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Pink dalhia
So I’m finally ready to share where my story began. Feb 2021 was called to family doc office for Pap test. While there i requested a breast exam - and felt uncomfortable for asking. L side had a few small little spots which doc thought ...
Pink dalhia Category Breast 11h
Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with triple + breast cancer in July. Yesterday I had my first round of chemo. Long day!! I slept for the last 3 hours. I am getting docetaxel/carboplatin/trastuzumab. I had a slight reaction to the docetaxal ...
ABBYB Category Breast 1d
I have read about the chances of recurrence is a higher percentage during the first 5 years. But what I can't find out is when do I start counting. Is it when I've had my surgery? When I finished my chemo? If I am on an aromatase inhibiter, do I ...
Buffythevampire Category Breast 1d
How do you tell your child about your breast cancer diagnosis if they suffer from depression and anxiety and it could throw them into a spiral. The anxiety I'm feeling myself is overwhelming but I am so scared to have to tell them. Ideally ...
Mia2429 Category Breast 3d
Sandy Mc
I will have my first appointment with the medical oncologist in October and wanted to reach out to this group and discuss what to expect In the first appointment and what are some questions to ask. so far the surgeon was amazing and I ...
Sandy Mc Category Breast 3d
Hello <3 I am posting on behalf of a friend who is visiting family in the GTA and needs recommendations for places to go bra shopping in store. She has undergone a unilateral mastectomy without reconstruction. Online purchases ...
Maha Category Breast 5d
I am scared and hope to connect with others for support
JanW3 Category Breast 5d
Some of you may remember my post last December when I was given some really good news. For those who are newer to the group.... I was diagnosed Aug 2020 with Inflammatory Breast Cancer E/P- Her2 +. Unfortunately due to Covid I was unable to ...
Buddy65 Category Breast 7d
Hi. First day here, and glad to have found this site. I wish each of you strength, courage, grace, and good outcomes on your own Cancer journey. I'm 60, and have a few autoimmune disorders, but am otherwise in great health. I exercise ...
Linny Category Breast 8d
Hello everyone! Glad to find this group. My biopsy came back as breast cancer last August 12, 2021, it's ER+ IDC. I am scheduled to have unilateral mastectomy this week September 10 without reconstruction. Is it normal that you only get ...
Eshang Category Breast 9d
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