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Things you learn along the way…if you have a tax-free savings account (TFSA) you can list either a beneficiary or a successor holder. If you opt for a named beneficiary, it can be anyone you like including your estate. If you decide to ...
RBION Category Money matters 5d
I found out that it costs almost $20,000 US (!!) to be assessed and have a treatment plan given along with the tests needed to confirm a diagnoses by MD Anderson in Texas (best ovarian cancer hospital in the States). This seems so ...
DonnaL1959 Category Money matters 12d
Hello, My husband has Stage IV pancreatic cancer. He has been accepted into a drug trial (Adagrasib) at the Mayo Clinic, based on his tumor's rare genetic mutation. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has had treatment in the ...
kjpoth Category Money matters 19d
Hi, my wife has stage 3 her positive breast cancer and i was wondering if she is eligible for the tax credit? If anyone has info on what section of the t2201 form a person with cancer would use it would be appreciated.
Hotwheel Category Money matters 23d
I had a hysterectomy for uterine cancer last year, no other treatment. Since the summer, when I started on a low dose of metformin, I have had almost daily muscle cramping, sometimes deep in the abdomen, sometimes in the foot, or wierd ...
BigMamaT Category Money matters Jan '23
Hi everyone! Not the New Year's celebration I would have chosen- my husband is in the hospital recovering from a bout of e-coli but may be able to come home today. I took him in to emergency on Christmas Eve and since he's been there they've ...
LousMom Category Money matters Jan '23
Can you make donations specifically to Cancer Care in Victoria and/or Vancouver? My Dad was asking as he is going to start chemo in Victoria this January and I travel to Vancouver with my sister for her chemo cycles every 3rd Monday? He’s ...
Bbacon Category Money matters Dec '22
My Avastin is mostly paid for by my husband's workplace private disability insurance. His workplace is now fighting his disability claim. If he loses his case, I will lose my private health insurance. Avastin is costing them roughly ...
DonnaL1959 Category Money matters Dec '22
The Canadian Cancer Society and the Government of Canada are happy to announce that as of December 18, the Employment Insurance (EI) sickness benefit – which provides financial assistance to those who can’t work because of a disease ...
Lacey_Moderator Category Money matters Nov '22
Hi all, I had breast cancer last year and luckily I'm now cancer free. I have a question about health insurance. I'm on a 1-year contract position with an organization that offers health insurance benefits. For the past several months ...
MissKitty Category Money matters Nov '22
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