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Hello there.  I am new to this forum and wanted to introduce myself.  I am 62 years of age, a mom, sister, daughter and aunt.  In April of this year I had major surgery and was subsequently diagnosed with an Adeno Sarcoma with a sarcomatous ...
Cre8ive Category Sarcoma Oct '20
Anyone else with an ostomy? this was very hard for me. Woke up after surgery after sending couple days in icu on a vent and fentanyl... to find an ostomy bag attached. Was my biggest fear going into surgery. I was out of my mind even sick as I ...
Boby1511 Category Sarcoma Aug '20
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Hi. I have soft tissue sarcoma. 28 cm tumour  removed In May 2020. Was told now have new growth which is inoperable. Not sure how I’m coping with dying. Doing chemo although not sure what for at this point. I should have a peppier ...
Boby1511 Category Sarcoma Jul '20
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Hi there! I hope it’s okay to start a new thread. The one for DFSP below seems to be from years ago. Wondering what dr in Calgary (or Alberta) anyone has been to for DFSP MOHS surgery? 
Alanaz Category Sarcoma Jul '20
Hi,  I have recently been diagnosed with PEComa (a very rare sub-type of sarcoma) and wanted to leave a message here, in case anyone who also has it wants to connect. (Not much activity on this forum, it seems).   Currently, I am ...
TorUkie Category Sarcoma Mar '20
Mellybean ‍ MChild ‍ ChristineH ‍ decesased ‍ , I found this and thought it worth sharing with all of you: From OncLive December 23 2019: The FDA has granted fast track designation to the potent reversible LSD1 inhibitor SP-2577 ...
ACH2015 Category Sarcoma Dec '19
Hi there, I am writing on behalf of my husband who has a large mass on his lower back. He has had an ultrasound and then an MRI which were both declared/came back as 'inconclusive'. Our primary GP (of whom I'm not a huge fan, I find him flaky ...
Poppystock Category Sarcoma Jun '19
Hi everyone! I’m 35, and was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma October 2018. I’m on round 8 of 14 chemos. I’ve already had surgery, but we did not get clear margins. Does anyone have any experience with that?  I’m Looking forward to reading ...
MChild Category Sarcoma May '19
Hi everyone! I was told on Monday that I probably have retroperitoneal liposarcoma and that I was being referred to a surgical oncologist. My first appointment with him will be on Feb 26th. I’m scared and reading online isn’t helping ...
Dawnkey Category Sarcoma Feb '19
Rare cancer. Usually a childhood cancer. Appears in connective tissues which means just about anywhere. In children, it mostly appears in bones. I feel so sad for them. The pain must be excruciating. Poor angels... My tumour showed up ...
ChristineH Category Sarcoma Dec '18
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