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Hi there, my dad was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He’s 63. I’m looking for any advice or guidance. We haven’t met with the oncologist yet. The back story is that he has been loosing weight over the past year or so. We assumed ...
Daniella Category Pancreatic 1d
Hi. My journey began August 25, 2021. I went to the emergency room thinking I was having gallbladder attacks. I ended up admitted to hospital and so many tests. I knew that with all the testing it wasn't a simple gallbladder issue. On ...
Carbla Category Pancreatic 13d
I just wanted to update that Jeanne passed on Saturday morning. She is finally free of pain and is at peace. To those who are battling pancreatic cancer -believe there is hope, Jeanne was told she only had 6 months without chemo and 12 ...
gcomputes Category Pancreatic Dec '21
Jeanne was told last Thursday she has about 2 weeks left. We thought she had months but the end is coming quickly. She wanted to be here for Christmas so we had her Christmas on Sunday. I decorated a small Christmas tree with all blue and ...
gcomputes Category Pancreatic Dec '21
My husband has been told he has to switch his chemo protocol to Gipgemabr which is a combination of Gemciabine and Abraxane, but there is a shortage of this drug. He has a tentative treatment date of mid December if it becomes available by ...
Marj99 Category Pancreatic Nov '21
Stage 2
GWF Category Pancreatic Nov '21
My sister has been told chemo is no longer an option. The risk of infection is too great and her last days would be spent in hospital. They have advised her that she has 3-6 months left. She has fought for over 2 years now. She is looking ...
gcomputes Category Pancreatic Nov '21
I have stage 4 pancreatic cancer metastasized to my liver (terminal) hoping to talk to others in similar situations. Was diagnosed in May and feeling all the emotions still. Thanks, Ang
Angsbird Category Pancreatic Sep '21
My dad was diagnosed with stage IV advanced pancreatic cancer in January which had mestasized to the liver. He had his first chemo treatment by the end of Feb and had 15/18 treatments until the end of July. His chemo was 3 weeks on 1 week off ...
Crys Category Pancreatic Aug '21
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