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Lacey_Moderator Category Gynecologic Dec '22
Hi All, My MRI results from Saturday suggest the endometrial cancer has spread to my vagina and my colon. Won't know for sure until I wake up after surgery on Thursday whether they had to take out some of my colon. Was told to pack a bag for a ...
Sheepy Category Gynecologic Dec '22
18 months post-endometrial cancer removal by radical hysterectomy, the Dr. discovered it returned to my vagina. I am scheduled for a vaginectomy Dec. 8. Any advice from those who have had this surgery? This procedure will be followed ...
Sheepy Category Gynecologic Nov '22
@lola1969 : i had my second bi-annual checkup today after my endometrial cancer diagnosis a little i over a year ago and subsequent brachytherapy. Doctor says that I am likely find but ordering a lot of extra tests… i am at once happy to ...
supersu Category Gynecologic Nov '22
Hope you're all having a sunny day where you are. I cannot seem to find any literature on how difficult it is to recover after vulvar surgery if one does not have help. My parents are too old and I don't have family that can help in Canada. My ...
DAIYYAM2022; Category Gynecologic Oct '22
Is biking still possible for women who've gone through surgery for vulvar cancer? I'm concerned about that which might be a trivial concern but I'd like to hear from others who've any experience.
DAIYYAM2022; Category Gynecologic Oct '22
I am reposting this comment here in hopes that you folks can give @Sassy53 some support. #endometrialcancer #nausea pls direct your responses to her……many thanks. Hi All For the last week I have been nauseous, some days worse than ...
supersu Category Gynecologic Sep '22
Hi everyone. I am currently trying to navigate through a Vulvar Melanoma Diagnosis and have already had 2 surgeries. I know it's not the most common cancer but I was hoping maybe someone who's had it as a young adult can chat with me about ...
Cramsay Category Gynecologic May '22
I’ve got it, but I’m struggling to know how I got it?
BethMcCBab Category Gynecologic May '22
I stopped my chemotherapy treatment to four sessions instead of six sessions. I switched to immunotherapy treatment, my fist session being on feb 14, 2022. Aside from my cancer, i am now stressed out financially as i am to shoulder the ...
nel Category Gynecologic Feb '22
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