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I have given up reading most posts because of all the acronyms. To me a sample post looks like this “ I have ??? which was ??? and diagnosed as ??? and then treated with ??? As a result I developed ?? which caused ???” Is there anywhere that ...
Hello wonderful site administrators! Is there a way to add an attachment to a PM? I don't see that option. PS. I'm trying to do this on my cell phone (android). ​​​​​​Thank you.
Did you know…… you can decide what content you want to see from the site? It is a great way to keep on top of discussions that you are interested in. From Dashboard > My account https://cancerconnection.ca/myaccount Notifications tab - ...
I clicked on the "insert image" icon when I wrote / replied a post. The system took me to my computer, I chose the photo (jpg) and clicked on it. It transferred to my post - but said error occurred, unable to save photo or something to that ...
Hello Everyone! The site will be in maintenance mode tonight from 9pm-11pm CST (they don't anticipate needing the full time period) while the platform makes some important updates. Please check back in with us outside of this time ...
Hi CCS team, When I use my phone (android) to access the site, I noticed that the text in the "Contact Us" section is unreadable due to image and text overlay. Can this be fixed?
It feels like there should be a discussion forum dedicated to Covid-19. This is a whole new dimension for those of us living with cancer.
I stumbled across a photo uploaded by a member however I changed pages before I had a chance to comment or add a reaction and can't find the way back. I'd like to know how (new) members can easily find photos uploaded by others. Maybe I ...
Anyone else find they cannot open the daily/weekly digests on their iPad? I click on the ‘view entire message’ link, but it doesn’t open... I’ve run updates to my email and my iOS system but haven’t resolved it. It’s definitely making it ...
Hello all, A note to inform that the Ladies Retreat group is now called The Women's Room and The Man Cave is now The Men's Room. Nothing else changes about the groups except where it will now fall on the Group list. The Readiing Corner is now ...
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