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Anyone stage 3 or 4 prescribed creon? My oncologist hesitant prescribing creaon as the bowel movement is ok. However, there is alot of gas and burping. Eating shedulled meals, still losing weight. About 2 lb a week. Is that covered in ...
Jw Category Pancreatic Jan '23
I have a few symptoms and my gastroenterologist is concerned. He is sending me for pancreatic protocol CT with contrast in mid January. I hate the waiting. I understand this does not necessarily mean I have anything wrong with me. I’m ...
Sean401 Category Pancreatic Dec '22
What to do if I am not happy with my oncologist? Our oncologist is at the local hospital(north of GTA) and seems very fresh. We are constantly rushed trough every apponment, doctor not reviewing records properly, and.always needs ...
Jw Category Pancreatic Dec '22
As I celebrate three years since my whipple surgery, I’m reminded of God’s steadfast love and care in the years following. I’m also immensely thankful for the amazing care I’m receiving from my medical team. Eventhough there were (and ...
GusB Category Pancreatic Nov '22
Hi there, does anyone have an experience with a Whipple procedure that pathology showed positive margins for afterwards?
Daniella Category Pancreatic Nov '22
Hi all, Hope everyone in Ontario is enjoying our longer than usual fall. I was wondering if anyone on this forum has been on or has investigated Pancreatic Enzyme Replacement Therapy. I have heard and read that in some jurisdictions it ...
Vivi Category Pancreatic Nov '22
Hi there, I am a 50 year old woman, just turned 50 in July. I have completed 12 rounds of chemo in the last 6 months. I got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in April. This morning I saw my surgeon and I have surgery next Thursday....... phew ...
Dubsone72 Category Pancreatic Oct '22
The opportunity : The Canadian Cancer Society is looking for people affected by esophageal, pancreatic and liver cancer (patients, thrivers, survivors, caregivers) to provide feedback on applications submitted to a new research ...
Lacey_Moderator Category Pancreatic Oct '22
Diagnosed with mass on pancrease head, its compressing on vein and artery. The final diagnosis process is extremely long. I am expected to have all other imaging for staging and esophageal ultrasound to be completed within 4 weeks. ...
Jw Category Pancreatic Oct '22
My husband is in the hospital waiting to have his stent replaced for the 5th time in the past 15 months. This is an anxious time for us because the surgeon always says “I think I can replace it this time”. How many times can this be done? Would ...
Marj99 Category Pancreatic Sep '22
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