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In 2019 diagnosed with bilateral neuroendocrine lung tumors. Had surgeries and diagnoses were well differentiated typical in one lung with DIPNECH, and high Ki-67 (27%) with DIPNECH atypical in other lung. In 2020 a cyst in pelvic ...
GeorgieGirl Category Neuroendocrine Nov '21
I have stage 4 neuroendocrine cancer that was diagnosed in November 2019. I have been on capecitabine and temozolomide but for my last four rounds we have discontinued the temozolomide. I don't seem to have any symptoms of NETS and I ...
CMM Category Neuroendocrine Aug '21
Zesty Rare Zebra Good morning. I am doing really well. I live in my own space in my eldest child's home. I have a good support group of friends from before the move, only 40 min., who now Zoom weekly but with the nice weather we can meet ...
Sprite Category Neuroendocrine May '21
Good Evening, I am curious if anyone else has experienced Poorly differentiated Neuroendocrine small cell carcinoma? Last June they found this rare aggressive cancer in my rectum. The Drs were all shocked as it is never found there. ...
ShariM Category Neuroendocrine Mar '21
Will start by saying i am dyslexic and visual processing disorder which make me strugle with spelling and punctuation i will never be offended if you ask for clarification if something is hard to understand . Hi my name is Lea I’m 30 years ...
Lea1990 Category Neuroendocrine Aug '20
This apparently is a very rare, aggressive type of cancer with no good treatment. I had surgery but that was not successful. I have 3 of 4 palliative chemotherapy sessions to see if the tumor can be halted or shrunk temporarily. I'm just ...
PamG Category Neuroendocrine Jan '20
Hello, My name is Mohamad, 34 years old. In Oct 2014, I had a hemi-colectomy surgery to remove a 5.5 cm appendiceal neuroendocrine tumor which has reached some lymphnodes. I am doing follow up every 6 months and I have been living in ...
mohamadhammoud Category Neuroendocrine Nov '16
Hi there - are there other members either with neuroendocrine cancer or caring for someone with this cancer that I connect with? My husband has neuroendocrine cancer and we are going to London on the 19th of Nov to meet with Dr. Does ...
ColleenR Category Neuroendocrine Nov '14
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