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Hi everyone! Had an appointment with doc and she has recommended Nerlynx.... totally my decision and just wondering if anyone has taken it and how it was for you. The company that provides it is to call me with more info but looking at side ...
Jaker204 Category Breast 14h
Hi all, I'm coming up to a year since my double mastectomy and breast reconstruction. All has gone well, but the plastic surgeon has been in touch asking if I want nipple reconstruction and further work on my stomach, which is pretty ...
Kcw Category Breast 22h
Breast Reconstruction Awareness (BRA) Day 2020 Missed BRA Day 2020? Watch the presentations from breast reconstruction experts below. To watch the videos with closed captions, please click here . What does the future hold for ...
Lacey_Moderator Category Breast 3d
I just found out two days ago that I have ILC and PR/ER positive. Waiting on HER2 and other scan results. I'm now waiting to get an initial appointment with an oncologist (Surrey BC Cancer) and it sounds like I won't hear anything until ...
SaraJay Category Breast 4d
I just came back from meeting with Plastic surgeon for my bi-lateral reconstruction. I am now in a panic situation as I found out they only offer one type of reconstruction, implants, at this hospital. If I want any other option (eg:DIEP ...
Lorax1 Category Breast 4d
Has anyone been on nerlynx. Any symptoms. We’re you able to complete treatment.
triplepos Category Breast 5d
So, apparently cancer treatment makes COVID shots less effective. In the UK, a study found that cancer patients needed to get their second shots on time to have full immunity. I got my first shot on April 1st and was told I'd be contacted ...
Kat62021 Category Breast 5d
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I have completed two cycles of dose dense AC chemo. I have two cycles left. My oncologist has recommended Taxol weekly for twelve weeks after I complete my last two cycles of AC.I have neuropathy from chemo that I did 12 years ago. ( folfox ...
Ozzie123 Category Breast 5d
Hi all. I met with my surgeon again yesterday, now that she had the pathology and MRI reports. My official diagnosis is Invasive Mammary Carcinoma multifocal. Nothing was found in my left breast and there were no signs of lymph node ...
Baba67 Category Breast 5d
So frustrated today. My six-month appointment with my oncologist was switched to a phone appointment (again) late last week. I understand the need for it to be by phone, but I had a sneaking suspicion that I’d end up having my ...
Scarletkate Category Breast 6d
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