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I was wondering if anyone knew if you can apply for any type of temporary financial aid after Squamish cell jaw resection surgery. I was told that I will not be able to work for at least 5 to 6 months. I am worried sick that I might lose my ...
JackieOlds Category Money matters 23h
I am a young woman, 41. I have limited life expectancy now, with metastatic stage 4 breast csncer. One doctor mentioned 1 to 2 years maybe. Who knows really? That is all a guestimation, as we all know. There could be advancements in ...
Climbing Category Money matters 14d
The quandary that I am in has been ongoing for over two years now, ever since I was diagnosed with cancer. My will needs updating and for a number of reasons procrastination has been an insurmountable hurdle for me even though I know that ...
LoveMyLife Category Money matters Apr '22
Hi I saw a post from @Whitelilies that EI benefits were to be extended in 2022..is there any concrete dates on when this is in effect..as like most of you I have15 weeks of benefits, which ends in early May, but I wont even start treatment ...
LittleDeb Category Money matters Apr '22
As my surgery is complete and I am preparing for my treatment plan, I've been looking into sickness benefits(ontario) as i will not be able to work through treatment. I've printed off the forms for both myself and my mother. (She wants to ...
Talo09 Category Money matters Feb '22
I am the only child, next of kin, and have power of attorney. My Dad just found out he has aggressive bladder cancer with extensive spread. He is in hospital (urology unit for now but transferring to palliative care today as things are ...
DadsGirl Category Money matters Jan '22
Hello, Has anyone had success accessing funding for this targeted therapy? It is not covered by my Dad's private health coverage, or OHIP, but the Oncologist suggested it as the first choice for treatment with chemotherapy. For ...
_Ashley Category Money matters Dec '21
The person who has been my care-taker since I got cancer is now facing it again himself. He had a growth removed from his eye. He is now on Interferon. At $600 a month! The Ontario Gov't won't pay for it. He is 72 years old and cannot afford ...
Lillee Category Money matters Nov '21
ryan jones
Hey everyone! Looking for some help. My mother was diagnosed with one of the critical illnesses, cancer a few days back. We are searching for adept lawyers to assist us to file a critical illness claim in order to get financial support ...
ryan jones Category Money matters Sep '21
I had a double mastectomy July 2021, and expect to hear this week if I need to go to the Kelowna Cancer Centre for Radiation (and??). We live in Cranbrook - so that will mean ‘moving’ to Kelowna for the duration of my treatments - Cranbrook ...
cedarhill Category Money matters Sep '21
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