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Hi everyone, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted an update. My dad has now been for 6 treatments of folfirinox. The 5th and 6th treatments seem to have kicked his @ss. He decided to quit smoking after 50ish years cold Turkey on the 8th of ...
Daniella Category Pancreatic 4d
Hello again everyone, Refresher- My father was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer with mets to his liver on April 13. His first chemo treatment was yesterday May 18. We have just received a phone call from Credit Valley to do a ...
LizD Category Pancreatic 7d
Hi there, hope everyone here is keep in good spirits and enjoying the sunshine beautiful weather here. Anyways I started my 1st chemo treatment for PC yesterday long day but got this, got sent home with bottle and had a hard time ...
Dubsone72 Category Pancreatic 13d
Fellow PC warriors may find this useful. I’ve had a whipple, chemo and radiation. Lately I’ve been suffering from major digestive issues…gas, bloating, cramps, loss of sleep, back pain, etc. My oncologist suggested I try probiotics ...
GusB Category Pancreatic 17d
After a whipple in November 2019, I had FOLFIRINOX two years ago followed by radiation last year and the main tumour was gone in February. Now the CT shows its already back and the secondary soft tissue tumour has grown as well. So I’m ...
GusB Category Pancreatic 17d
My Father has been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer that has metastasized to liver. First oncology appointment is on Tuesday. Been trying to learn as much as I can to ask as many questions as possible to understand how best to ...
LizD Category Pancreatic 21d
Hi All, The gem/abraxene chemo has lost effectiveness so now onto a heavier chemo. I have been doing research and my nurses at chemo have been helping me to understand the side effects. I also am now on insulin as a result of this cancer but ...
Carbla Category Pancreatic Apr '22
Cynthia Mac
Hi, I have a relative who was recently had surgery to remove a tumour on their bladder. Further investigation has revealed what they are calling “cysts” on their pancreas. One of these cysts is near the bile duct and there is concern that ...
Cynthia Mac Category Pancreatic Mar '22
Hello everyone, this seems like the right place for me to be at currently. I am a 40 year old male, just turned 40 and was diagnosed with an invasive abnormal carcinoma on the pancreatic head. I still have to undergo a CT scan soon to see if it ...
ScubaSteve1981 Category Pancreatic Feb '22
Does anyone here have any experience with radiation as a “last resort” to shrink tumors in liver (mets) with pancreatic cancer for pain control? Did anyone do it, did it make things worse or help?
freebird Category Pancreatic Feb '22
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