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Is there any support to find housing? I am not looking for subsidized housing per say but we are in a situation where my parents sold their house and are temporarily staying with friends. I have spoken to the social worker but they didn't ...
Crys Category Money matters 16d
Is immunotherapy cost covered by OHIP in Ontario?
Cooper2019 Category Money matters Feb '21
Over the money moon over govt forms for cancer and financial matters Ie return to work .  https://www.cbc.ca/listen/live-radio/1-82/clip/15814564 Elle 29  
elle29 Category Money matters Jan '21
Hi I have some mastectomy products that I no longer need, A camisole with 2 drainage pouches. a mastectomy pillow & a drain shirt ( has two inside pockets|) Free to anyone in Waterloo Region who want to pick up. Please message me and I can ...
derein Category Money matters Nov '20
Being terminally ill with Cancer means nothing to my Bank, and they will not redeem your GIC early. I checked with my different banks about early redemption of GIC's for care and living expenses of this awful, terminal disease. My first ...
Stuartm Category Money matters Nov '20
I currently work (though am on disability right now) with a very good IT company. I'm a BA but find I wear a lot of hats at work - - from creating and delivering training to sales reps (even travelled across US to do this) to developing ad-hoc ...
QuarantineAndMe Category Money matters Oct '20
Hi there, My name is vince my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer 10 years ago, stage 2 she was treated with chemo and radiation and was at the time considered cured. During this process she applied for disability insurance with her bank ...
vkit Category Money matters Aug '20
Many people think the are in a financial jam with the required shutting down of businesses. Don't panic - read the link I've supplied from the Government of Canada. Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) – Employment and Social Development ...
ACH2015 Category Money matters Mar '20
‍ Sissy ‍ Hello from Whitelilies I am here to listen.......and hold your hand.....happy to support and offer ideas, if you need any. I too have/had Colo-Rectal Cancer....stage 2/3. I believe your sister has similar.  You ARE a kind ...
Whitelilies Category Money matters Mar '20
Hi everyone, The cancer Dr Said that I have a very aggressive cancer and said that  It was time for me to forget about working or words to that effect.  My family Dr took me off work indefinitely and that treatment was likely palliative and ...
D.C Category Money matters Mar '20
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