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Hi everyone ....first time poster here from Ontario Canada Just Diagnosed and terrified ....I meet my surgeon this Friday I am awaiting results from last weeks core biopsy and do not understand any of the medical jargon the ...
My mom survived breast cancer 3 times. Then today we found out the biopsy on mas on her kidney is cancerous. It's just heartbreaking. I don't know any details of stage or anything at all. We have to wait again to hear back from the doctors. ...
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I just found out yesterday that I have cancer in the Esophogus. Still in shock. First appointment with a thoracic surgeon on Monday but sounds like it will take a month for CT scan. How do you manage the waiting? Any advice greatly ...
Hi, I am new to this site, and I am hoping to find others that may be experiencing the same issues I am. I was diagnosed in 2019 with HPV oropharnynx squamous cell carcinoma on my tonsil. I went thru 35 radiation treatments and 2 cisplatin ...
Hello, In 2015, I was finally diagnosed with head and neck cancer (on my tonsil due to HPV, oropharynx squamous cell carcinoma), after years of going from doctors to doctors who could never find anything. I went through 30 rounds of ...
I’ve recently learned that I had Stage 1A - Seminoma Testicular Cancer from my biopsy results. This is all a shock to me still because literally a month ago I was having my ultrasound done when I learned about having possible testicular ...
Hi everyone. About a month and a half ago I went for a hearing test. I was told to get s MRI to see if I had a growth behind my ear that are not cancer. Well, when the MRI came back there were 5 lesions on my brain. Suggested matastatic . Had a pet ...
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Hey everyone, I was diagnosed with Advanced Prostate Cancer Dec 2018 and have been an advocate for men getting their PSA checked and for PCa since then. Covid has made it difficult for all types of cancer to get the word out, fundraise and ...
17 years ago we went through the 1 year+ fight and came away with a win, but now this dreaded disease has come back, and it doesn't look like we will win this one. She is stage 4 with multiple tumors, we've worked our way through months of ...
Hi, I’m new to all of this and I would like to introduce myself. My dad was recently diagnosed with malignant melanoma. When he was six days post-op, my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. It feels like too much, and we are devastated.
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