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More Options? I'd like to see a few more options to choose from when selecting a reaction using the ‘like’ button under people's posts. Is there a limitation on the number of emoticons that can be displayed? Several times I've wanted to ...
I am finding responses to posts and tags by chance. I have noticed lately that I am not getting email notifications regularly and am finding tags and notifications by chance. Anyone else noticed this? Thanks ACH2015
good morning BIG BIG THANKS to the IT wizards who made the tag automatically populate on the reply function. such a little thing, I know, but I LOVE IT!!! have a great day! su #replyfunctionjustgotBETTER
Anyone else having autocorrect issues when the try and reply to posts? I used my iPad this am and had a heck of a time getting the words out. It seems my iPad can’t quite autocorrect very well? And half a post didn’t make it through. Could be ...
I would be interested in a category for long term effects/ 10+ years post cancer.
Is anyone else experiencing erratic delivery of the digest email? I use it to keep track of what is happening in a few forums that I'm interested in. But it has been getting worse and worse in delivery. And no it is not in my spam filter. This ...
I have tried to open the resource booklets in many of the forums on the site. When I click on them, the message “page not found” comes up. Can this be looked into in order to share information more easily on the site. Thank you ACH2015.
Did you know that using hashtags (#) within the community has many benefits? Not only does this help categorize posts into relevant topics- but it helps us all to follow the most active discussions on popular topics within the ...
Exhausted and helpless Hi my name is Sherry. I was diagnosed with breast cancer last January and I had a hell of a year but, I am cancer free so far! Unfortunately I am doing treatments still as well as tests are still getting done and I have ...
For the last week or so I get this message, 'Error Processing Request' , each time I write a post after clicking "Post". When I press "Post" a second time, my post is successfully posted. This seems to happen regardless of where I am in the ...
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