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Hi, I'm new member this forum, thanks fod adding. I'm expert of medicine. Read my blog
Hi everyone, I wanted to wish a good health and speedy recovery to everyone on this forum who is going thru difficult time right now.. About myself. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer on April 1.. I am 29 years old.. No kids, and no family ...
Lilly W
My tumour was 15cm initially and reduced 30% after the first 3 months. Doctors cannot perform surgery since the tumour also connect to my liver an kidney. I fought very hard for my families and friends who love and support me ...
So I got COVID for the first time since the pandemic began on day 5 post chemo (when my side effects take a big uptake). It was without a doubt the sickest I have ever been. I was able to get IV Remdesivir as an outpatient which helped and kept ...
Hi everyone. I had a double mastectomy June 1st and I have healed well. A week or so after my surgery I have started to experience burning pain on my skin. It feels as if my skin is raw and the slightest touch from my clothing causes a burning ...
AOK Category Introduce yourself 2d
Hi: my radical mastectomy is scheduled for July 6th, and wanted to no what items I should buy before surgery. Do I need single or double mastectomy pillow. Right breast will be removed. Any suggestions would help me. Thanks
Hi all, my name is Michelle. My very good friend was diagnosed with ES-SCLC with mets to his bones and liver in February 2022. He finished 1 round of chemo-immunotherapy a month ago, and was set to start monthly maintenance chemo; ...
Hello, I am an ordinary person doing research on skin care :)
Hi, My sister is seeing her oncologist for the first time tomorrow. I’m wondering if anyone can help me to understand what will be discussed and how to prepare emotionally to give support. This is overwhelming for us all.
Hi there, I previously posted about my husband having to wait about 6 weeks from original diagnosis of Nodular Melanoma to having his WLE and Sentinal Node biopsy (he was told 1-2 weeks from surgeon). His lymph nodes have cancer in them ...
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