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I have stage 4 pancreatic cancer metastasized to my liver (terminal) hoping to talk to others in similar situations. Was diagnosed in May and feeling all the emotions still. Thanks, Ang
Angsbird Category Pancreatic 8d
My dad was diagnosed with stage IV advanced pancreatic cancer in January which had mestasized to the liver. He had his first chemo treatment by the end of Feb and had 15/18 treatments until the end of July. His chemo was 3 weeks on 1 week off ...
Crys Category Pancreatic 19d
Posting this on behalf of @Hanley72 . If you are able to share your pancreatic chemo experience with them, that would be most helpful thank you can anyone tell me what possible side effects they has during the first week and the second ...
Lianne_Moderator Category Pancreatic Jul '21
Good day everyone. I am writing this post regarding a study I found bei Ng conducted in the USA and am hoping our story helps someone who is also dealing with pancreatic cancer. Brief Background : My brother who was diagnosed with stage ...
Spurs2dads Category Pancreatic Jul '21
My sister is in hospital - the issue seems to be her kidneys at this point. Sounds like kidney damage from the chemo. The dr says the number for normal kidneys is 170 and now her number is 495. They are doing a biopsy on her kidneys this week. ...
gcomputes Category Pancreatic Jun '21
4 78
Hi, my partner went through a Whipple procedure to remove her soft tissue sarcoma that had spread to her pancreas. After the procedure she had to take a lot of Creon with every meal. Unfortunately since then she had a reoccurrence and ...
Vinzenz Category Pancreatic May '21
Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse it is now devastating. I’m dealing with end of life because of my lung cancer and last week my husband, best friend, care giver was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. In three weeks he las lost ...
auntybevy Category Pancreatic Feb '21
Hi. Just curious is there is anyone on this board that has (or has a family member) that had the full pancreatectomy.  If so, I am wondering how it went and how they may be finding the impacts of it.  My mother is 75 and although told the ...
Jeff75 Category Pancreatic Jan '21
Hi Brand new here and really struggling.  My 75 yr old mother has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  We had been expecting her to qualify for the whipple but found out yesterday she is only elegible for the full pancreatectomy.  ...
Jeff75 Category Pancreatic Jan '21
Hello,  I am a new member recently diagnosed with Stage IIB Pancreatic Cancer.  I will be starting chemo next Wednesday with a plan to continue for 12 sessions (every two weeks) and I would appreciate any suggestions on how best to ...
MM58 Category Pancreatic Jan '21
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