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Hi, folks! So I was diagnosed with stage 3 IDC im March 2021 , had chemo, single mastectomy and all lymph nodes removed on my right side, radiation and targeted therapy which I completed in June/2022...I just had another mammogram which ...
getbusyliving Category Breast 3h
Hello. Everyone.. Today, I went to hear pathology report after my surgery. 9 positive out of 14 lymph nodes.. sigh.... ....... ...... After i hear the number, I felt like I was in a different room, like unreal.. I am BRCA1+/ ER + 8/ PR +6/ ...
jbeannie Category Breast 1d
I’m considering a bilateral mastectomy with no reconstruction and I would really like to hear from those who have chosen the same. I need to make my decision very quickly.” Thanks
MSG1960 Category Breast 1d
I had my first of four Pacl treatment Friday March 17th and today Saturday about 6 pm I noticed my face hot and flushed, I took tempature and is normal. I couldn't get throught to online support, I will call but I don't think this is urgent, ...
Marie1928 Category Breast 3d
Hello, I had my double mastectomy in January. My oncological surgeon says I must have radiation on my chest and armpit area. My appointment with my radiation oncologist is at the end of April. It is twelve weeks after surgery. So how long ...
Deniz Category Breast 3d
I will be starting radiation soon. I was wondering if anyone here used mepitel. I know it is not officially recommended here in BC but it was also my radiologist who brought it up and seeing it in the pharmacy I think I may try it. I know it can ...
CMK Category Breast 3d
Hi there. This is my first post. I have tnbc. I started with 3 months of weekly immunotherapy(every 3 weeks) carboplatin and Paclitaxel. I’m now doing 3 months of doxorubicin and cyclophosamide as well as immunotherapy. The first 3 ...
Nss Category Breast 4d
I would like to know what are all the categories of information that someone finds out after breast, cancer surgery, excision and set an a load dissection? Information such as any cancer cells lieft? Cancer free? Tumour type? ...
Roseanna11 Category Breast 4d
Free Writing Workshop: Queer in Cancerland — Wildfire Magazine (wildfirecommunity.org)
Lacey_Moderator Category Breast 6d
“Researchers at the University of Toronto are exploring new methods for early detection of cancer. The research team is looking to connect with 20-30 women in Ontario who have had a diagnosis of breast cancer in the last five (5) years ...
Lacey_Moderator Category Breast 6d
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