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I am waiting on the phone call from my doctor with biopsy results. I know it is going to be bad news because they were already talking about a plan. I am absolutely terrified and feel like I can't handle this. I am having constant anxiety ...
Mia2429 Category Pre-Diagnosis 16d
I am a caregiver to a newly diagnosed family member. So much info out there and I do t k is where to start. They found 3 secondary cancers, doing a bunch of tests looking for the primary. I just dont know where to start. I have my home set up for ...
Munzie Category Pre-Diagnosis 27d
My head has been spinning! And I need advice. I am Triple positive. I was referred to a Gen. Surgeon who talked to me about my diagnosis & what to expect. He stated Chemo would prob be the 1st line of Tx. So now Ive met the Oncologist and he also ...
ABBYB Category Pre-Diagnosis 28d
I am 62 year old male.. recent blood work was Kappa light chain 36mg/l (almost double)with a kappa/ lambda ratio of 4.34(double) from the normal my understanding is that this is heading to myeloma. Doctor today said it is looking like ...
Mitch62 Category Pre-Diagnosis Aug '21
I am finally feeling like I need to decide what my next step will be when it comes to my job. I could continue work up until all these tests are done. But as it gets closer I am finding myself feeling emotional and worried about having to share ...
ABBYB Category Pre-Diagnosis Aug '21
Have any members had problems with ovarian stromal hyperplasias or hemmorhagic corpus luteum cysts? Just received the report from my surgery but still no conversation yet with the doctor as to what took place exactly. No biopsy ...
MzFrank Category Pre-Diagnosis Jul '21
Hello, I got a copy of the biopsy results so I can try to get a better understanding of all the terminology. I think I understand the ER and PR results (they were also explained by the doctor and I read the explanation on the website here). ...
CoyRosen Category Pre-Diagnosis Jul '21
Hello, I am new to the forum. My brother was diagnosed with colorectal cancer 6 months ago and since then has had a right hemicolectomy. He has now been told he has cancer in two lymph nodes on his liver and there is cancer on his liver. We are ...
michelnorth Category Pre-Diagnosis Jul '21
Hi I am new here. I have been searching to see if anyone has had an inconclusive biopsy then had a lumpectomy. I discovered a lump on my right breast nearly 3 months ago. It's been a very slow process to now, getting referrals doe ...
Mcm15 Category Pre-Diagnosis Jun '21
Hello everyone, I am very new to anything related to cancer diagnostics and completely puzzled regarding how does it work in Canada (Ontario in particular). My fiancee is moving to Canada soon. She has HPV-16 and needs fluid cytology, ...
SamBrown Category Pre-Diagnosis Jun '21
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