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wondering if everyone resumed normal peeing after catheter came out?I would like to hear your experiences thanks.
Sts Category Bladder Jan '23
oh .lord I'm worrying that I will have to put catheter back in if I can t pee normally next week.had turbt and catheter in last week,plus took Tylenol 3 with codeine that bungs you up because the urine was burning the urethra.been taking ...
Sts Category Bladder Jan '23
My husband has Stage IV bladder cancer. He's receiving chemotherapy on a three-week cycle. He's tolerating it well and until this week has been feeling fairly well. He's very tired this week. More troublesome than that is his bladder ...
LousMom Category Bladder Dec '22
We are awaiting results from the lab regarding my husband's bladder cancer. Three months ago, my husband underwent a bladder resection procedure following removal of his kidney. At that time, they found a different bladder cancer ...
CAM53 Category Bladder Oct '22
Hello I don't have bladder cancer but as a result of incontinence due to radiation damage to my pelvis and bladder it is being recommended that I get nephrostomy tubes. I wonder if there is someone who can share their experiences with ...
IamJay Category Bladder Sep '22
was diagnosed only 6 weeks ago with bladder cancer stage 3 but specialists seem optimistic and presently undergoing tests. chemo expected to start soon. Still recovering from the shock of diagnosis - not fun but I have a very good ...
keith68 Category Bladder May '22
I was kind of calm about going for the blood work, EKG etc today, right up until she drew 8 vials of blood for various testing, and put a permanent waterproof wrist band on me saying absolutely not to be removed until after surgery or they ...
SomeDay Category Bladder Feb '22
Would like to hear from individuals who had their bladder removed. What was life like after the surgery. I have been active and am afraid the quality of life will change dramatically.
Trapper Category Bladder Nov '21
Hi everyone. I’m new to this site and want to introduce myself. My husband (61 years of age) has bladder cancer (urothelial cancer) in both his kidney (LG) and his bladder (HG). As of his last scope .. it was non muscle invasive. I’m ...
PT1 Category Bladder Sep '21
Hello, my sister in-law was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer a year ago and the doctors removed half of the gland and said chemo was not necessary. At some point last month, she was bleeding profusely as of it her period but never stopped. ...
Worried-Robin Category Bladder Jun '21
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