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I had posted on the pre-diagnosis forum after having a biopsy done and suspecting I would be diagnosed with breast cancer. I think though the moment when they tell you it is not the news you are hoping for and that you do indeed have breast ...
Dakley Category Breast 8h
I am new to this forum but want to thank everyone for their input. I had Her2 BC diagnosis stage 2b in October 2018 and went through chemo, a lumpectomy and radiation. After treatment my oncologist told me to go on wth my life that I was ...
DarleneH Category Breast 1d
Hi there I have completed chemo (March 25, 2021) and radiation (May 21, 2021) for TNBC (stage 1, grade 3, clear margins). My follow up is next week with chemo oncologist. How long post treatment are you checked to see if everything went ...
SarahDawn Category Breast 8d
Diagnosed with DCIS in Dec ‘20. Had two lumpetcomies followed by a single mastectomy instead of radiation. I’m now recommended Tamoxifen for 5 yrs. I’m 41 and really don’t want to start on horomone therapy and have considered a ...
Ckh Category Breast 11d
Hi everyone In a few weeks I’ll be meeting with my medical oncologist to start hormone therapy. I also plan to ask her about my follow up. I’m confused about who does what going forward. I have already had one scare where I found a lump. I ...
chrys21 Category Breast 15d
Hi All, I had my mastectomy last Wednesday, left breast removed and I am on day 2 of my recovery. I was diagnosed with Paget’s with DCIS, but because I have had radiation to my chest area in the past, a lumpectomy with radiation was not a ...
Kit08 Category Breast 15d
Hi everyone! I had my last radiation treatment on Friday. We were going to review yesterday whether or not to complete the 28 planned treatments because I've had a severe and brisk skin reaction. I hit my tolerance limit and pulled the ...
JayRay Category Breast 17d
Hi, I just joined this platform, I have an appointment with the surgeon today to get more information. Any suggestions on what questions to ask?
Leebow Category Breast 17d
Two weeks after my mastectomy I seen my doctor and everything was going good and then she pulled my drain tube out. Till that day I was still draining between 60-80ml a day. But I never questioned her on why she wanted to remove it. So here I ...
Dalene Category Breast 18d
10 111
Hi everyone! I'm new here and had my lumpectomy early April. I had some significant bruising, enough that the home nurse suggested I go to the ER. My breast was huge like a cantaloupe, even though they took out two 9 cm portions. My surgeon ...
BellaBlue Category Breast 18d
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