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Hello Community! We are having some trouble with @ mentions or tagging in our community that are currenlty being looked into. In the meantime auto tagging by clicking the reply button on a post is working. Sorry for the inconvenience, ...
Hi @Lianne_Moderator , I am wondering if anyone else is reporting hit and miss notifications on the site. I am again finding responses or enquiries to me by chance on the home page. This is intermittent, and my settings are for contacts ...
Hi Lacey_Moderator ‍ and Lianne_Moderator ‍ ..just wanted to let you know im not getting my notifications. If someone tags me I stumble upon the post by accident, but otherwise I dont get them. Thank you.
Hi Lacey and Lianne, Tagging is hit and miss, and private messaging are not working on the site since Friday. The only people I can send a PM to are those identified on my friends list. When I try to PM any other members a message comes up ...
In order for site maintenance to be done, CancerConnection.ca will be unavailable on Friday Aug 26th from 7pm-9pm PST / 10pm to 12 am EST We thank you for your patience
More Options? I'd like to see a few more options to choose from when selecting a reaction using the ‘like’ button under people's posts. Is there a limitation on the number of emoticons that can be displayed? Several times I've wanted to ...
I am finding responses to posts and tags by chance. I have noticed lately that I am not getting email notifications regularly and am finding tags and notifications by chance. Anyone else noticed this? Thanks ACH2015
good morning BIG BIG THANKS to the IT wizards who made the tag automatically populate on the reply function. such a little thing, I know, but I LOVE IT!!! have a great day! su #replyfunctionjustgotBETTER
Anyone else having autocorrect issues when the try and reply to posts? I used my iPad this am and had a heck of a time getting the words out. It seems my iPad can’t quite autocorrect very well? And half a post didn’t make it through. Could be ...
I would be interested in a category for long term effects/ 10+ years post cancer.
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