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I'm looking forward to getting to know others going through this journey. I was just diagnosed with breast cancer early January and meet with the oncologist this week. Mostly just anxious about the future at this point and trying not to ...
Hello, I have just joined this site after completing my chemo therapy. I had my 4th treatment then ended up in the hospital with Colitis. My first week in the new year in the hospital. Happy New Year to me. I am still taking antibiotics ...
Where to start? What to do first? Diagnosed with 2 different cancers at the same time. I have been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in November and now in January I have a second cancer to the pancreas. 2 different cancers. Supposed to ...
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Where does one start? What should I be doing?
Chef Category Introduce yourself 2d
Hi All, I am new to the forum and would like to know if someone can relate to my symptoms. Roughly 2 months ago, I started having regular pain in the legs radiating towards the sole of my feet, not unbearable but noticeable. I just kept ...
Hi, I first came on this site not having known anyone with cancer before. Within the span of 1.5 months, both my parents were diagnosed with cancer. My dad stage 4 lung cancer and my mom breast cancer (two tumors) invasive ductal ...
I have had part of my bowl removed by surgery and doctor feels they got it all but wants me to take chemo for a few months. Has anyone been on the chemo pills. Lots of information on the intravenous but can't find information on the pills.
New Post- I am now 6 months post chemo and radiation (after a radical hysterectomy in Nov 2020). My oncologist told me that other than 3 month, then 6 month, then yearly vaginal exams, there is no point to do CT or other body scanning to ...
Hi all: I am feeling lucky that all of my cancer was removed, but frustrated by the continued tenderness I have on my surgical site. I had a chunk of skin and tissue removed from my perianal area and it is still tender to sit, and I have some ...
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I was diagnosed end of November with a stage 1 DCIS with ”evidence of papillary carcinoma”. I keep reading articles that talk about “your team”…I don’t have any kind of team. The closest cancer centre is a 5 hr drive away. I have no idea how ...
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