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I was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) in 2017 and am on watch and wait. Since then, I've had invasive carcinoma in one breast and undergone lumpectomies, sentinel node biopsies and radiation. My blood reports are ...
Samera Category Leukemia Jun '21
Hello would like to connect with survivors of AML thanks
Ciony Category Leukemia Apr '21
Hello, I’d love to say nice to be here but it isn’t really :/. I am so sorry this is so long also! My bloodwork has been sent for further testing to VGH using the flow cytometry test. My lymphocyte counts have been as follows: Aug 2014 1.7 ...
Suzy51 Category Leukemia Mar '21
Hello, I’m creating this new forum as it relates to anyone who has Myelodysplastic syndrome. My father was recently diagnosed with this dieases and started his first 7 days of azacitadine treatments. My father has experienced so many ...
CallaFamily Category Leukemia Mar '21
Hi. I am looking for some info on Rituximub.  It is my second time around with HCL and the first time didn't have Ritux as part of the regiment.   I am looking for some info on some side effects. Thanks
Vandra Category Leukemia Nov '20
Hello My name is Vandra and I am a cancer fighter.  Last year at this time, I would have written that I was a cancer survivor but how things can change. 17 years ago I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Hairy Cell Leukemia.  It had ...
Vandra Category Leukemia Nov '20
Hi all, It has been a while since I have posted an update on my husband's CLL. he got accepted 3 weeks ago into a government sponsored treatment of Nplates. His platelets have gone up. Yay. We got to float high for a day before we got a ...
D1955 Category Leukemia Nov '20
Hi all here I am again but on a different topic. My daughter-in-law is at the Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto with APL. It happened so suddenly. She and my son had rented a cabin on the river for a week's vacation. I went up to visit ...
Birdwoman Category Leukemia Aug '20
Hi  looking for anyone who has, is going through treatment for or is cured of ALL
Munchmom1 Category Leukemia Apr '20
Hello! I have been going back and forth in my own head about posting posting for a long whlie, making up a myriad of excuses of why not to. But for once, on this evening for really no particular reason, I finally feel like posting. So here ...
LaughingLilies Category Leukemia Apr '20
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