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Hello folks, My current diagnosis is Stage IV Merkel Cell Carcinoma and my Oncologist terms me as palliative. I recognize this isn't terminal and I could be “palliative” for some time. From diagnosis in Feb ‘21 to now, I've done two ...
Focus Group Opportunity: Help researchers develop resources about safe physical activity for people with cancer that has spread to their bones A group of researchers from the University of British Columbia, BC Cancer and across ...
I listened to this very interesting CBC radio broadcast about the research that is currently taking place at CAMH in Toronto regarding psychedelics to treat people with PTSD or treatment resistant mental illnesses. One of the ...
Hi everyone. Stage 4 Brest cancer that has spread to lungs, liver and bones. Anyone else here have the same or similar that want to talk? I'm VERY new to forums so please be patient. I've noticed my Brest with the cancer in it is hard and a big ...
The Canadian Cancer Society has been advocating for better access to palliative care for people in Canada for many years. We are working to ensure everyone has access to affordable, culturally safe, high-quality palliative care ...
Roy L.
Hi everyone. Hope the fall is finding you the very best you can be. Since December of 2018 I have been dealing with different types of pain, but its the bone metastis that has caused me so much pain and disruption. I have stage 4 Prostate ...
We have a trip booked with our best friends. She has cancer but since we booked our flight she has been diagnosed with metastasized cancer. Does anyone know of anyone who provides travel coverage from Canada to phoenix usa.
Tizzie 2020
It feels different posting under this category for the first time. But – recognizing the names of many of you who I have got to know over the years, keeps me hopeful. After being NED for almost 2 years, I learnt in July that my Breast Cancer ...
September 2021 diagnosed with stage 4 Lung cancer. Immunotherapy (Keytruda) started in December but after 4 treatments told it was ineffective so started on Carbo/Pem for 4 treatments. Very few negative reactions for all ...
I have just been diagnosed with a metastatic pericardial nodule and am looking for some buddies for news and info exchange. Anybody out there?
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