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New perspective, coles note version, surgery Nov. 25, 21 removed tumor, stage 1 phase 3, second tumor found on surgery day biopsy done and it was the same as the other tumor, all margins were clear and not in lymph nodes, the tumor went for ...
t3t Category Breast 1d
So, today, after a long wait from surgery, I had my first radiation treatment. I am having 20 in total, so I'll be getting them well into June. Been on Tamoxifen bout three weeks now, and so far, no serious side effects. I am using Glaxal ...
Beachalog Category Breast 1d
just wondering, gotta a touch of a headcold, what can I take for a sore throat?
sun46 Category Breast 2d
am scheduled for ovary removal in the middle of June. My cancer is estrogen driven so wondering on peoples thoughts on a hysterectomy vs just the ovary removed. Are there markers or things or tests to see invite benefical. Can't ...
sun46 Category Breast 6d
So I've started chemo and know that I am now one of the imnocomprimised people. Pre-pandemic, when patients were undergoing treatment - how careful were you around others? I know it's way easier to get covid than a cold, so recognize ...
jaycee Category Breast 7d
So today I had my post surgery meeting with the oncologist. They put me on a hormone pill but said there is a new procedure that tests the cancer cell genetics. If it give a low score than studies show that clients on the hormone pill with ...
Daf Category Breast 8d
I would like to see how many people on here has had it done and success rate I got myself stressed I don’t wanna be alone so afraid to live
Nannychloe Category Breast 8d
Hello! Just needing some advice about neuropathy with Taxol - I had my first dose almost two weeks ago (after 4 rounds of AC) and the day after I had severe throbbing pain, redness and some swelling in my thumbs and first three fingers of ...
Michelle44 Category Breast 9d
Since about late December of last year I've dealt with a lot of uncertainty and hard times in having my medical condition accurately diagnosed. I was working from home and had my cell phone constantly set to "ringer on" all of the sudden ...
Climbing Category Breast 13d
Reposting from my wall as i dont think anyone saw, thanks! Hey warriors! Today I completed RAD treatment #14 (5 more to go!) Tomorrow is round #2 of my new chemo drug. I did well since the first infusion, im hoping going forward this ...
ABBYB Category Breast 13d
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