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Sharing this month's Meet Your Neighbour here so we can post it all in one place. We are closing out the year with an inspirational story from H1A2N3 . A story so inspirational and remarkable that it doesn't fit on the Meet Your Neighbour ...
Anybody in Alberta also diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma? I was diagnosed in April of this year. I’m 44 and was on immunotherapy from June - Sept. worked well to shrink my tumor but it had its side effects as well. I had to stop or pause ...
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Hi all, new to the group. Diagnosed with Breast cancer in June from routine mammo. Had double mastectomy and today is my last round of chemo, and start radiation in Jan. I have been trying to find people to talk to about their experiences. ...
Hello, 1 year ago I had Lapelga injections every two weeks to help with bone marrow production of blood cells. I started experiencing knee pain during this time. The knee pain is much worse and is arthritic. did anyone have any long ...
HI I was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer but my CT scan was inconclusive on it being Metastatic.I need to go to the USA but the travel insurance co.'s I tried wont insure for inconclusive.Does anyone know of a company that ...
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Hello everyone, I am 26 years old and live in Saskatoon, SK. I am a veterinary student and a synchronized swimming coach. I was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia on September 22, 2022. I had been experiencing symptoms over ...
Hi, nice to meet you all. I've been diagnosed recently with breast cancer (stage 1, grade 2-3) and awaiting surgery date. Anyone who had a similar situation? Appreciate your thoughts and insights as I am finding it very difficult to ...
Good morning, all. This is the first intro the forums. I'm grateful that something like this exists and you are all willing to be on it! I am about 3 weeks in on the Anastrozole journey. I am still recovering from breast cancer surgery, ...
I have critical illness insurance for my mortgage.. I was wondering if anyone else has been through the process with making a claim and how it is done. I had a single mastectomy and ready for chemo starting Dec 6 .
I've have lost friends and family members to cancer, but never really thought it could happen to me. I live on a small farm in sw Ontario with my soul mate and numerous rare breed animals that we raise here. I guess it's only fitting that I ...
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