name is Krystal. I’m 36 years old and I have become a caregiver for my mom. She’s 57 and was recently diagnosed with poorly differentiated cancer. Started in her lung and spread to her adrenal glands. She’s going for radiation ...
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Hello, my name is Jeanne and my husband is on his fourth early stage bladder cancer in approx 6 years. He will begin his first treatment next week. It was supposed to be BCG but because of his medication for MS, the treatment was changed to ...
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Hi i have just been diagnosed with #ILC in the left breast. I am not new to cancer, I previously had Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the soft palette, this was successfully treated with surgery, it was traumatic, but did not affect me the way ...
Lung cancer stage III, I completed 30 rounds radiotherapy and 6 chemotherapy. One month after the radiotherapy, I got radiation pneumonia. After 3 weeks of steroid use, I didn’t get better. I went to the emergency department and took ...
Hi, I am new to this, a little lost and a soon to be caregiver. My dad is in the final weeks?months? of his stage 4 colorectal cancer. He is (a young) 84 year old living at home with his spouse who is 81. He has refused help to this point as he has ...
Queen Esther
diagnosed last week. ct scan on monday.
Hey again, so my mom had her first chemo last Tuesday (Mar 30). She is on Folfirinox protocol for pancreatic cancer. She got extremely sick from this: nausea, dizziness, headache, foggy brain and stomach pain. She is doing better now a ...
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Newbie here, I had a polyp removed last month that turned out to be cancerous. I've had bloodwork, ct scan and MRI and am now waiting for an appointment with the surgeon to see what I am in for next. I actually went to the doctor to get ...
Hello, I have breast cancer, apparently. Waiting for surgery and more info and tests etc. I've elected to have a double mastectomy. Besides that, I'm a mom of two girls and I have an amazing, supportive partner. I love reading, poetry, ...
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