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Hi there. I just wanted to say overall I’ve had great care here in Ontario. I have 4.5 main doctors, and a few side guys. Lol. My docs never leave me waiting too long. (Otherwise I pace the walls. Lol.) I missed a few appointments and my docs ...
Hi all, My oncologist has recently recommended that I go on a short trip to a hot country after I showed a partial response to treatment with very little detectable cancer. I'm now looking for a company that will provide some level of ...
Living well means more than looking after your health. It means understanding that there is still life to be lived by finding pleasure in small moments that may or may not be related to cancer. It means looking for peace and acceptance in ...
Julia O
Hi, has anybody gotten a second opinion in the US? I heard from a few people that they are way ahead of Canada in terms of treatments. It’s very pricey so I am not sure what to do :(. Thank you.
I've got a very nasty burn on my back and brushed it off to using the heating pad too much. I showed it to the chemo nurse today and found out it's a radiation burn. Even though I only had radiation on my chest, not only can it go that deep with ...
Hi there! So I have been living with an ostomy since May 2020. I had a pretty big surgery to remove a 28 cm tumor at that time. Yup the size of a baby my tumor. Anyway, they put in the bag to “help” with surgery but due to complications it ...
https://www.cancer.org/cancer/breast-cancer/about/whats-new-in-breast-cancer-research.html here is news in treatment and detection
https://cihr-irsc.gc.ca/e/50077.html this is a vital Canadian link in cancer research , funding, participants and more
This is a long story, but I feel like sharing: I was diagnosed in 2010. My cancer is considered a rare cancer (Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma) and is typically a Head and Neck cancer. However, my primary location is SUPER rare (as it is nowhere ...
I debated a bit about where to put this story. It seems to me that one of the ways that advanced cancer patients deal with their disease and the mental challenges is with legacy. Digital stories are one way to so this. Complexity will be ...
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