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Hi I’m a 50 yr old female who found out yesterday I have Breast Cancer. The biopsy of the lump and one lymph node were both cancerous. That’s all I know. Waiting for surgeon to contact me for meeting to discuss what I’m facing. I don’t know ...
GG14 Category Pre-Diagnosis 7d
I am a 23 year old girl, currently in school to become a registered nurse and am almost done. A year ago in May 2021 I noticed a small bean shaped lump in the side of my neck, below my ear. I went to get it checked out and the doctor told me it was ...
@justjan, @runnergirl. ia it normal to have a bone acan as part of staging process. I called my surgeon offices to have a meeting jn Friday and then gotta a call for bone scan tomorrow as that's the only appt in the next week but there was no ...
sun46 Category Pre-Diagnosis Mar '22
Hello, I’m new here and just looking for some guidance and an outlet for my anxiety while I await testing. Background: When I was around 22 I had 2 large lumps (and their attached clusters) removed and tested. I had accompanying symptoms ...
Skye0808 Category Pre-Diagnosis Mar '22
Hey everyone! I'm 28 years old and have had some gastro issues over the past year. Went to my doctor about 8 months ago with abdominal pain (appendix area) and she ordered an immediate abdominal ultrasound and later on an internal ...
Mbain Category Pre-Diagnosis Mar '22
I saw this article (below) in the CBC website today. Playing catch up in testing and procedures is something everyone is facing today - not just cancer patients. Give it a read and pass on the information to family and friends that may ...
ACH2015 Category Pre-Diagnosis Mar '22
Hi folks, I'm Kayte! I am hoping for some collegial support. I have generalized anxiety disorder which had been improving, but I am now spiralling due to health anxiety. I am about to write a books worth of rambling.. I naturally have ...
OhKay Category Pre-Diagnosis Mar '22
Hi everyone :) So long story short I am 22, 21 when this process started. I was having all types of concerning symptoms and had to fight with doctors to get a PAP smear because “I was to young to have anything wrong”. Anyways the Pap came back ...
Abby1243 Category Pre-Diagnosis Mar '22
A dear friend of mine was just told that she may have breast cancer, and is really struggling with the wait for the testing process to be completed. She's really beating herself up because she didn't get it checked out sooner. I am a cancer ...
CraigHorning Category Pre-Diagnosis Feb '22
Good Morning. Quick backstory: I got COVID right before Christmas and struggled with coughing. Two weeks ago, when they did an X-RAY to check for pneumonia, a mass was found. I was lucky to get in for an immediate CAT SCAN which showed two ...
Jody22002 Category Pre-Diagnosis Feb '22
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