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Hello everyone, I am very new to anything related to cancer diagnostics and completely puzzled regarding how does it work in Canada (Ontario in particular). My fiancee is moving to Canada soon. She has HPV-16 and needs fluid cytology, ...
SamBrown Category Pre-Diagnosis 6d
Hello everyone, I’m new to the forum. About a month ago, had my routine mammogram. At the time the technician made a comment that the “shape” of my breast had changed and that I would most likely be called back. I was called the very next day ...
Dakley Category Pre-Diagnosis 11d
Hi everyone - I woke up three days ago to see a spike of skin pointing out of my right tonsil. It's hard to the touch and I have got a persistent sore throat since it arrives. I'm terrified that it's HPV and I don't know how to get a physical ...
Brent514 Category Pre-Diagnosis 15d
Has anyone had a Gallium PET Scan lately in BC . My Dr's Assistant said the wait period could be 8 months to get a date for the Scan Its a very uncommon test that is only done once a week I am told Does this sound correct
ceasar009 Category Pre-Diagnosis 22d
I have stage 4 lung cancer. Not getting chemo. I have been feeling really good! But I am curious to know if my health will slowly decline, or could it change suddenly?
Monalb62 Category Pre-Diagnosis May '21
I was recently diagnosed with testicular cancer this was confirmed after having a radical orchiectomy surgery and the biopsy results. I had a CT scan after the surgery which came back saying it had spread to one of my lymph nodes. I have ...
E9023 Category Pre-Diagnosis Apr '21
Hello not sure I’m doing this right. Not sure really how to post. Hopefully this works. I am in the investigating stage of lung cancer. I am 67 years old and recently retired smoker. I have two nodules in my lungs that are of concern. One in ...
Meela Category Pre-Diagnosis Apr '21
Hi, I'm scared and not sure where to turn. So here I am hoping to get some info and support. My husband is 51 and has been a smoker since 15. Last Monday he went to the ER for chest pain and was admitted due to an abnormal CT SCAN of his lungs. ...
Kalyfl Category Pre-Diagnosis Apr '21
Hello, I'm a 24 year old girl and in January I had an FNA for a suspicious lymph node that I've had for years. Have a couple swollen lymph nodes on one side. I have a rare immune deficiency called hyper igm syndrome. It turne out that it was ...
alexisonfire490 Category Pre-Diagnosis Apr '21
It has been 14 months since I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastisized Prostate cancer. I started chemotherapy and had a siever reaction on the first round of treatment. They stop the chemotherapy treatment and put me on Zytiga 1000mg ...
Johnbin Category Pre-Diagnosis Apr '21
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