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Hi everyone new here but not to breast cancer I first diagnosed in 2012 Treatment side effects took a long haul Anyways find myself back on the cycle of scans ultra sounds an biopsies this week. First started off seeing a lump on my thyroid ...
So an update for all you great people, I am booked for surgery on August 10th for bilateral mastectomy with sentinel lymph node biopsy, hysterectomy, ovaries removed also, liver biopsy and small hernia repair. I'm from San and doctor ...
I have a couple of concerns i'd like to get support, info, and advice on, 2 big issues: 1)I'm currently in a second round of radiation treatment for a recurrence in my vagina (a cyst developed near my urethra in the Skene's duct gland). I'm ...
How do you all deal with being afraid of the process of chemo, surgery & radiation that will affect at a minimum, the next year of your life?
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Hi there, I was diagnosed with a reoccurrence of chronic desmoid tumours in February 2020 at 32 years old. I underwent chemotherapy for the rest of year in isolation. I finished treatment in December 2020. Previously, I had a sarcoma in ...
I have joined this forum to reach out to others who are in treatment or finished treatment for colorectal cancer. I have been in treatment for colorectal cancer up here in Sudbury at Northeastern Cancer Treatment Center - they have been ...
Hi. I was diagnosed with stage 2 hormone positive breast cancer with lymph node involvement in 2017. I went through a mastectomy and two reconstructive surgeries and 16 radiation treatments. I have been on Tamoxifen since 2017 and ...
Poly 4
Hi. I am 69 years old and was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer in Septembre 2020. Had lumpectomy and radiation therapy. I am now on pills to surpress my hormones for the next 5 years, plus pills to improve my bones plus vitamine D. Has ...
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Hi everyone . I was diagnosed with ductal cancer on Monday. Still waiting on rest of biopsy report to know rest of diagnosis and also waiting for appt for sentinel node biopsy . I am still in shock as this was almost not found at all. I had ...
Sunny One
I'm new to this site… I have been recently diagnosed with infiltrating ductal cancer. I was dumbfounded and truly thought that the mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy were all going to result in good news. My surgery will be on August 9. I ...
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