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I stopped my chemotherapy treatment to four sessions instead of six sessions. I switched to immunotherapy treatment, my fist session being on feb 14, 2022. Aside from my cancer, i am now stressed out financially as i am to shoulder the ...
nel Category Gynecologic Feb '22
am 61.. my linning has a growth.. due to postmenopuase..in april of last.. gyn from cancer dr.. gyn put an iud there.. did help the bleeding.. like a … due to can not take my blood thinner.. having this done feb… am in b.c. why only 2 days in ...
cindyrosestadler Category Gynecologic Jan '22
Would like to talk with someone experiencing Vulva Cancer.
Ressa70 Category Gynecologic Sep '21
For more information contact: jenson.price@uottawa.ca Participating in this study will involve completing a brief online survey, taking part in two 60-minute interviews online (or over the phone) 5-weeks apart, and writing in an ...
Lacey_Moderator Category Gynecologic Jul '21
Hi, I'm new here and rather overwhelmed with emotions following the discovery of a vaginal mass that has been confirmed as primary but has apparently spread to my lymph nodes. I feel like I'm in a dream stage and I only know this is real ...
MightyGrrl Category Gynecologic Apr '21
Has anyone experienced urinary retention (inability to urinate) post surgery to the pelvic area? And if so, what did you do to resolve it? I had a radical hysterectomy when a mass was also removed from the soft tissues between the vagina ...
Mia2020 Category Gynecologic Mar '21
:Hello, I’ve had severe itching for several months after the beginning of a new relationship. I’ve been on all sorts of antibiotics and just recently realized it could be vilvar cancer and so have started talking with and seeing ...
KarenSedd Category Gynecologic Mar '21
Suzane ‍ I thought I would start a new thread here in the Gynecological cancer forum so you can hear from others like Oothoon13 ‍, Ttjia ‍, IamJay ‍, Reg ‍, a3a ‍ who have experience with pelvic radiation. Ladies can you share your ...
Lacey_Moderator Category Gynecologic Feb '21
My last pelvic radiation treatment was in October 2020. PET scans and a new spot has been found. Now I’m looking at a very extensive surgery as I described in my August 2020 posts ( I just didn’t know there was a name for this surgery). They ...
IamJay Category Gynecologic Feb '21
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