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Just quick question...did you find filtered water helped because of a "cleaner" water? Somebody had recommended I try a mineralized alkaline pitcher. To remove the extra hard stuff we drink. I'm brainstorming because the last round ...
ABBYB Category Breast 5h
I’ve had a lumpectomy and have estrogen and progesterone positive tumour. My lymph nodes are negative. Can anyone suggest questions I should be asking the oncologist?
Sadiemac Category Breast 18h
Two weeks ago my medical oncologist recommended that I take tamoxifen for 5 - 10 years. I'm having such a hard time going ahead with his recommendation. On the one hand, I'm obviously scared of a recurrence (he said about 20% chance) and ...
MissKitty Category Breast 1d
https://whri.org/announcing-the-2021-graduate-and-fellowship-award-in-womens-health-recipients/ I found this on BC Women’s Health Centre site , And not knowing there existed a Women’s Hospital or Health Centre in BC ? ...
elle29 Category Breast 2d
Finally got my pathology results yesterday from my surgeon. I am triple negative invasive lobular with extensive node involvement on one side. I had completed 20 weeks of chemo in October with the latest regime for TNBC, just ...
Wisesage Category Breast 5d
Has anyone continued having low neutrophils while taking Grastofil? I’m nearing the end of 2 rounds of treatment. First was Paclitaxel weekly and Carboplatin every 3 weeks. And now I have done 2/4 cycles of Adriamycin and ...
Chantel Category Breast 8d
Hi everyone. I have a question about lymphedema. My left wrist area started to feel tight about 5 days ago, with some pain when I touched it. I thought I pulled something as I do lift weights. Then over the next few days tbe swelling has ...
maggiey Category Breast 9d
Hi all, I finished Chemo about 2 week ago and I heard some positive things about taking collagen to aid in strengthening my nails and possibly hair growth. I’ve been taking it for a week now. However, I joined some Facebook support groups ...
JasB Category Breast 10d
A friend has been diagnosed with triple negative inflammatory Breast cancer…. It’s in her sternum spine liver kidneys… she was on an oral chemo but it caused cardiac issues has anyone had targeted therapy for this
dreamweaver Category Breast 10d
Has anyone done radiation and started tamoxifen simultaneously? That is what is being suggested for me and I'm wondering about other people's experiences. I don't know yet how many rounds of radiation I'll need but I'll be doing 20mg ...
MissKitty Category Breast 10d
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