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I have recently been diagnosed with aggressive colon cancer and will be starting chemotherapy treatments at the end of December. Has anyone had any experience with using diet as a supplement to treatment.
Hi, I am Angie and I just got the results of my breast lumpectomy and lymphnodes removal. I had cancer in 2vof the 3 nodes. It is a rare breast cancer called neuroendocrine carcinoma. ER+ HER- So good news is my awesome surgeon got it all and ...
Hello! As can be seen in my profile, I've had a long and winding road with cancer - starting in 1986. I am currently in treatment for a right lung tumour. After unsuccessful surgery in June, I was put on an infusion of Pembrolizumab (also ...
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Hello. I had felt a lump on my abdomen in May of this year so went to my doctor. She did not know what it was so I went to get an ultrasound very quickly. There was something on the scan do within two weeks was sent for an MRI. A week later I was sent ...
Kindly give me an advice on how to deal jaw painful clicking?I have a breast cancer!
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Anything related to cancer & chemo.
Just found out I have oral cancer a few days ago, I've suspected it for quite some time. First symptoms started a little over a year ago. I, now, have pain in my tongue, bottom lip, and I have what they called tongue-tied. My tongue is stuck ...
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My Dad, 69, was diagnosed with lung cancer in the Winter of 2021. He had previously been diagnosed with COPD many years ago, which I think I've now come to realize was a misdiagnosis and was actually the start of his cancer. In the past ...
A year ago I had transverse colectomy surgery due to a stubborn polyp they couldn't reach by colonoscopy. 2 biopsies had come back benign. It was the pathology post surgery that identified invasive adeno carcinoma - tiny, not even into ...
I have been having back pain for the past six months. Finally did a mri in the US. I was just told there are multiple lesions on my spine and tumour. The doctor said we need to figure out where the cancer is coming from. I have a breast lump from ...
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