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Hwhoooo boy. Today is even harder than yesterday. He tears just keep coming. What is adding to my tears that I have not mentioned is that 3 weeks ago I held my dachdhund in my arms as she crossed over to the rainbow bridge. We had adopred her ...
I am moving here after introducing myself in the intro forum. Long story, isn’t it always, my wife had lung cancer, stage 3, discovered last August during COVID testing - of all things. She started intensive radiation treatments and ...
Hello everybody, Someone is trying alternative treatments for any reason? Can you share? Thank you and I wish you have peace in your heart!! Eliana
Fifteen weeks ago, my 24 year old son was diagnosed with melanoma, eventually confirmed stage 3D. He was nearly halfway through a grad school program in the US, and returning to Canada with closed border wasn’t what he was willing to do; ...
Nan C
Hi everyone, Do you feel guilty if you let a personal support worker care for your love one? I’m exhausted and I find my patience is low and I just want to cry. My mom is, for the most part, bedridden. I try to help as much as I can. But not being a ...
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Hi, it’s been a year since my husband’s diagnosis and I’m still so angry, not all the time but still. Sometimes when I’m angry I wish I had boxing gloves and the illness could take on a physical form and I could take my aggression out on it. ...
Nan C
Hi, my mom has stage 5 colon cancer to the liver. It is terminal. She is 91 therefore she was not able to get any treatments. Yesterday and today my mom woke up in the afternoon freezing. Her teeth were clattering. I could not get her to warm ...
I am reaching out in hope of someone has been through cervical cancer?
Hello. I am new here. I am a caregiver to my husband who's diagnosed with Colon Cancer in Mar 2021 at the age to 45. I joined this group to get a support emotionally and to share my (my family) journey.
Hello to our our amazing caregivers on the site. You don't need me to tell you how difficult caregiving can be. Of course we don't think twice about doing it but sometimes it can come at a cost to our own physical and mental health if we don't ...
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