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Im gonna keep this as brief as possible. 3.5 years ago I noticed a few of my lymph nodes on my neck had been swollen for a few months, so my doctor sent me to a surgeon to see if I needed a biopsy. I took a few courses of antibiotics & the lymph ...
kmt666 Category Pre-Diagnosis 6d
Waiting on biopsy results for my dad, and I’m anxious about the diagnosis and asking the right questions at the oncology appointment without upsetting my parents. What I know so far: suspected metastatic liver cancer, unknown ...
Mdhc Category Pre-Diagnosis 27d
Hello there, I am absolutely going out of my mind at this point!! I had a Biopsy a week ago was told the results would be in today August (24) I went to my Dr. today for antibiotics and then asked if he'd received my results yet. HE said "No" ...
Ksebs79 Category Pre-Diagnosis Aug '22
Do people often have tissue Markers put in their breasts if they don't have a Cancerous Lesion?
Ksebs79 Category Pre-Diagnosis Aug '22
Hey all, Has anyone had experience with waiting for mole excision biopsy results? I'll have been waiting for 6 weeks as of Tuesday. I'm in BC and results get posted online and there is literally nothing. I'm so curious if anyone out there ...
scyllaphynx Category Pre-Diagnosis Aug '22
Hi. I haven't been on here in a long time. I was diagnosed with stage 1 endometrial cancer last year on August 12th. I had a full hysterectomy on November 16, 2021. I just woke up and I'm spotting. I'm so terrified right now. I've emailed my ...
seddah Category Pre-Diagnosis Aug '22
I did my biopsy on Friday and was told right away there are 2 big lumps in my breast & also has been spread to armpit. I m waiting for the biopsy result to know a bit more but I m not sure if I will pass out at the doctors office hearing the result. ...
Carrieyan Category Pre-Diagnosis Aug '22
For several months I felt as though there was something stuck in my throat near my tonsil and presented a single large tonsil. I was referred to an ENT who looked in my mouth and prescribed me ant acids. I returned to the same ENT a month ...
Jordan1222 Category Pre-Diagnosis Jul '22
Hello. A doctor referred my husband to Toronto Sarcoma four weeks ago and we haven’t heard anything yet. Is there anyone who can tell me if this length of waiting time is normal or not? He has soft tissue sarcoma.
PattiF Category Pre-Diagnosis Jul '22
Why is the wait worse then having the biopsies??
Suzanne123# Category Pre-Diagnosis Jul '22
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