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I debated a bit about where to put this story. It seems to me that one of the ways that advanced cancer patients deal with their disease and the mental challenges is with legacy. Digital stories are one way to so this. Complexity will be ...
I know the title of my post is a bit direct but I hope it is not offensive. I wanted to find out what others believe ... do you believe we leave our bodies but exist elsewhere, reincarnated or do we just die and that is the end of us? I find myself ...
Ive posted on here before. Mum (55yrs old) is palliative with Vulva Cancer. She's been fighting hard since the diagnosis in 2014. She has been immobile for over a year now. She is mostly bedridden (or she moves to the recliner with Dad's ...
I have recently been researching the benefits of taking a combination CBD and THC oil (RSO) to treat cancer. I have found it really interesting and I think I might try it. Those of us living with mets know how hopeless it might seem. What I ...
Julia O
Hi, has anybody been to the resorts/ wellness centers that are for cancer patients ? I am not looking for the ones that promise a miracle cure. Just want to to eat healthy, relax, enjoy nature. I know it’s challenging to travel with Covid, ...
I have been on 30mg dose of Afatinib since Nov 2020. Side effects started after a few weeks and have stayed with me eversince with changing degrees of severity. Is this my new normal? Do the side effects ever go away?
I have stage 4 lung cancer. Not getting chemo. I have been feeling really good! But I am curious to know if my health will slowly decline, or could it change suddenly?
Not sure if this is the correct forum to share my experience. I recently completed 6 cycles of R-CHOP treatments for NH Lymphoma and 20 radiation treatments. I was assigned the dates of 4/9 for my first Pfizer vaccine and 7/31 for my ...
Roy L.
We have all dealt with the time before a new scan being nerve wracking, #scaniexty . But after having rib pain for over a week and talking to the appointment coordinator at the cancer ctr twice, I still do not have an appointment for a bone ...
Are you living with advanced cancer... are you tired of being tired? I am. I was thinking of topics to add to this Forum - Living with advanced cancer, thinking about what frustrates me the most is not the ongoing treatments, not the ...
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