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Hello, Has anyone had success accessing funding for this targeted therapy? It is not covered by my Dad's private health coverage, or OHIP, but the Oncologist suggested it as the first choice for treatment with chemotherapy. For ...
_Ashley Category Money matters Dec '21
The person who has been my care-taker since I got cancer is now facing it again himself. He had a growth removed from his eye. He is now on Interferon. At $600 a month! The Ontario Gov't won't pay for it. He is 72 years old and cannot afford ...
Lillee Category Money matters Nov '21
ryan jones
Hey everyone! Looking for some help. My mother was diagnosed with one of the critical illnesses, cancer a few days back. We are searching for adept lawyers to assist us to file a critical illness claim in order to get financial support ...
ryan jones Category Money matters Sep '21
I had a double mastectomy July 2021, and expect to hear this week if I need to go to the Kelowna Cancer Centre for Radiation (and??). We live in Cranbrook - so that will mean ‘moving’ to Kelowna for the duration of my treatments - Cranbrook ...
cedarhill Category Money matters Sep '21
Dave58's Sweet Baboo aka Squirrelbutt
You may all already know this but it was news to me so thought I would share. I spent some time reading the Canada Revenue pages and couldn't find what I wanted so I called and spoke to the nicest gentleman who gave me the following ...
Rocken Buddha
21 224
I'm about to loose my so called business in radio no one gives a darn, except disconnected words in chat ... I get so lonely even though I'm married 20... all they offer me is pills and drugs... to keep me quiet and calm....zombie in a bed to ...
Rocken Buddha Category Money matters Jul '21
The practical challenges of a cancer diagnosis can sometimes feel overwhelming. This can include planning how to get to and from treatments and appointments. Our Wheels of Hope transportation program can help people affected by ...
Lacey_Moderator Category Money matters Jul '21
Hi everyone. I have been recently diagnosed with breast cancer. My chemotherapy is expected to start in 2 to 3 weeks and I might go off work. I have no private insurance as I was a new immigrant in Canada and did not know about various ...
Can2021 Category Money matters Jul '21
Here are two resources I have used to help me deal with some of the financial aspects of having cancer, (both are from the website of the Oncology Drug Access Navigators of Ontario (ODANO)). The first is : https://odano.ca/resources/ ...
Celticlady Category Money matters May '21
On Monday, April 19 the federal government released their 2021 Budget. It included several significant investments relevant to CCS and the cancer community, including: An extension of the EI sickness benefit from 15 to 26 weeks. ...
Lacey_Moderator Category Money matters Apr '21
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