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Hello everyone, I'm new here. I'm 5.5 years into being told I'm crazy, I'm looking to get pills, or needing too much attention. I actually had many things hit me all at one time, Simple things like a horrible, but not painful tooth ...
ChaCha71 Category Pre-Diagnosis 1d
Hi everyone, thanks to all of you helping me out at this terrible time. I have had breast pain for weeks and fatigue. The doctor found multiple (what he thinks are) cysts in both breasts and thicker breast tissue and sent me for a bilateral ...
Joycebabe Category Pre-Diagnosis 3d
Hello All, Thank you for taking the time to read this. To start, I am an otherwise healthy, 39 year old female and around December 6 had some health issues crop up, most of which haven't resolved. Basically, the first thing that happened ...
I recently detected a lump in my left breast. I was naturally, albeit mildly concerned and saw my GP as soon as I could. He said that he wasn't really able to feel a discernable lump, but referred me for a mammogram and ultrasound just to err ...
UrbanMiss Category Pre-Diagnosis 6d
I am very worried I have metastatic breast cancer with cancer in my bone. I've been feeling ill for 2 years (fatigue, not myself), lost weight from 120lbs, am only 114 lbs and 5'6" and now I have multiple lumps in my left breast and ...
Joycebabe Category Pre-Diagnosis 6d
Hey All, Any advice would be great as right now I'm living pretty scared in my head. About a year ago my tongue started burning. It's been non-stop, and the pain is completely in the left side of my tongue. Feels like burning/swollen. In ...
Are there any women on here who have been on HRtT like I have and recently had an ultrasound or other testing and have found there uterine lining has changed and there is possibility of abnormal cells in the uterus? Now I'm waiting on a ...
Hymd Category Pre-Diagnosis 13d
Hi everyone, Today is my husband's birthday, and tomorrow he has a PET scan to confirm the doctors suspicion that he has cancer. Lesions were found on his lungs and his thymus is enlarged. We have four young kids, he's only 35. I'm ...
Worriedwife Category Pre-Diagnosis 14d
All I know is that I seem to be in a race to find out what's wrong with me before it kills me. I am told that the soonest I can even see a specialist is 2nd week of March. Problems became noticeable 2 months ago and I had a private ct scan done 2 ...
snacotart Category Pre-Diagnosis 18d
Hi,  I am not sure what to write here I am just feeling like I need to share my experience. I have been experiencing a swelling in my cheek for the past year.  It came on in a very strange way. It would enlarge several times a day to the size of a ...
tboyle Category Pre-Diagnosis Dec '20
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