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Sharing an article from CCS (Canadian Cancer Society/CTV News)
I went in for my first pap smear at 32 (not smart I know) because I was having bleeding after sex, followed by spotting for a few weeks, followed by heavy bleeding with clots on and off for a month. When I got my results back it said I have HSIL ...
Alysha90 Category Pre-Diagnosis 16d
Hi there, This is my first time here and posting - sad to be here, but glad this resource exists. I have been on a 6-month screening program for about 1.5 years. I'm 43 and have no family history of breast cancer. My doctor found a lump last ...
Not here for diagnosis's of course, but I'm here to vent about my worries. For over a week I've been experiencing vertigo, the doctor said it was BPPV. but then I've been having ear pain and neck pain along with that. Recently when I ...
Riley21 Category Pre-Diagnosis 16d
Hello, I recently pulled my abductor and hip flexor muscles running up the stairs at work. After weeks of physio it still hurt in my groin area and I had difficulty standing for any length of time without pain. My doctor sends me for xray. ...
Hi! I am waiting for results of my biopsy (2 days ago) after an ultrasound and contrast mammogram a week and a half ago. Noticed a dent in my left breast in early December before getting in the shower and felt the lump in the shower. It is 2 cm. ...
DanceLana Category Pre-Diagnosis 20d
I have had a tumor removed from my ovary, well my whole ovary actually in 2016. It was pre-cancerous. I now have a 5 cm tumor on my liver and have been losing weight with back pain and abdominal pain. I go for my next test in March and am really ...
Bellatrix Category Pre-Diagnosis 21d
I saw this article and thought it worth sharing here. Food for thought so to speak. It's timely given the CCS Dry Feb campaign. https://www.cbc.ca/news/health/alcohol-cancer-risk-warning-1.6715769 ACH2015
ACH2015 Category Pre-Diagnosis 22d
Background: 54 yr old female. Thyroid cancer in 2014, heart disease/open heart surgery 2016, Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2017. My mom passed away 25 yrs ago at the age of 49. She wasn’t feeling well, went to hospital on a ...
D’Rocker Category Pre-Diagnosis Jan '23
English please Hypermetabolic, irregular subpleural nodule in the right upper lobe (SUV 5.8, 13mm) What does hypermetabolic mean? SUV = Standardized uptake value: The amount of tracer that was absorbed The number is 5.8 but can ...
D’Rocker Category Pre-Diagnosis Dec '22
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