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The Canadian Cancer Society and the Government of Canada are happy to announce that as of December 18, the Employment Insurance (EI) sickness benefit – which provides financial assistance to those who can’t work because of a disease ...
Hi all, I had breast cancer last year and luckily I'm now cancer free. I have a question about health insurance. I'm on a 1-year contract position with an organization that offers health insurance benefits. For the past several months ...
MissKitty Category Money matters 7d
Wondering if the prescription for chemo pills is covered by OHIP as my husband is 61 yrs old
Dee1 Category Money matters Sep '22
I have been very fortunate to be able to purchase hats, scarves, a wig, clothing to keep the sun off me while gardening, etc. These items gave me confidence and security (from UV rays) while going about my daily life. For me, it provided a ...
Jonaleeca Category Money matters Aug '22
Hi everyone, I am very recently diagnosed with lung cancer (stage 3A so far as I know at this time), which will mean an extended leave from work while I am doing chemo and radiation. I am struggling mightily with anxiety as I try to navigate ...
Lianne63 Category Money matters Aug '22
Figured I would add this in as not everyone may know about it. Depending on the occupation, length of service and type of cancer you may be able to submit a WCB claim to cover part or all your treatment costs. For example Firefighters are ...
Chichimus Category Money matters Aug '22
Well here l am, playing at the cottage one day and in the hospital the next. Looks like Pancreatic Cancer! However, l am told it is operable and has not spread. I was deferring CPP to 65 (63) now and based on events will now apply early. ...
Palys Category Money matters Jul '22
Wondering if anyone knows of any programs offering financial assistance in Nova Scotia? I am worried about side effects impacting my work and would like to take time off for chemo, but I won't be off work long enough to be eligible for my ...
eviljo Category Money matters Jul '22
Hello….was unsure where to “post” this info, that I found…..and simply wanted to share….. Have a look:
Whitelilies Category Money matters Jun '22
Hello, I have a foreign insurance outside of Canada that requires a medical report showing my diagnosis and ICD code (International Classification of Diseases). It seems that they want a single sheet that has all information.. like ...
LVL999 Category Money matters May '22
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