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I was diagnosed in 2018 with AML. I have been in remission til this month. It is either a relapse or a different type of AML that could of been caused by the chemo I had. Now they are suggesting more Chemo and a bone marrow transplant. I am ...
Suza Category Leukemia Apr '22
My son has been diagnosed with ALL this month. I'm looking for family or friends of someone with ALL
Lyndy5 Category Leukemia Mar '22
Diagnosed about 6 months ago and taking gleevac. I don’t really like talking about as it’s quite sad. Maybe some denial? But it is what it is. And I am starting here as I have specific questions in regards to side effects of gleevac. I am not ...
Leafs2726 Category Leukemia Feb '22
Hi All, We live in GTA and my mom is 65 years old and is diagnosed with high risk MDS in August 2021. She is on 5 days azacitidine treatment plan for the last 5 months. Recently she is complaining of dental issues and when I took her to a ...
sunireddy Category Leukemia Feb '22
good news for once!
Essjay Category Leukemia Feb '22
Hi, I am currently located in the USA and my daughter 6 years is undergoing treatment for BCELL ALL Leukemia and is currently in the maintenance phase. I planning to relocate to Toronto after a couple of months. I will be here on a work ...
sam87 Category Leukemia Dec '21
I was diagnosed with AML in Sept 2021 and just had to move from Toronto to Ottawa to live with my daughter. I was hoping to find someone to talk with about my diagnosis or find a group in the area. Happy for any help or connections
SuzAlex Category Leukemia Dec '21
I was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) in 2017 and am on watch and wait. Since then, I've had invasive carcinoma in one breast and undergone lumpectomies, sentinel node biopsies and radiation. My blood reports are ...
Samera Category Leukemia Jun '21
Hello would like to connect with survivors of AML thanks
Ciony Category Leukemia Apr '21
Hello, I’d love to say nice to be here but it isn’t really :/. I am so sorry this is so long also! My bloodwork has been sent for further testing to VGH using the flow cytometry test. My lymphocyte counts have been as follows: Aug 2014 1.7 ...
Suzy51 Category Leukemia Mar '21
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